Kerbal Space Program – Eclipse Habitation Corporation

Kerbal Space Program – Eclipse Habitation Corporation 1 -
Kerbal Space Program – Eclipse Habitation Corporation 1 -
The Eclipse Habitation Corporation has been created by Kerbin’s largest government bodies to create sustainable habitats upon the surface of other planets. Our first priorities are creating sustainable mining rigs among the planets and satellites before eventually settling semi-permanently, with the hopes of our greatest settlements becoming permanent among the other galactic bodies.

This documentation will include:
– Testing phases of all vessels, booster modules, etc
– Significant vessel launches in main additions; small launches will be grouped together
– The names, targets and progress of each phase

This will be a heavily modded career mode playthrough on regular settings. I have not attempted this before, and this will be a first for myself.
Significant mods used:
Interstellar Extended
Science – Full Reward & Full Transmit
[x] Science! Continued
Tweak Scale and All Scale

I will (hopefully) not abandon this anytime soon.
Hope you all enjoy!



Incoming Transmission
“Hello? Is this thing on? 
Glad you’re receiving me! 
Welcome to the.. (what’s this thing called again?) 
Eclipse Habitation! That’s it! How is everyone feeling? That’s wonderful. 
Anyway. I’m sure that everyone here is completely aware of why they’re here. You lucky lot are Kerbanity’s last hope of getting off of this godforsaken planet, and finding a new home among the stars. Or at least, a new home on another planet. Which we’ll hopefully not ruin this time. 
Don’t worry about everything down here once you’re gone! We’ve plenty of machines to keep everything running and automated, and there’ll be a few volunteers who have opted to stay behind. 
Anyway. You know of our situation. We need a way out. We’ve devoted a large(ish) amount of funding to the program, and we need your assurance you’ll provide for us. 
Thank you.” 
Transmission End 

The First Phase – Research and Exploration

The name of the operation’s first phase lays out the aim very clearly. 
We need to gather information about the surrounding bodies, and to research technologies to aid us in our operation. This will certainly be a lengthy start to the operation, but it’ll certainly be worth it. 
First launch: a small probe. Shrimp SRB with a Stayputnik probe core, with Atmospheric Pressure scanner and a thermometer. 
Retrieved successfully, though the external antenna and parachute were lost. 
Basic Vehicles, Aviation and Rocketry, as well as Manned Technology and General Rocketry were researched, allowing for a longer, and hopefully more successful flight. 
[15:48, 18/06/2061] 
We took on a contract to get a vessel into orbit for some extra funding. With our new technology, we should easily be able to fulfil this, though the chance of returning the vessel looks quite dubious at this moment. 
[15:56, 18/06/2061] 
The program received a small research bursary. We were able to research Flight Control systems, since we figured we’d be lost without this. 
[16:04. 18/06/2061] 
Kerbal Space Program - Eclipse Habitation Corporation 
The High-Rise FR-01 was constructed, and we’re preparing to launch. Hopefully, we’ll be able to return this from our orbit, if it makes it that far. 
[16:09, 18/06/2061] 
Kerbal Space Program - Eclipse Habitation Corporation 
Some small modifications were made, but the vessel has launched successfully. We’re expecting it to reach high orbit shortly, where our pilot will attempt to bring it into an elliptical (or hopefully circular) orbit around Kerbin. 
[16:17, 17/06/2061] 
Kerbal Space Program - Eclipse Habitation Corporation 
We achieved a very high velocity orbit. The pilot has already completed a full circle around Kerbin, and is ready to return. He has prepared the entry trajectory. Awaiting his return. This shall conclude the main part of the initial exploration, and we’ll be moving onto further exploration. 
UPDATE: Jebediah Kerman, our brave pilot, has returned in perfect health and the pod was intact. 
We’ll prepare a larger vessel when we have upgraded our facilities. 

Written by LunarEclipse

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Kerbal Space Program – Eclipse Habitation Corporation, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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