Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kindred Fates Alpha Kinfolk Guide: Lumala

Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kindred Fates Alpha Kinfolk Guide: Lumala 1 -
Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kindred Fates Alpha Kinfolk Guide: Lumala 1 -
Hello everyone, This is monster tamer bloba coming at you with another kindred fates guide. Today we are talking about our only light type so far, Lumala.



So like always we are going to start things off with the moves. 
Light Burst 
To start things off we have lumalas basic attack, Light Burst. Like most basic attacks this does not do much damage but has good range and low cooldown letting you get some good use out of it while you need to run away or fight a long ranged battle. This basic attack is a Special Attack. 
Angelic Ray 
Angelic Ray appears as a stationary beam of light that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in an area. The damage is very small and should only really be used as an attack if you plan on stopping a buff or rest from going off, The heal can be very nice if you make sure to put distance between you and your opponent, Just make sure that you are ready to dodge out of the way if you see your opponent making their way towards you. This power alone is enough reason to keep your lumala safe so that you can run away and heal up the other members of your team. I recommend waiting at least 4 seconds before you put this ability down if you have switched recently so that you can get the most of its healing for whatever kinfolk you plan on switching to, If you plan on healing your lumala with this power then feel free to ignore this part. This is also a Special Attack. 
Homing Blast 
Homing Blast will track the enemy down and deals weak Special Attack damage to the target. Due to the weak damage and slow movement of this attack I recommend using it when you have your opponent at low Health and you need to finish them off or use it when they are somewhere you can’t see them with other attacks like behind skulkens caustic cloud. 
Righteous Light 
Righteous Light deals Special Attack damage to enemies in a target direction. This attack has some very good damage on it but is also very easy to dodge and has a long start up time leaving you vulnerable to counter attack. Try and time this when your opponent is low on stamina or otherwise distracted. You don’t really want to trade this with something like embears explosion but if you can catch your opponent using something like thrash then you may be able to land the attack on them. 
Ruminate raises the user’s special attack by two stages. Like all buffs you need to put some good distance between you and your opponent before using it. The two stage damage buff here can be helpful if you want to try to play more of a sniper build with lumala. 
Rush deals Physical Attack damage to all enemies caught in the user’s path. This power is wonderful and I would almost say a must have for lumala, The damage is not much but the movement it gives you even when trapped by quicksand or out of stamina is essential for lumala. 

General Tips

Now for some general gameplay tips, With lumala you are faster than most kinfolk so you can use this to your advantage and stay on the move and they will have a hard time keeping up with you while you get up your damage with your basic attack. Whatever you do, don’t use your longer animation attacks or your opponent will have a chance to catch up with you and punish you.Try and keep away from close combat because that’s where your opponent can try and trap and do some real damage, if your opponent gets close I highly recommend using rush to get away and dodging if rush is not an option. 

Useful Items

I think rations is the best item for lumala, It works super well with the hit and run tactics and can help you recover a small amount of health while slowly whitling down your opponent. 
Another item that could be good is peach, I think rations is better in the long run for lumala but if don’t find anyone on your team needing peach then lumala would not be a bad choice for it. 

Match ups

For match ups I wanted to start with the mirror match of lumala vs lumala, In this case I can recommend rushing up close and running around your opponent while attacking with your basic attack, The only issue with this tactic is that they can switch at anytime and catch you off guard so you need to be wary. Other than this if you are confident in your aim then you can try and have a long range duel. A good time to use righteous light would be when you think they are about to put an Angelic Ray down, if timed right they won’t be able to dodge your attack. 
When fighting Embear range is your friend, Embear has few options as you get further away so you can use your speed and clever dodging to wear him down, Try not to take the trades of explosion for righteous light as it will likely not work in your favor and remember to be careful when up close as using almost any ability you have will give embear enough time to burn you. 
When fighting you can pretty much use the same tactics as embear but rather than worrying about getting burn you need to worry about sleep, One thing to note is that sleep is much hard to land than scorch so you are a little safer using righteous light so long as the kodoki is far enough away that they can’t reach you in the time it takes to use. 
Mechid can be very scary for lumala if you let them get close, Iron fist will be enough to take about half your hp if it lands, more than any other kinfolk you do not want to let mechid get close to you, Avoid using righteous light unless you are sure that mechids rush is on cooldown so that he can’t catch you off guard. 
Much like mechid Shovlet can be a real danger to lumala, make sure you have your rush off cooldown for when the shovlet uses quicksand, If you have good distance you can bait a dig out of shovlet by using your righteous light and then quickly switch to something like an embear and punish the shovlet for wasting the dig. 
Skulken may be the best matchup for lumala, skulken being so slow will have a hard time dodging your attacks, If you can wear down the skulken stamina at a range then you will have a fairly easy time hitting righteous light. Be careful when using your angelic ray as skulken can lock it down with his caustic cloud, This being said if used carefully you can try and bait skulken into using this move and counter with a righteous light. 
Slyphur’s Extreme speed means that he can keep up with you pretty much at all times and his melee combos can do huge damage to you, Don’t even try to out run him, just find somewhere to stand your ground and put down an angelic ray, you can run in and out of this making it hard for him to get close to you without taking at least some damage. 
But I think this about covers what I wanted to say about Lumala! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or tips of your own to leave! This has been monster tamer bloba, Thank you checking my guide out, I hope you all have a wonderful day, Goodbye and Godbless! 

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Hope you enjoy the Guide about Kindred Fates: Combat Arena Alpha – Kindred Fates Alpha Kinfolk Guide: Lumala, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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