Jerez’s Arena – Conquest

Jerez’s Arena – Conquest 4 -
Jerez’s Arena – Conquest 4 -

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I managed beat Ciel without cheats and describe it here in details


New game

– Start new game 
– Train Clo into full purple stats only (no rest), for money (lewd jobs will bring more money) 
– Build: guild > gym>potions>other 
– After geting Ellin, train her full into combat (no rest too, recovering by cheap potions) max train allowed, maximizing AGI and DEX, all available elixirs to her 
– Saving before each confirmation of quest – to reload if income suddenly drops 
– Win all arena fights, for money (Clo can win story fights by obedience, seduce and defence only, and longer fights- more money) 
at the end of story arc Ellin had: 
Jerez's Arena - Conquest 


str 440 
agi 628 
dex 573 
will 545 
sta 471 
If you manage to train Clo into same combat stats, (or even more) i guess it will be fine, but harder to achieve, due to quest rewards at start. 
So, anyway 
to final conquest combat, my elf growup on elixir (enhancer 20%included): 
HP 735 
str 834 
agi 1049 
dex 998 
will 976 
sta 904 
Jerez's Arena - Conquest 


1 turn – Dodge (SKI) 
2 turn – Keep Distance (AGI) 
3 turn – Intimidation (DEX) 
4 turn – Lower Strike (DEX) 
5 turn – Keep Distance (AGI) 
6 turn – Intimidation (DEX) 
7 turn – Lower Strike (DEX) 
8 turn – Keep Distance (AGI) 
(TP 8/10) 
9 turn – Absorb (TP) 
1. turn – Full Slash 
1. turn (if too low crits in run) Power Strike (STR) 
~10 turns to win. 
It will require couple lucky crits, sure, but in my experience it works 4/5 fights. Also you can try Absorb early, if you feel needed. Or even not absorbing. 
Good luck! 
Jerez's Arena - Conquest 

Written by sar

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Jerez’s Arena – Conquest; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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