Industry Idle – Tips Tricks and Sheets

Industry Idle – Ender’s Tips Tricks and Sheets 1 -
Industry Idle – Ender’s Tips Tricks and Sheets 1 -
This guide will take you through the strategies I use in game, as well as some more advanced numbers and stuff so you can make more efficient industries.




This game is in early access and had updates frequently, so information on this guide may be outdated. I will be updating this guide as fast as I can.




First off it is important to know how warehouse’s fuel savings bonus works. The fuel savings bonus only applies to resources being transported to the warehouse, and is not applied to resources transferred from the warehouse.

The fuel cost itself is a linear line of (m * tilesTraveled = fuelCost)
Industry Idle - Ender's Tips Tricks and Sheets
The red line is normal fuel costs, m = -1.7629999
The green line is fuel costs to warehouses, m = -1.68021

Because both of these are linear lines, graphing the fuel savings given by warehouses is also linear.
Industry Idle - Ender's Tips Tricks and Sheets
m = 0.0828

This savings when working at this scale may not seem like much, (at 6 tiles you get a savings of 0.5 petrol), and for the most part you would be correct.
Industry Idle - Ender's Tips Tricks and Sheets
The green line is fuel costs, and red line is fuel costs with warehouses. The lower dark blue line is the savings line (green line minus red line), and the light blue line will be explained below.

Here there are a bunch of numbers going on, so lets first start in the top right. When transporting 100 items 10 tiles, the normal cost will be 176.3 petrol while with a warehouse the cost will be 168.021, for a savings of 8.279 which can be seen in the bottom right corner. By drawing a line between that point back to the fuel cost lines (the light blue line) we can see how many more items could be transported with the fuel just saved, which would be only 4.927 items. If this were to be doubled, when transporting 200 items, 10 tiles, every cycle you could send 10 more items 10 tiles.

Market Cap and $wiss Money

Here are the two formulas used for the calculation of Market Cap and $wiss Money Cash In

Market Cap

(buildingValuation + resourcesValuation) * stockRating

$wiss Money Cash In

cubeRoot(((buildingValuation + resourcesValuation) * stockRating) / 1e6)

Because both formulas come from the same base numbers the $wiss Money Cash In can also be written as such:

cubeRoot((Market Cap) / 1e6)

When Market Cap vs. $wiss Money Cash In is graphed it will look like this:
Industry Idle - Ender's Tips Tricks and Sheets
The x-axis is the Market Cap and the y-axis is the $wiss Money Cash In

This means that as your market cap increases the amount of $wiss Cash you will get has diminishing returns. However, this is misleading as your market cap will increase exponentially as your game goes on.

Market Values and Prices

Coming Soon, after the market isn’t being updated every patch.

Written by Ender_Invader

This is all about Industry Idle – Ender’s Tips Tricks and Sheets; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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