Knight Club + – Gameplay basics for new players

Knight Club + – Gameplay basics for new players 1 -
Knight Club + – Gameplay basics for new players 1 -

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just some quick combos that are easy to do
GIFS or videos coming soon (hopefully)


Welcome, If you thought this game was dead, youd be partially correct. This is a summons to all fans of this game to perform nechromancy. To start ive decided to create this combo guide for new players to learn. I myself am a new player at the time of writing this so i hope that the community sees this so we can work together to make this game more mainstream.
I will be formating the combos as shown below
the arrow shows what you should string it into
and since im using a controler
X is attack
A is jump
Rt is shield
and Lt is dash
its a basic format that should catch on really quick
I will also title each combo because I can
If a combo requires a bit of arial maneuvering ill put it in the description of said combo


the knife is a fast weapon, the stats are on the website so lets get right into a quick combo
The knee cutter
This combo is good for ledges, the jump will get you over the ledge, and with the extra momentum you can string in the uppercut.
This combo doesn’t bypass shields unless you are somehow able to cover the lost ground after swapping the direction of your attack to bypass shield.
sword flurry
downX->X and if you want to you can dash into a upX
basically a free combo when in close proximity for extra damage. The additional upX gives extra damage, but you’ll have to commit since its pretty hard to land. You can even start this combo from a jump.


you can think of this ax like ganondorf from ssbu
This is a fun combo that can be used to get behind your opponent, the A is only for getting behind the opponent who is shielding. if the opponent is not shielding you can use this combo and combo it with the flying fare or ground pound
ground pound
This combo only works when you have passed the opponent and are directly above and behind the opponent. You also need to hold left when doing the second jump, replacing the final X with upX shoots the opponent even higher. you can also ignore the first A.
flying fare
requires you to be using momentum in jump to follow opponent. can also be used when under their platform and can jump onto it.
I had a lot of fun with these combos, they work really well together, with the frog character you can theoretically combine the end of Fusrodah with the beginning of flying fare.


Work in progress
The down X is to get you back to the floor as soon as possible, or if you miss the X after the jump, the downX will hit.

Written by Aspiring Trash

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Knight Club + – Gameplay basics for new players, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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