Icarus Beta – Survival Mode Guide & Gameplay Tips + Walkthrough

Icarus Beta – Survival Mode Guide & Gameplay Tips + Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com
Icarus Beta – Survival Mode Guide & Gameplay Tips + Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com

Quick Guide for Beta Icarus Weekends

Basic Survival from Start

After you exited landing pod, immideately start to run west and little bit a south, gathering everything on the road, and eventually you will run into lake with small island. This lake will be your best ally. You will get everything from it, water, food, materials, protection. There is no fish there, and this is perfect. You will not be poisoned when you swim in it.
Now, you must be level 1 and have 3 talent points. Spend them on knife, bow and stone arrows. Now, the hunt begins. Look for wolves or bear, draw their attention by shooting them once and them run into the water. Animals will try to hunt you and will swim after you. Swim backwards and when predator is close start stabbing it with a knife right into head. You will ctrit for 190 dmg at the head, so after 2-3 swings any wolf will be down, it will take from 10 to 13 to kill a bear. They cannot attack you in the water when you keep swimming backwards from them, so you are 100% safe. Now, swim down and skin your prey. You will get huge amount of experience, skins, meat, bones, furs, and soon will beg for finding another wolf!
So, as long as you will stick around this lake, you are absolutely safe there. In case of any danger just run into water, and kill them all.


Next Step

Now, after you got some levels, your ultimate goal is to build a house on that small island. After that, you will never be bothered by animals that can spawn right under your walls when you logged in.
Your house can be looks like this for example –
Icarus Beta - Survival Mode Guide & Gameplay Tips + Walkthrough - Next Step - 296AB20

Start from wood one, then you will upgrade it to stone. Make a bridge from house to nearest shore with little gap, so you can jump in on it and animals can’t.
Icarus Beta - Survival Mode Guide & Gameplay Tips + Walkthrough - Next Step - D55CD6B
Congats! Now you completly safe from anything in this game!
There is a lot of caves nearby, one of them is right on the lake shore –
Icarus Beta - Survival Mode Guide & Gameplay Tips + Walkthrough - Next Step - D88D46B

– so you will have plenty resourses here.

Talents ans Skills

Icarus dont let you learn everything you want, so you must choose wisely what to learn from very beginning. Problem of this game is that many technologies has few tiers, and there is no sense to learn some lower tier skills at all.
You want to save as many skill points as you can for tiers 2 and 3, so don’t learn anything that you really dont need!
Skip thatch tree entirely! Its very easy to get lvl5 and learn wooden parts instead. Dont learn windows, dont learn wooden doors, only basic structures – beams, floor, walls, roof, angled roof. In your island house you won’t need any doors, it will be safe just from its placement.
Stone house is what you want, you will learn stone doors and windows instead!
And speaking about stone house, its best house in beta so far, cheap and immune to any weather effects. You really don’t need concrete and alloy parts for sure.
All you need is basic bow and a knife, dont put any skills at spears or anything else! Basic bow will serve you well as a lure for animals, and knife has a nice bonus from talens – running speed, so, iron knife will serve you long and well.
Later, ultimate wepon you want is hunting rifle. It will headshot any predator. Best weapon for safe travels. With hunting rifle you can travel as far as you want from your base.
Fur armor is the best right now, its very cheap to craft and has a descent protection against animals and wheater. Don’t learn leather and cloth armors!
Its very easy – first put everything in running speed, anywhere you can. Then learn running with a knife speed talents. After all, you will be able to outrun wolves and bears with ease, with full baffed stamina. Its a survival game, so the best thing you can do to avoid a danger – just run from it. Spend remaining talent points on anything you like.
Enjoy your game)

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