Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry – Training & Debug Room

Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry – Training & Debug Room – Gameplay basics 2 -
Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry – Training & Debug Room – Gameplay basics 2 -

Disclaimer: Not absolutely every option has been tested to see what is absolutely 100% without a doubt needed for certain things. I love this game, but I’m not scrubbing that hard and doing too many playthroughs just to find this out. If you would like to test some minor things and comment here, I’ll update it with credit.
Aside from that this is mostly to answer some questions I did see a decent amount when it comes to unlocking things. It started with just wanting to find out how to unlock Boss Rush and went into doing some other things like the absolute on unlocking the Buddha Serval.

Obvious Stuff- Skytree, Training Room, and Debug Room

While I never see anything for these asked about too much, I will put this here since they do have a point when they can be accessed and some might be curious when the soonest possible entrance is. So-
Skytree Needs

  • Double Jump
  • Savannah Area (Night) Beaten

What you don’t need-

  • Friends Saved
  • Lucky Beasts Saved
  • Any stage after Savannah Area (Night) beaten

What you don’t need through sequence breaking-

  • Stages up to Savannah Area (Night) Beaten
  • Crests


Training Room Need
This will not have a list function, as there is an uncertain nature about it. I can’t tell if having a 100% game file on hand changes things for this.
All you need to do is go to the overworld and explore the Training Room spot. It should appear and you can challenge it before even entering the first stage allowing up to Infernal.


Debug Room Need
Same as Training Room, I did not confirm if having a 100% file on hand changes things.
All you need to do is go to the Debug Room spot and jump into it. The door should spawn and you can just go in before leaving the Library.


Another Serval

I have seen this asked at times, so I’ll let this one start off the little guide. For this you need to-

  • Beat Dark Serval (Level 3)
  • Collect every Lucky Beast from every stage up to The Mountain. (Does not include Bus Driver Lucky Beast.)
  • Go behind the Library into the Hatch
  • Grab Vial from table
  • Go back to the Library
  • Approach Another Serval on the ground, hit talk, and give vial

These are skippable through sequence breaking-

  • All Crests
  • The Amulet
  • Beating previous Bosses

Lastly these will be what you don’t need despite looking like you might-

  • Campo or other Friends
  • Beating 9th Station, Summit, and/or The Foot


Boss Rush

Probably the one that has been asked the most out of anything on how to get the Boss Rush So here is the list that’ll probably get used the most-

  • Beat every training mode without statues (Easy-Infernal)
  • Beat every non-secret boss (Alligator Clips-Heliosphere)

Even though I’m sure that explains it very well, I will still add what you do not need-

  • Friends Saved
  • Lucky Beasts Saved
  • Lucky Bus

Through sequence breaking you don’t need-

  • Crests(If exited before escape sequence)
  • Ending


Golden Serval Monument

Now here is one that may be a tiny bit unsure of things, as I didn’t test things too pure while gathering everything for this. So I will need to put a list for this as it has been asked a decent amount-

  • All Statues Collected
  • All Bosses Defeated(Story and Secret)
  • All Friends Saved
  • All Lucky Beasts Saved
  • All Documents Read(Even in the Hatch area)
  • All Photos Grabbed
  • Ending Seen

Here are some things you don’t need-

  • All Items Discovered
  • All Cellien Variants Discovered
  • Trophies
  • Equipment/Abilities Purchased

Some things you MIGHT not need-

  • Hologram Dialogue in Hatch Area
  • Boss Rushes Beaten
  • All Celliens Discovered
  • Max Level
  • Gold Ending Seen

Sequence breaking doesn’t really allow anything.


Ending Tidbits

As I have said some things might be different depending on if you have a 100% save file on hand, and I assume I’d have to wipe everything completely to be able to get that happening. Didn’t really want to do that since it’d just be a quick runthrough for everything else if I still could access the statues on a brand new file. Though it was interesting seeing some things while messing with the debug room during the test. If it wasn’t unlocked straight away this might’ve taken a bit longer as I’d probably need to level up, gain cash, and acquire the tablets in a much longer sequence.
Ah, some things that do act different when the sequence is broken-

  • Perfect Amulet always sets your allowed party size to 12
  • Skytree will still ask if you want to unlock the crests even if you don’t have them, they will not be added if you do select them but you still need to get past them to unlock the Perfect Amulet
  • You have to unlock Lucky Bus manually as he does not count as a regular Lucky Beast
  • Security Clearance is the only thing that can’t be sequence broken, only the final rank of X from saving all Lucky Beasts as it is not story relevant


Written by King Serbal

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry – Training & Debug Room, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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