Idol Hands – Full Achievements Guide

Idol Hands – Full Achievements Guide 1 -
Idol Hands – Full Achievements Guide 1 -

100% Achievement Guides for Idol Hands!


Hi! This is my first guide, so do let me know if there’s anything I should change!
Generally, it should take around 10 hours or so to get all the achievements. I found it easier to do it on the second run of the game, where your stats are carried over. So on the first playthrough, you can unlock one of the achievements earlier by rerolling for Wakari’s talent to be “sh*t” first.
For images in the game, you can find out the unlock criteria by clicking on the images in the camera icon. The guide only covers the achievements on Steam!

Clothing-based Achievements

Boyfriend’s Clothes
– Put on pajamas (Available at night)
An Idol’s Sh*t Smells Like Roses
– Put on Idol Outfit
Camel Toe to the Max
– Put on the Workout Clothes
Following clothings need to be bought from Date > Department Store
SlothEats is here!
– Put on the SlothEats Uniform
Rip Open those Clothes
– Put on the Seductive Uniform
Shanghai Vibes
– Put on the Stunning Qipao
Premier Panties
– Put on the Sexy Lingerie
Succubus… Get to Work!
– Put on the Succubus Outfit
JK is a Joker
– Put on the Sailor Suit
Warm Wind on a Summer Day~
– Put on the Bikini
Octop*ssy Games Uniform
– Put on the Octop*ssy Outfit
– Put on the Miko Outfit
This ain’t Britney’s Belly Dance
– Put on the Belly Dancer Outfit
Night Shift Nurses
– Put on the Sexy Nurse Uniform
Elegant Evening Dress
– Put on the Evening Dress
Garden of Eve
– Put on the Garden of Eve Outfit

Animation Achievements

9 Inch Dilly
– Unlocked as the story progresses
Wakari’s First Time
– Unlocked as the story progresses
Foot Fetish
– Buy sensual oil at S.P Party then have s*x
Steamy Shower %&#*
– Peek at Wakari while she’s showering. At least 3 sexual experience, more than 50 mood, and less than 70 fatigue
Yumeko’s Sugar Daddy
– Purchase the open relationship lessons and complete Harry’s job afterwards
Taiwanese Thai Bath
– Buy Thai Water Cushion from S.P Party then have s*x
Fleshlight… It ain’t a light!
– Buy Fleshlight from S.P Party then have s*x
S*x… A great exercise!
– Buy Yoga Mat from S.P Party then have s*x
Wakari’s First Porno
– 12 SMAG streams, then sign contract at $OD. Refuse to be Wakari’s exclusive partner
Yumeko’s Handj*b 0.3
– Become a SMAG streamer, more than 70 fatigue
The Anus is the Weak Point
– Buy Butt Plug from S.P Party then have s*x
Titty Tatty F*ck
– Weigh more than 52kg, Dance & Obey more than B
4 Hands, 2 Mouths
– Attend first s*x class after 6 p*rn streams
Girl on Top… That’s Dangerous!
– Sexual experience more than 5, have s*x with Wakari while she’s asleep
Love Dem Splits
– Wear workout clothes, Dance C+ and Fitness C+
Click Like, Subscribe, and Follow
– First SMAG stream
Use Dem Tig Ol’ Bitties
– Weigh more than 52kg, Dance & Obey more than B, Maid Outfit equipped
Boning an Idol
– Win the Golden Tune Awards (Hot selling tracks more than 6, Singing more than S to win)
Don’t Mess up the Dress!
– Win the Golden Bell Awards (Hot ads more than 6, Speech more than S to win)
Boo! C*ck E
– Win the JAV Awards (Super pornos more than 3, Skills more than S to win)
3P Party
– Take 10 or more s*x classes
Isekai Double Dill
– Wear succubus out to meet EVE, send her back home then visit her
That Blonde Haired Bastard!
– Subscribers more than 300,000, and finish 5 Lice events. Stay after drinks + Lewd A+
Better than Brooklyn C*ck
– Complete all of Scorpio’s Dance off and win Fancy Dancing Prancer, find out where the sound is coming from
Hot Spring H*ntai
– Complete the special job after winning the Golden Horse Awards (Must have 1 free job slot)
Master, Punish your Slave
– Wear the Bondage Outfit, Perversion more than A+ and Dance more than A
Harry’s Gonna Hear Us!
– Finish all of Harry’s Get Votes job at night
Sir, we must get that poison out.
– Wear the nurse outfit, Sexy more than A+ and Acting more than A
Preggy Pon
– Repay your debt by having value for Wakari than debt, and have s*x (normal intercourse, not the ones bought from S.P Party) with her during her fertile period during the last 30 days.
– Special text will appear after having s*x : Um… This time of the month is pretty risky. I came inside you… It should be okay, right?

Advertisement Achievements

All from Mango TV
SlothEats Rep
– Film advertisement for SlothEats
– Unlocked when Speech is C+ and 3 jobs have been completed
– Film advertisement for Blue Bulls
– Unlocked when Speech is B- and Popularity is at least 1200
– Requires Seductive Uniform and Acting at least 1200 to get the achievement
Wang K*ck Tea
– Film advertisement for tea brand
– Unlocked when Speech is B and Popularity is at least 2400
– Requires Stunning Qipao and Sexy at least 2000 to get the achievement
– Film advertisement for Sports
– Unlocked when Speech is B+ and Weight at most 50kg
– Requires Workout Clothes and Fitness at least 2400 to get the achievement
Temporary shackles… for eternal pleasure
– Film advertisement for 002 condom brand
– Unlocked when Speech is A- and Popularity at least 3600
– Requires Sexy Lingerie and Skills at least 2800 to get the achievement
Slippery Wet Sunscreen
– Film advertisement for sunscreen brand
– Unlocked when Speech is A and Popularity at least 4800
– Requires Bikini and Dance at least 3200 to get the achievement
Welcome Home, Master
– Film advertisement for maid
– Unlocked when Speech is A+ and Popularity at least 6000
– Requires Kitty Maid outfit and Obey at least 4400 to get the achievement
Tap to Get Mo Guan-Yu
– Film advertisement for Mo Guan-Yu
– Unlocked when Speech is S- and Popularity at least 7200
– Requires B*tchy Oiran outfit and H*ntai at least 5200 to get the achievement
– Film advertisement for Dickstalkers
– Unlocked when Speech is S and Popularity at least 8400
– Requires Succubus outfit and Lewd at least 6400 to get the achievement
AVK69 Comeback
– Film advertisement for AVK69
– Unlocked when Speech is S+ and Popularity at least 9900
– Requires Idol outfit and Singing at least 7600 to get the achievement

Singles Recording Achievements

Single Recording 1
– Record single 1
– Unlocked when Singing is C+ and 3 gigs have been completed
Single Recording 2
– Record single 2
– Unlocked when Singing is B- and Popularity 1200
– Requires Obey at least 1200 to get achievement
Single Recording 3
– Record single 3
– Unlocked when Singing is B and Popularity 2400
– Requires Dance at least 2000 to get achievement
Single Recording 4
– Record single 4
– Unlocked when Singing is B+ and Speech is B-
– Requires Sexy at least 2400 to get achievement
Single Recording 5
– Record single 5
– Unlocked when Singing is A- and Popularity 3600
– Requires H*ntai at least 2800 to get achievement
Single Recording 6
– Record single 6
– Unlocked when Singing is A and Popularity 4800
– Requires Acting at least 3200 to get achievement
Single Recording 7
– Record single 7
– Unlocked when Singing is A+ and Popularity 6000
– Requires at least 15 recording gigs to get achievement
Singing Recording 8
– Record single 8
– Unlocked when Singing is S- and Popularity 7200
– Requires Dance at least 5200 to get achievement
Singing Recording 9
– Record single 9
– Unlocked when Singing is S and Popularity 8400
– Requires Obey at least 6400 to get achievement
Single Recording 10
– Record single 10
– Unlocked when Singing is S+ and Popularity 9900
– Requires Acting at least 7600 to get achievement

Movies Achievements

All from Silver Wolf Flick
Wakari from Ssangmun-dong
– Film Octop*ssy Games
– Requires Octop*ssy Outfit and 3 gigs to get achievement
Thank you, thank you!
– Film Golden Queef
– Requires Speech 2000 and Stunning Qipao to get achievement
Naraku’s… Poison Insects of Hell!
– Film Inurassha
– Requires Miko outfit and Dance 3000 to get achievement
In the name of the stars… I will punish you!
– Film Sailor Poon
– Requires Sailor Outfit and Fitness 4000 to get achievement
Let it go!!! Wait… wrong song…
– Film Aladdin’s Lamp
– Requires Bell Dancer outfit and Singing 5000 to get achievement

Tasks from People

Hit that Clit!
– Buy the final intel from the Micky Boys
Welcome Aboard… The Sexy Bus!
– Film all Sexy Bus episodes
All is One, One is All
– Wear the succubus outfit out to meet EVE and send her back home
Yo Yo ~ ~ Lice Here!
– Film all of Lice’s games
– Do not stay after the games or after the drinks to get the achievement
And I think it’s gonna be a real wide space!
– Buy the final intel from Elton Johnny
All right! DANCE-OFF!!!
– Complete all of Scorpio’s challenges
Scheming Politican
– Complete all of Harry’s Get Those Votes tasks
This is Biz
– Sell Wakari to Hana
Go Play Wolf of Stock Street!
– Take 3 loans from Yvonne
– 1 loan can be taken every 45 days, time it right!

Streamer Achievements

Silver Streamer
– Get more than 100,000 subscribers
Gold Streamer
– Get more than 1,000,000 subscribers
Platinum Streamer
– Get more than 3,000,000 subscribers

Awards Achievements

Prancing Master
– Win Fancy Dancing Prancer after completing Scorpio’s Dance-offs
Can Ya Freestyle?
– Win Rhythm and Hoes (No idea how it is triggered ):)
Queen of P*rn
– Win the JAV Awards (Super Pornos more than 3 and Skills more than S)
Actress of the Year
– Win Actress of the Year (3 Box office hits, Acting S and Popularity more than 6000 to win)
Bell of the Ball
– Win the Golden Bell Awards (Hot ads more than 6 and Speech more than S to win)
Best Female Singer
– Win Best Female Singer (Hot selling singles more than 6 and Singing more than S to win)

Miscellaneous Achievements

Racing to the Stars!
– Start the game
Time Management Master
– Complete the Time Management Master class 3 times
– Classes can be bought from S.P Party after buying all the Open Relationship classes
Ad Queen
– Complete 50 or more total Jobs
Rich Daddy
– Funds more than $1,000,000
– Funds more than $3,000,000
I’ve Only Got 5!
– Funds more than $5,000,000
10 Million Reasons
– Funds more than $10,000,000
Racing to the Stars… Again!
– Start a 2nd game
– Stats and photos will be carried over on second run
– 2nd game logo should appear on new game upon completion of first run
– Skip 1 single recording or Scorpio dance-off mini-game
God Loves a Dummy
– Start as sh*t talent
– Achievement attained when you finish the game
Cuz I’m a Genius
– Start as genius talents or popularity more than 20000

Written by uwu suppowt girl

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Idol Hands – Full Achievements Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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