Island Saver – A Reference Guide

Island Saver – A Reference Guide 23 -
Island Saver – A Reference Guide 23 -
A companion guide for Bionauts new and old. Learn what the Savvy Islands have in store for you, how to tame the rarest bankimals, or where to find that last collectible!



Island Saver - A Reference Guide - Introduction

Island Saver is a fun and quirky first-person adventure for all ages, and this reference guide is intended to provide resources for its wide and diverse audience.

The game is developed by Stormcloud Games and published by National Westminster Bank (NatWest) and is currently free on Steam. According to an August 2020 update, revenue from its two paid DLCs supports charities:

Originally posted by Island Saver:

Revenue from the DLC goes to support two charities: YoungMoney who focus on real-world financial education for children, and Special Effect, a charity that helps less able-bodied gamers with adaptive equipment so they can continue to enjoy playing video games.

There are two DLCs available at $5 USD each, which will be mandatory if you’re an achievement hunter, who will delight at how easy the >2% achievements are to earn.

Gameplay Basics

The primary function of your player character, the Bionaut, is to clean a polluted island with your dual-function trash blaster. Refill its water tank using any natural water source (oceans, rivers, ponds, waterfalls) and empty your collected refuse to nearby recycling bins.

Your secondary function is to learn about and manage money so that you can more fully explore the island. Intimidating financial concepts are simplified to their bare components and explained in ways that are fun and engaging.
Island Saver - A Reference Guide

  • All missed achievements can be earned after beating the game (except “Money Matters” which is unlikely to be missed during normal gameplay)
  • You cannot die or get hurt; falling into the water will summon you back to the land and falling from great heights will briefly disorient you or spill some of your inventory onto the ground
  • Your account balance does not carry between islands, but your PIN code and purchased upgrades do; your objective therefore is not to “get rich,” but merely to make enough to continue your adventure
  • If you find the in-game commentary repetitive, you can disable reminders in the menu under Options > General > Reminders OFF
  • If you forget your PIN code, you will simply be asked to reset it
  • Money and non-degradable objects (pollution, seeds, hats) that fall into the ocean or get lost under terrain will be returned to you automatically after a short time (instantly to about a minute); this mechanic ensures no trash is unrecoverable, and penalizes you if you try to dump your trash into the sea!
  • You can pick up litterbugs with your trash blaster; try to shoot them into water!
  • Only the DLCs have collectible achievements; finding all the eggs in the main campaign is an optional adventure


Tips & Tricks

  • After depositing a foreign currency into the exchange machine, begin vacuuming while pointing at the exchange slot. So long as you can hold the full return, any “missed” coins are just for the tax bot
  • Bartering requires a quantity (10-12) from a specific set of items, but does not require variety: you can complete the trade with any combination of those three items, or even by using just a single type
  • Cleanable trash always appears in multiples of 5 (and usually 10); with the higher storage upgrades, you can even use the trash amounts to ensure when there is none left to pick up
  • Although it is mentioned at the very beginning of the game, litter makes goop appear, so try and pick up litter before you wash off goop
  • Shoot 1 doubloon into a Recycling Machine to get 10 litter back
  • Money and non-degradable objects (tax tokens, seeds, fertilizer) will not despawn except as described above when they are merely teleported elsewhere; for this reason, you can temporarily store these objects in the world for later retrieval which can help manage your inventory
  • Use Alt+Enter to toggle Windowed Full-screen; the game will pause when its window does not have focus


How Loans Work

The loan system emulates the basic components of bank loans, including interest and early payment benefits. Unlike real life, you can save more than a third of your borrowed amount and negate interest entirely by just paying early every time the prompt comes up. The game is called Island Saver after all!

Shops and Upgrades

Each island features its own unique seed shop for replanting crops. A given zone’s seeds will be unlocked when needed.

Trash blaster upgrades become available after visiting certain zones in-game. You can find when using this table:

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

Water Heater#2 Icecap IslandSnowy Shores50
Extra Water#2 Icecap IslandBear Claw Bay100
Extra Slot#2 Icecap IslandSandy Stacks200
Store More#3 Eruption IslandGrizzly Clearing300
Store Max#3 Eruption IslandGrizzly Clearing500

Paintballs become available in the “Fun!” shop after visiting Turtle Beach on #1 Sandy Island. Two zones later after visiting Croc Beach you can also buy fun hats! The shop’s inventory and prices persist across the game.


Put those tax tokens to work! For every 10 doubloons you make, 1 is collected automatically and converted by the Tax Bot to a tax token. You can use these tokens directly to refresh recycling bins for 1 token or build bridges for 10-20.

About halfway through #2 Icecap Island, you’ll also unlock the ability to craft specific items as you explore. These items range from tax machines to water pumps!

Although some crafted items like garden plots are required to progress the story, building the rest is your choice. The further you progress, the more you may want to hang onto your trash in case there is something interesting to build.

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

Coin Deposit Machine5 Doubloon
15 litter A
15 litter B
Fertilizer Machine10 litter A
10 litter B
Lava Pump10 tax tokens
Recycling Machine (Glass, Metal, Plastic)10 (Glass, Metal, Plastic)
(Seed) Plot5 litter A
5 litter B
Water Pump5 tax tokens



Occasionally you need fertilizer for your gardens. You can find fertilizer machines beside the recycling machines in zones that use them. There are five color-coded types of fertilizer you can craft using the display on that zone’s machine or the table below.

Island Saver - A Reference Guide1 Poop
1 Shrimp
1 Snow Gem
Island Saver - A Reference Guide1 Poop
1 Boom-A-Fruit
1 Cricket
Island Saver - A Reference Guide1 Poop
1 Tallmelon
1 Cricket
Island Saver - A Reference Guide1 Poop
1 Lettuce Shell
1 Tapimelon
Island Saver - A Reference Guide1 Poop
1 Tiger Ham
1 Acorn


Bankimals (Main Campaign)

Each island features 14 unique creatures for a total of 70 bankimals! There are 2 rideable “apex” creatures per island in that total, plus 4 unlockable saddles in the Dinosaur Island DLC.

After eating an amount of their favorite food, bankimals will roll back and forth in place until you “save” them by vaccing the stuck coins from their slots. Different creatures will reward different currencies.

After befriending each apex bankimal and unlocking the ability after Turtle Beach in #1 Sandy Island, you can summon them to your location instantly using B for controller or Q for keyboard!

#1 Icecap Island

AnteaterTax CreekAntsUncommon
Beach SnailCave East
Slime Trail Cave
Candy FruitCommon
CapybaraWallow Hole WayStar FruitCommon
ChamelionTurtle Beach
Wallow Hole Way
Dune FliesCommon
CrabKiwi Cove
Slime Trail Cave
Tax Creek
Turtle Beach
Clam NutCommon
CrocodileCroc BeachDrumstickUncommon
Gorilla*Primate PlaygroundGornanaApex
HippoWallow Hole WayGrassballCommon
MonkeyPrimate PlaygroundMonkey NutCommon
Red PandaTax CreekBamboo ShootUncommon
Rhino*Rhino RockRhinoberryApex
Tree FrogCroc BeachBeesUncommon
TurtleTurtle BeachFishberryCommon
WarthogCroc BeachHogberryUncommon

* Rideable Creature

#2 Icecap Island

Arctic CrabBear Claw Bay
Frosty Floes
Snowy Shores
Walrus Island
Frosty ClamCommon
Arctic FoxBear Claw BayDrumstick¥Uncommon
ArmadilloDry GulchCricket$Uncommon
BisonSnowy ShoresSnow GemUncommon
CamelTumbleweed TowersDesert JewelUncommon
Elephant*Sandy StacksElemelonApex
Emperor PenguinFrosty Floes
Walrus Island
Scoop Fruit¥Uncommon
GiraffeTumbleweed TowersTallmelon$Uncommon
KangarooTumbleweed TowersBoom-A-Fruit$Uncommon
OstrichSandy StacksGrubUncommon
Polar Bear*Bear Claw BaySteak Fruit¥Apex
Rockhopper PenguinBear Claw Bay
Frosty Floes
Snowy Shores
Walrus Island
ScorpionDry GulchTermites$Common
WalrusFrosty FloesIce Cumber¥Rare

* Rideable Creature

#3 Eruption Island

AlpacaLittertop RockYarn BallUncommon
BadgerGrizzly ClearingBlueberry£Uncommon
Fire ScorpionLittertop RockFire TermitesUncommon
Forest SnailSquirrel Sanctuary
Tiger Cave
Candy Fruit£Common
FoxGrizzly ClearingDrumstick£Common
Giant TortoiseCliffside CapersLettuce Shell£Common
Grizzly BearGrizzly ClearingSandwichUncommon
IguanaWolf PeakFire FliesCommon
MooseWolf PeakMaple LeafUncommon
Mountain Goat*Littertop RockBoulder NutApex
SquirrelSquirrel SanctuaryAcorn£Common
TapirTiger CaveTapimelonUncommon
Tiger*Tiger CaveTiger HamApex
Wolf PeakWolf PeakMoon FruitUncommon

* Rideable Creature

Bankimals (DLC)

All bankimals in the DLC return ♻.

#4 Dinosaur Island

Ankylosaurus*Lava FallsTough FruitUncommon
BrachiosaurusFrosty FieldsFlowerballRare
CompsognathusNewton’s LabDino BurgerCommon
DodoBird BayGrubCommon
MammothIce Age PassIced PearRare
Pachycephalosaurus*Frosty FieldsRock NutUncommon
Pteranodon*Bird BayFishberryApex
SmilodonIce Age PassIced HamCommon
SpinosaurusRedwood CoastTuna SteakRare
StegosaurusFrosty FieldsSpike FruitUncommon
T-Rex*Carnivore CoveKing RibsApex
TherizinosaurusRedwood CoastThornberryUncommon
TriceratopsLava FallsTri-nanaCommon
Velociraptor*Carnivore CoveDrumstickCommon

* Rideable Creature

#5 Fantasy Island

Dragon*Dragon IslandDragon Fruit SmoothieApex
Funny FlamingoOasis Bay
Oasis Island
Dragon Fruit SmoothieCommon
Giant SpiderForest IslandBlueberry SmoothieUncommon
GriffinDragon IslandStrawberry SmoothieUncommon
House SnailForest IslandWatermelon SmoothieCommon
ImpOasis IslandBanana SmoothieCommon
JackalopeForest IslandDragon Fruit SmoothieCommon
ManticoreDragon IslandWatermelon SmoothieUncommon
MinotaurHub IslandStrawberry SmoothieCommon
Mythic BearIce IslandBanana SmoothieUncommon
Mythic TurtleOasis BayBlueberry SmoothieUncommon
Mythic WolfIce IslandStrawberry SmoothieCommon
Unicorn*Unicorn CoveBanana SmoothieApex
YetiIce IslandWatermelon SmoothieRare

* Rideable Creature


Icons marked with arrows require riding a creature or are above or below the primary player field. Look for notes beneath each map for comments.

Sandy Island

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

An egg is hidden in a cave on the South East side of Primate Playground

Icecap Island

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

If you are missing one egg, it’s probably in the alcove near the Gold Gate. Go to the left and jump down

Eruption Island

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

There is an egg on a hidden island on the West side of the zone between Tiger Cave and Litterbug Burrow. You will need the Mountain Goat to reach it

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

Dinosaur Island (DLC)

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

Fantasy Island (DLC)

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

If you have tips enabled in the menu, an occasional announcement will tell you where to look for missing golden eggs

Island Saver - A Reference Guide

Achievements & Badges

Island Saver features 13 original achievements, plus 10 additional achievements for each available DLC for a total of 33 achievements. The achievement icons are color-coded to indicate which of the campaigns they are applicable to: orange for the base game, blue for Dinosaur Island DLC, and Pink for Fantasy Island DLC.

Although possible, it is unlikely that any achievements will be missed during the normal course of gameplay. For example, an achievement to “exchange any currency at its best price” (“Money Matters”) exists, but it would be unusual to miss.

The exceptions to that rule are with Dinosaur Island, where simply reading the achievement descriptions will tell you all need to do. For that reason, only the “optional” achievements will be listed below.

Optional Achievements

Island Saver - A Reference Guide
Money Matters
Exchange any currency at its best price.

Island Saver - A Reference Guide
Tank Driver
Ride on an Ankylosaurus

Island Saver - A Reference Guide
Raptor Rider
Ride on a Velociraptor

Island Saver - A Reference Guide
Fossil Hunter
Find all Newton’s lost fossils

Note: The “Golden Egg” achievement for the Fantasy Island DLC is story-related and unmissable, so it is not listed here.


Like achievements, the in-game “badges” will mostly be completed automatically during normal gameplay. Badges can be viewed through the game menu and do consider collectible counts during the main campaign.

The only badges likely to be missed during the initial playthrough will be one to hit a litterbug with poop, and various counters for painting bankimals and putting hats on them. View the in-game “badges” menu for more details.
Island Saver - A Reference Guide


All images in this guide contain content that is property of the publisher, National Westminster Bank plc, or the developer, Stormcloud Games. Their inclusion here is for reference only, and does not imply the developer or publisher’s affiliation with or endorsement of this guide or its contents. All map images have been watermarked by M. Doucet, the author of this guide, and may not be re-used elsewhere on or outside of Steam without consent from the author.
Island Saver - A Reference Guide

Written by M. Doucet

This is all about Island Saver – A Reference Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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