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Only the requirements that you need to get the end you want, without having to test everything!


I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Special - EB2236B


My ADHD is uncontrollable so here’s a quick guide to the endings. Please allow my hyperfixation with this game to burn out soon. Please, I have work to do.

Equation for Ending

Mentioned in the comment by kittykat0510: Main job x3 + Secondary job x1.5 + skill =0.7 You must also have at least 50 skills and have performed the main job at most 5 times.

Special Ending


GovernorOverthrow Lum and maintain a strong relationship with MarzipanGuide – [steamcommunity.com]



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Garrison - C12E93C

Xeno HunterDon’t accept peace with the attackerHunt in the SwampTraining in DefenseCombat
Sportsball HeroN/AN/ASportsballToughness
Military HeroDon’t accept peace with the attackerGuard DutyPay attention to DutyCombat



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Expeditions - 68B7876

AstronautRequires a good relationship with Vace. He agrees to accompany him when Vace talks about his desire to return to space.Take a look at the RidgeEngineering ClassesBravery
ExplorerN/ATake a look at the PlainsExplore the Nearby AreaPerception
CollectorDon’t accept peace with the attackerTake a look at the RidgeForage the ValleyOrganization



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Quarters - 17BA75B

Prolific ParentWhen asked by someone (Parents Tammy, Rex, or Rex), you must select “I want lots”CookingBabysittingEmpathy
Pulp NovelistN/AAssist the GovernorClasses in HumanitiesCreativity
EntertainerRex must have built his bar/cafeBaristaGet your Photophonor training underwayBravery



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Geoponics - 996E005

BotanistN/AResearch XebotanyStudy BiologyBiology
Xeno WhispererN/ATend the animalsRelax in the ParkAnimals
FarmerN/AFarm workShovel the DirtBiology



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Command - CFEBF9C

ArchitectN/AWork in the ConstructionEngineering ClassesToughness
LawyerN/AAssist the GovernorClasses in HumanitiesPersuasion
MerchantMarz has a conversation about society and Marz picks “I think capitalism’s good actually.” “Work in the DepotDeliver suppliesOrganization



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Engineering - C8F263E

DoctorN/AAssist in the MedbayBiology ClassesEmpathy
RoboticistN/ARepair robotsEngineering ClassesEngineering
ProfessorN/ATutor childrenClasses in HumanitiesReasoning



I Was a Teenage Exocolonist - Endings - Others - A06097D

HobbyistN/AN/ARelax in any locationN/A



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