Impact Point – All Weapons & Stats

Impact Point – All Weapons & Stats 1 -
Impact Point – All Weapons & Stats 1 -

Basic information for Impact Point


Percent is the amount of hp per shot, with 100 percent being one shot.
Lower Damage Faster Firerate
This guide has been updated to version #2. It is currently being updated starting at #5


Sniper Rifle

Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Sniper Rifle - B3E02BE
The Sniper Rifle often wins any 1v1 standoff without using cover.
However, if your opponent has a Bulletproof Vest, you will lose every fight with it.


Ammo: 5
Bullets per Second (using SPRT): 0.6
DPS: 60%



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Knife - B7D5D67
The knife is one of 2 melee weapons in Impact Point.


damage: 100%
ammo: Unlimited
Stabs per second: 2
DPS: 200%


Assault Rifle

Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Assault Rifle - 67CCD9A
At the moment, the only assault rifle in play is the Assault Rifle.


Damage: 50%
Bullets per Second: 2.25
DPS: 112.5 %



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Crossbow - 862502C
Crossbow is a weaker version of the sniper that deals high damage and low BPS. It has a higher BPS than sniper, but less damage, and is similar to the SSG to AWP.


damage: 75%
BPS: 0.87
DPS: 43.75%



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Shotgun - D6B9E37
The Shotgun is limited in range, but compensates for this by firerate and damge


Damage: 75%
BPS: 1
DPS: 75%



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - MP5K (SMG) - 6AFA564
The MP5K is a combination of the pistol, ar and high damage rate, movement speed and BPS.


Damage: 25%
Ammo: 19
BPS: 5
DPS: 166.5%


Handgun (Pistol)

Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Handgun (Pistol) - 4563835
The handgun is a terrible gun. It has no movement speed.


Damage: 33.3%
Ammo: 15
BPS: 1.5
DPS: 49.9%



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Minigun - 0D58757
Minigun is a great weapon in the game, with high firerate and low damage.


Damage: 25%
Ammo: 50
BPS: 9.5
DPS: 187.5%



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Chainsaw - 90E27C9
Chainsaw is one of the melee weapons in Impact Point. It is a melee weapon that differs from the knife in that it has twice the BPS and a longer reach, which allows you to kill enemy's farther away.


Damage: 50%
Unlimited ammo
Hits per second: 10
DPS: 500%



Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Revolver - 2AF1431
The Revolver is essentially the Deagle from CSGO. That's enough said.


damage: 75%
ammo: 6
Bps: 1 bullet per 0.7 seconds or 1.43 Bullets per second
DPS: 71.5%


Bulletproof Vest

Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - Bullet Proof Vest - BFC0F24
Bulletproof Vest: Blocks the incoming damage of the next hit.
It doesn't matter how many Damage this hit caused, it's best not to deal with Bulletproofed Players with a fast-firing weapon.
If you survive the round without your Bulletproof Vest saving you from a hit you can start the next round with your Vest still on.



There is no health bar in this game. However, you can monitor your health and the health of your enemies by paying attention blood loss.
You will also move slower depending on how much blood your body has lost. There is currently no way to heal yourself during a round.


Basic knowledge



You can see further than your view model if you hold shift and X, and you can also use this to peek at gun spawns and other things.
Use cover
Pressing O will kill you. This is only useful if your stuck.
If the escape key is lost, you can use p for access to the menu
If someone is pushing you, close the door. When they open the door, the door blocks the first few bullets. If they have a sniper, it's an easy kill. You should not push someone into a room that has a closed door unless absolutely necessary.


Speed of movement

Your Movement Speed can also be affected by equipped weapons
With nothing equipped and Melee being fastest.
The Minigun and Sniper Rifle, on the other hand, are the fastest.
A rule of thumb is that the faster the weapon, the more it can be used. This is except for unusualities like knives. The gun's size will usually tell you how fast or slow it is. For example, a large gun means that it is slow.


META (What guns to use)

What guns to use updated to 3. The meta can be divided into 2 parts, with or without body armour.

This is a common sense game.


Body Armour

I recommend that you use a high BPS weapon if your opponent has body armor. The body armour will break no matter how hard the shot hits so it is important to get it out as quickly as possible. For this, the Minigun is the best choice but the Mp5k is also a good option. I would steer clear of slower guns such as the Sniper or Assault Rifle. I recommend the Chainsaw for melee weapons against body armor, as it has a greater reach and faster BPS.


I recommend higher DPS weapons such as the Sniper because it kills in one shot. The Knife is the best melee weapon, as it kills in one hit.

My Take on Guns

Sniper Rifle, Minigun and Minigun are the only ones that you should be using unless melee combat is your preference. The damage done by the Shotgun, Crossbow, and Assault Rifle is the same. However, the Shotgun's range of fire is limited and the Crossbow and Shotgun shoot slower than the Assault Rifle. Always choose the Assault Rifle. I would recommend that you never use the Pistol. It is just junk and slows down movement, making it more difficult to obtain a better gun. Body armour OP. MP5K is the Minigun, but it's still better than the body armour. Revolver is a mid-sized weapon that looks a lot like the deagle in csgo.
These are my top picks and the guns you should consider buying.
Impact Point - All Weapons & Stats - META (what guns to use) - 198745E – []


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