Idol Showdown – Coco Gameplay

Idol Showdown – Coco Gameplay 1 -
Idol Showdown – Coco Gameplay 1 -

Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you all about Idol Showdown – Coco Gameplay Following this guide each steps.

This is a Day 1 attempt to summarize the deadly damage of this dragon.



You may remember me from my ROBO OH guide. This is the same thing. I write a guide about a character, without looking at what anyone else says. I’ll be covering the grappler in this game today, as that’s a character type that I seem to cover a lot. Please note that I still haven’t learned the frame data so it won’t be displayed.


5/5/23 Initial Release


Kiryu Coco, as I have already said, is the grappler in this game. She’s also big, slow and has many command grabs. She also lacks many things that I think grapplers should possess. While she is easy to learn, her skill ceiling seems low.

Coco’s Moves

I won’t be covering some of Coco’s moves, because they are pretty standard. The universal overhead has a pretty poor range.

The 2M is the neutral tool of choice because it is a powerful low sweep. At certain ranges you cannot get a combo from it.

The 5M approach has a hitbox. It’s best to use it following a midrange 2-M.

After 5M, you’ll use 2H. Its range is very short, so you can’t use it in a combo outside of the corner after 5H.

j.M. is a nice air-toair, but you don’t get much out of it.

214x is the fire breath that you can use only after 2H if you Superchat Cancel into 22x. The H version instead is a super-quick command grab that Coco would love if she didn’t need to spend meter.

22x is a command grab against the air that you can use after 2H or 214x, with a Superchat Cancel. It’s probably one of Coco’s most powerful moves.

236x is an extremely slow command grab which can only be used for a hard read. This is not Nitro Hook. I used to believe you could use 5H to setup a tit-I mean tick-throw with this move. But that was a myth. The armor on the M version makes it difficult for the AI to recognize it, so you can use it to defeat the more stupid opponents.

This is a j.S that will get you in, but leave you vulnerable. This one should be used with caution.

236S, your command grab super is pretty good if I say so myself. I give it 4 HPBs.

Coco’s Combos

2M->5M (->5H in corner)->2H (->214L for Superchat Cancel if you want to)->22x

This is the only combo that you will need.


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