INFRA – “Properly” Cheating

INFRA – “Properly” Cheating 1 -
INFRA – “Properly” Cheating 1 -
Want to never run out of battery juice (or at least less often), open any door, spawn fuses… ? Learn how right here.


Dirty cheating

Head to “steamapps\common\infra\infra\cfg” and open “Skill1.cfg”.
We’re going to do some modifications.

Carrying more batteries:
Increase the numbers in the first two lines to the following, to carry twice as many batteries.
You may also use 3000 for 30 batteries, or even be hardcore and use 500 for just 5 batteries.
sk_max_aa_batteries 2000 // 20 x 100 (20 full batteries) sk_max_d_batteries 2000 // 20 x 100 (20 full batteries)
Taking photos will no longer drain battery:
Taking any kind of photo has the penalty of draining the battery by 4%.
No matter if you took a correct photo, or misjudged your photo op.
Change the picture cost to 0 to stop draining the camera battery with every photo.
sk_camera_battery_picture_cost 0
Less frequent battery replacements:
By default, the camera drains its battery in 5 minutes by just having it out.
Meanwhile the flashlight drains its battery in 3.3 minutes.
Change the _frequency lines to higher numbers to replace the batteries less often.
This now drains the battery every half hour
sk_camera_battery_drain_frequency 18 //default _amount of 1%, all 18 seconds. sk_flashlight_battery_drain_frequency 18 If you use a drain frequency of 9, one battery will drain in 15 minutes.

Never replace batteries:
if you want to never reload the flashlight or camera, change the _amount lines to 0.
Cause, you know. Normal batteries last for weeks. The game lasts maybe two days max.
sk_camera_battery_drain_amount 0 sk_flashlight_battery_drain_amount 0

Additional, Dirtier cheats

We can add more cheats that are great at ruining the fun.
Add any of the following lines to your skill1.cfg file for additional functionality.

Num7 spawns camera batteries to where you’re looking.
bind kp_home "ent_create item_aa_batteries"
Num8 spawns flashlight batteries to where you’re looking.
bind kp_uparrow "ent_create item_d_batteries"
Num9 spawns a red brick fuse to where you’re looking.
bind kp_pgup "prop_physics_create props_electric/industrial_fuse.mdl;ent_setname fuse_mdl1"
Num4 opens any door you are looking at, even ones that shouldn’t be opened.
bind kp_leftarrow "ent_fire !picker unlock;ent_fire !picker open"
Num5 teleports any available named valve props to where you’re looking.
Aim at a spot where a valve goes. Fitting valves will be used, others can be teleported again.
Also teleports the secret fuse in C3_M1 for the Easteregg door.
Unfortunately does not teleport unnamed valves.
For example: One large valve in the storm drain won’t teleport, but the other does.
Creating a valve manually won’t work either.
Luckily that unnamed valve is closely nearby.
bind kp_5 "ent_teleport secret_fuse;ent_teleport PPP_g2lp_valve_mdl;ent_teleport picupable_valve;ent_teleport steamleak_valve_phys;ent_teleport yellow_valve_phys;ent_teleport copan_valve_pink_phys;ent_teleport copan_valve_red_phys;ent_teleport water_level_meter_valve_01_prop;ent_teleport valve_mdl"
Num6 spawns a valve. Those valves are meant to work in the sewer, water plant, and villa.
bind kp_rightarrow "prop_physics_create props_structure/valve_001_phys.mdl" //any valve SHOULD work on c6_m4_waterplant, c5_m2b_sewer2, c9_m4_villa
Num0 opens the console. for when you need it i guess. no good use tho.
bind kp_ins "toggleconsole"

Written by мяFunreal

This is all about INFRA – “Properly” Cheating; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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