IMMORTALITY – Tips and Gameplay for New Players

IMMORTALITY – Tips and Gameplay for New Players 1 -
IMMORTALITY – Tips and Gameplay for New Players 1 -

It’s safe to say that it’s a game about discovery. But, here’s how you can discover it without getting too frustrated.

Starter tips

This game should be played with a controller. It can be frustrating at times, but it will get easier.

  • You can use your arrow keys to control fast fast forwarding or rewinding. For example, tap twice to accelerate a playback or twice to go backwards at twice the speed. The controller is not always consistent.
  • “Image mode”, which allows you to select the hotspot that you want to click on, seems a little confusing at first. It’s NOT. Here’s a hint: Most match cuts appear to be by shot/object category, e.g. “Chair.” Click on a chair to see another shot of a randomly assigned chair (. I suspect they are not so random.)
  • If you hit LT in Image mode, you can select a picture icon (at the top left corner). This will add little subtitles to each found photo, telling you what the category was for the hotspot chosen shots. This is very handy.
  • The tip I wish I had known earlier: In “image mode”, when the film has frozen, and you want to find hotspots to click, if you use the LEFT AND RIGHT Arrows on your 4-way controller, it will jump between hotspots. This greatly speeds up the selection process. This is a huge help. This was found at hour 10 of my playthrough. It made me mad that I hadn’t seen it sooner.
  • Turn up the volume. Listen out for unusual sound cues in scenes. Explore the sounds you hear with the tools you have at your disposal. Yes, I am deliberately vague.



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