Knights of Honor – How to play…

Knights of Honor – How to play… 8 -
Knights of Honor – How to play… 8 -
In this guide, I will try to cover the basics from early game to final victory conditions.
There is no right or wrong way to play this game.
My goal is to show you a few strategies that might help you in the begging and conquer Europe.



Merchants are the backbone of your empire. There are strategies that don’t require you to hire any Merchants but that requires a completely different play style. I will focus on how to hire merchants and how to make trade agreements here.

How to hire merchants and start trading

Step 1: Hiring
On your court click on a free space.
Knights of Honor - How to play...

Step 2: Independent Knight vs. Royal Family Member
You either hire an independent Knight with money (right icon) or you can choose a member of the royal family. Given that, depending on the country, you won’t have too much money it is always better to choose a family member.
Knights of Honor - How to play...

Step 3: Choosing profession
Now you can choose the Knights profession. Hovering over the options will show you a tooltip describing the different jobs. Merchants are symbolized by a coin pouch.
Knights of Honor - How to play...

Step 4: Start Trading
The Knight should now have a golden border. The crown in this case just shows you that this is the King. Click on the portrait and choose the trade option (Gold Pouch with circle arrows)
Knights of Honor - How to play...

Step 5: Choose country and trade good
Now you can choose which country you want to trade with and what you want to trade. Most of the time you will want to trade money but if the other country has a trade good you need you can also choose that.

Knights of Honor - How to play...Knights of Honor - How to play...

Step 6: Now we Trading
If you did everything correctly the Knight will have two icons attached to its portrait. On the left a countries insignia and on the left a coin. Hovering over the portrait will show how much and with whom you are trading.
Knights of Honor - How to play...

Written by Carl Lucas

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Knights of Honor – How to play…, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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