Into the Breach – Pilots Special Skills

Into the Breach – Pilots Special Skills 1 -
Into the Breach – Pilots Special Skills 1 -

This guide is open to disscussion about what pilots are best for each squads, please comment what you think and I will updating it acordlingly.
This guide is still a huge WIP.



Pilots Special Skills

PilotSpecial Skill
Ralph KarlssonExperienced: Gain +2 bonus XP per kill.
Harold SchmidtFrenzied Repair: Push adjacent tiles when repairing.
Abe IsamuArmored: Mech gains Armored.
Bethany JonesStarting Shield: Mech starts every mission with a Shield.
Henry KwanManeuverable: Mech can move through enemy units.
GanaPreemptive Strike: Deploy anywhere on the map, damaging adjacent enemies. (1 power required)
ProsperoFlying: Mech gains Flying. (1 power required)
Lily ReedImpulsive: Gain +3 Move on first turn of every mission.
Chen RongSidestep: After attacking, gain 1 free tile movement.
Camila VeraEvasion: Mech unaffected by Webbing and Smoke.
Isaac JonesTemporal Reset: Gain 1 extra ‘Reset Turn’ every battle.
SilicaDouble Shot: Mech can act twice if it does not move. (2 power required)
ArchimedesFire-and-Forget: Move again after shooting. (1 power required)
Kai MillerArrogant Boost: Mech is Boosted if full health, otherwise -1 Move.
Rosie RivetsReassuring Hand: After Move, Repair adjacent Mechs.
Morgan LejeuneField Research: Mech gains Boosted on kill.
AdamChosen One: On Reset Turn, gain Shield and +2 Move.
KazaaakplethMantis: 2 damage melee attack replaces Repair.
MafanZoltan: +1 Reactor Core. Reduce Mech HP to 1. Gain Shield every turn.
AriadneRockman: +3 Health and immune to Fire.


Squads x Pilots

SquadBest Pilot
Rift Walkers
Rusting HulksCamila Vera: Jet Mech – Pulse Mech
Zenith GuardAbe Isamu: Charge Mech
BlitzkriegSilica: Lightning Mech
Steel JudokaHarold Schmidt: Gravity Mech
Isaac Jones: Gravity Mech
Flame BehemothsGana: Flame Mech
Chen Rong: Flame Mech
Frozen TitansBethany Jones: Ice Mech
Mafan: Ice Mech
Hazardous MechsAbe Isamu: Nano Mech
Kazaaakpleth: Nano Mech
Mist Eaters
Heat Sinkers



For visual reference check my Google Sheets – [] 
21/07 This guide is mostly based on the image provided by Treevor_The_Giant in this reddit post – []  and the comments there.

Written by Rivey

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Into the Breach – Pilots Special Skills; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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