Hunt: Showdown – PRESTIGE Guide

Hunt: Showdown – PRESTIGE Guide 1 -
Hunt: Showdown – PRESTIGE Guide 1 -
Should you go PRESTIGE or not?
Well… you are about to know…


What is Prestige in Hunt: Showdown?

Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide - What is Prestige in Hunt: Showdown? 
Before explain this we need to have in mind that you have 3 main levels to consider in the game: 
BLOODLINE: This level can be between 1 to 100. You level up this by completing contracts. 
HUNTER LEVEL: This level can be between 1 to 50. Every time your hunter don’t die in a match this char levelup. 
PRESTIGE: This level can be between 0 to 100. Every time that you reach BLOODLINE 100 you can levelup your Prestige. 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 

But what is really prestige?

It depends. Can be absolutely nothing or everything to you. It shows not much than how many time you spent on the game. 
Sure it comes with some rewards that we will see below, but still, there’s no much on Prestige than showing off how much game time you have. 
It’s precise? Of course no. And we will see it in the next topic: 

Should I go prestige or not?

Hunt is your main game? 
You have the wish to really give Hunt time of your playtime? 
So go ahead, go for prestige. 
But if you play Hunt more casually, just a couple times per week, so it’s better you don’t focus on prestige, or you will probably not enjoy the game enough to keep playing it. And that’s why: 

What happens when I go prestigious?

You first reached your BLOODLINE level 100 and you decided that you will go for prestige. So what will happen? 
Well it’s simple. 
You will basically reset your account. You will lose all your hunters, guns, and everything you unlocked and you will get back to BLOODLINE level 1. 
But instead of being PRESTIGE level Zero and BLOODLINE 100 you will be PRESTIGE level 1 and BLOODLINE 1. 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 
To make it easy we will put in this way: 
0/100 – that’s what you had, Prestige 0, Bloodline 100 
1/1 – now that’s what you got, after your first prestige: Prestige 1, Bloodline 1 
1/100 – this is after you levelup your Bloodline up to 100 and now you are ready for Prestige again. 
Other examples: 
2/1 – Prestige 2, Bloodline 1 
2/50 – Prestige 2, Bloodline 50 
10/25 – Prestige 10, Bloodline 25 
50/2 – Prestige 50, Bloodline 2 
100/100 – The maximum Prestige and Bloodline in the game right now. 
Also it’s important to take in mind that your Hunt Dollars will also reset. And you will get back to 4000 Hunt Dollars every time you go Prestige. 


In the actual phase of the game it works something like this: 
If you are 0/1 to 0/100 you will play with people in the same range: 0/1 to 0/100. 
After you take your first prestige this range increases greatly, now you will play with people between 1/1 to 100/100. 
Sure I’m not taking in mind the skill based matchmaking and also the times of the day the server will be with less players. 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 

What NOT happen when you go Prestigious?

You DON’T lose things you bought with Blood Bonds. And by that I mean LEGENDARIES. Guns, Tools, Hunter Slots, Hunters. 
The thing is, if you bought a Mosin skin, you will not have it unlocked at Bloodline 1, you will need to level up to the Mosin required level in order to unlock the basic Mosin and also the skin you bought in the past. 
Also you DON’T lose your Blood Bonds. Since this may represent what you earn in the course of your game time and also what you may bought with real money, this amount will not reset with Prestige. 

Why people don’t go prestigious?

For a few reasons: 
– They don’t care to show off. 
– They don’t have too much time to expend in the game. 
– They don’t like to unlock all the guns every time. 
In a practical way, think like this: 
Imagine that you just LOVE to play with Crown & King Auto-5, that badass auto shotgun. But it only unlocks at BLOODLINE 82. So basically you have the possibility to never go prestigious and always have it unlocked or, if you go for Prestige, you will have only 18 levels (Bloodline 82 to 100) every prestige to use your Crown & King Auto-5. 
So basically if you go for Prestige you need to get used to guns that require lesser BLOODLINE level to be unlocked. 

Rewards, what do I get when I go prestige?

That’s the main part right? I will try to make it clear for you: 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 

Tips for Prestige:

Legendary Reward: The main thing about Prestige is to show off, right? So you should take a Legendary option every time it’s possible, as the list above shows. 
Experience Reward: Every time you can’t take a legendary go for XP, that will reduce the time you need to levelup your Prestige. Don’t go for 2000 Hunt Dollars. Never. Money helps but just 2000 is not enough for a Prestige reward. 
Hunter: Some people split their games between different hunters. Don’t do that. If you wanna go Prestige fast use your hunters until they die. When you reach HUNTER LEVEL 50 every XP you earn in a match will go completely to your BLOODLINE XP making you levelup your prestige much easier. 
Retirement: Also if you have more than one Hunter lvl 50 you can Retire then, making half of the XP earned by that Hunter going to your BLOODLINE. For example. If you are 1/90 (Prestige 1, Bloodline 90) and you have 3 Hunters at lvl 50 in your Rooster and you Retire them you will earn enough XP to become 1/100, taking you at the point you can levelup your Prestige once again. 
Guns: This is my personal tip. Every time I go prestige I think about the loadout I will use. Instead of using any gun and leveling any gun I focus in unlocking the loadout I want to use. This is what I think it’s most fun on Prestige. To trying different loadouts and figuring a way to unlock it. Next prestige I can go for a totally different loadout. And so on… 

Remember, Prestige is not Skill

When you start your Prestige levelup career you may start to not want to play with people with lesser prestige than you. That’s a mistake. 
Remember, prestige doesn’t mean skill. 
In this time I’m writing this guide I’m on 1200 hours and I’m Prestige 35, so I can tell you this: 
I had much better time playing with players Prestige 1 to 10 than high prestige players. 
I will try to not be Veteran-phobic here haha but it’s “trick” to play with people with Prestige 50+ specially prestige 100. Usually they have a more selfish playstyle and some of them just think about their KDA and not on the team. 
Sure this is not a rule. I’ve seen some nice people in this prestige range, but well… 
I personally had much more fun with people in lower prestige levels. 

Final Considerations

Some people will come here and say that levelup Prestige should be mandatory and some people will say that Prestige is useless. 
Of course I don’t agree with any of them. 
Just play your game the way you want. 
You wanna show off to your friends or to random people, just go Prestige. 
You don’t care about it and you just want to unlock everything on the game, don’t go Prestige. 
Just enjoy the game and be nice with people doesn’t matter if they are prestige 0 or 100. 

About this guide

Despite that I have a lot of knowledge at this game I still have a lot to learn. If you don’t agree or if you saw any mistake in my guide please let us know on the commentaries bellow. 
I didn’t take information in any other guide. But speaking about Prestige is something other people may already did on Youtube or other guides or forums. So if you saw some guide similar to mine, I’m sorry for that, wasn’t my intention to copy anyone’s ideas. I just focused here in my personal experience. 
Also I need to say that English is obviously not my main language, that said I will have a lot of mistakes and typos, so, I apologize for that. 
Some of my other guides, if you are interested: 
Hunt: Showdown - PRESTIGE Guide 

Written by red

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Hunt: Showdown – PRESTIGE Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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