Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kinfolk Guide: Embear

Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kindred Fates Alpha Kinfolk Guide: Embear 1 -
Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kindred Fates Alpha Kinfolk Guide: Embear 1 -
Hello everyone, This is monster tamer bloba coming at you with another kindred fates guide. Today we are talking about what is in my opinion the most balanced kinfolk in the game at the moment, Embear.



Like always we are going to be starting things off with the moves of the kinfolk.

First up we have Fire Burst, Embears Basic attack. This is a special attack. Like most basic attacks it’s not very special but that does not mean that it can’t be powerful if used in the right hands. Like all basic attacks it can see good use when your opponent is out of range of other attacks or you other powers are on cooldown.

Now onto Embears only buff move Armor Up, This move raises the user’s physical and special defense by one stage. This move can be useful if you plan on getting up close with your opponent doing attacks like thrash fire spin or if you want to engage in trades at a distance. Like all buff moves you need to make sure you have a safe space to use them in so your opponent does not get a free attack in and stop you from buffing and make sure you remember that buffs only last until you change kinfolk!

Next up is Explosion, This attack deals ma*sive damage to enemies in a location. The main drawback to this attack is that it is both slow to charge up and easy to dodge. You need to keep this in mind when using this attack and try and catch your opponent off guard with it, maybe even while they are running away from your scorch attack.

Moving onto a more close range power, we have Fire Spin, this attack deals damage and knocks back enemies that get too close to you. The damage and range are both rather small on this attack, you need to time the attack just right so that your opponent is not able to hit you and you are close enough to hit them. This attack can be tricky to use at first but very useful when it comes to letting you control space and knock your opponent into an area you want them to be.

Moving onto Fireball, This attack deals good damage to a single target. This attack acts more or less like a super sized version of your basic attack and can be used pretty much any time your basic attack would, the only thing I want to note here is that Fireball has its own unique startup animation and the projectile is very large so your opponent may see this coming and dodge if you are not careful with it.

Next we have what is likely embears most powerful move, Scorch. Scorch deals fire damage to enemies and inflicts Burn. The damage dealt is nothing to turn your nose at and the burn will deal small damage over time to your kinfolk while also staggering them from time to time. This stagger can interrupt both movement and attack. A clever tactic suggested to me by pexaan from the kindred fates discord is to wait for your opponent to get close and then swap to embear and try and catch them off guard.

And for the last of embears moves so far we have Thrash. Thrash deals five powerful melee attacks in a row. This attack also staggers your opponent making it hard for them to get away or respond with an attack of their own. Some uses for this move with embear could be trapping your opponent in your scorch for extra damage or comboing it with fire spin for a little extra damage with your zoning.

General Tips

Embear is a rather large target making him easier to hit than most other kinfolk, this is something to keep in mind as while he is somewhat tanky your opponent can burst you down if you are not careful. Try to use embear as a burst damage dealer switching in when your opponent least expects it, if you are up 3 kinfolk to your opponents 1 then you can switch to embear and likely wear them out by trading them down as unless they also have an embear you are likely to do more damage to them then they are to you.

Useful Items

At this point Peach is the only item that I can really recommend using with embear. It will help keep you alive both during trades and surprise attacks, and since embear will often be the target of such attacks this item can be very useful.

Match ups

This is time we are going to be doing something a little different, I want to go into more detail and talk about how embear matches vs every other kinfolk.

First off let’s look at his mirror match.
As Embear one of the most dangerous fights you can have is with another embear, If you are not careful you can be bursted down very quickly. If you do it right you can trade embears with your opponent, if you do it great you can steal their embear. This is a very high risk high reward strategy. Some things I would recommend if you want to try this is waiting until your opponent has used up all 3 charges of scorch before swapping your embear in and hitting your opponent with some scorches of your own before running away and swapping to a different kinfolk.

Next up we have Kodoki. Embears being a fire type, his playstyle counters kodoki pretty well right now. Embear can easily zone kodoki with attacks like scorch and when he is cornered hit him with an explosion and its pretty much over from there as he does not have many options in his kit to counter you with.

Moving onto Lumala, This is something you need to watch out for. Lumala can out run and out range you, and if given time even heal themself! If you have the option I would say swap your embear as the trades are not worth it for you here. Sometimes you won’t have that option and you will have to fight. In that case I would recommend keeping the pressure on, don’t let them get behind cover and get a heal off, place your explosion on there healing ray to try and get a sneaky hit and then close it down with scorch. It will be hard fought battle but if you can stop them from healing and avoid the righteous light laser beam attack you should have a fair chance.

Mechid being both slow and melee is something like embears dream fight, you should be able to easily kite Mechid around and wear him down with ranged attacks and if he gets close a few well placed scorches should do the trick.

Now for Shovlet, this can be a tricky fight. You have to really watch out for quicksand as you have no real way to get out of it. Dig can also be used to dodge your attacks and escape your zoning. If you have to fight a shovlet with embear do your best to stay out of quicksand range and then close in after they miss a quick sand attack.

Skulken should be easy for embear, just keep out of range of his Caustic Cloud and you will kill him far before he becomes a real threat to you.

And last but not least we have Slyphur. The stealer of peaches. Hide your peaches, Slyphur is coming for them, there is nothing you can do, run, run fast and far.

But if your peach is gone here are some ways to fight slyphur. Scorch is invaluable here, throw is down and stand in it, this will make it hard for slyphur hit you with melee attacks and you can pelt him with ranged attacks. Slyphur can still bounce or fling at you so be on guard for that. If slyphur tries to just trade is life for yours there is little you can do to stop it if your opponent is a skilled slyphur.


But I think this about covers what I wanted to say about Embear! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or tips of your own to leave! This has been monster tamer bloba, Thank you checking my guide out, I hope you all have a wonderful day, Goodbye and Godbless!

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I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kinfolk Guide: Embear; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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