Hunt Down The Freeman – Beta/unused content.

Hunt Down The Freeman – Beta/unused content. 1 -
Hunt Down The Freeman – Beta/unused content. 1 -
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the sig552: a weapon that was most likely going to be used in Black mesa 
the Gasmask: was likely used for a starting animation. 
m67 grenade: unused due to bad coding 
m240: most likely used for the jeep. 
the oneshotbarrel: only has a arming animation. works better in earlier builds. most likely used in act1 
ak47 in act 2: it has a model for it. 

A3C4P2 – A3C4P3: The Rebel Base.

A map based on the demo. its a under ground rebel base. 
it was A: a part of the antlion cave that got cut 
As seen with this door possibly leading to it. 
antlion cave. by the exit: 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
rebel base at the start: 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
something that provides for evidence for that is that its named A3C4P2 implying that it was to come after the Antlion cave 
(the Antlion cave being named A3C4P1) 
Antlion cave ending: 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Ending to the Rebel base: 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Or B: it was replaced by the Antlion cave, having its assets being reused for the antlion cave. 
some examples of this theory: 
A hole that looks like it could have been the spawn/way of getting in. its also right next to the current spawn. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
as seen in the rebel city the way of getting into the antlion cave is just like this. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Why was it cut?: A: the map maker may have opted out, 
or B: due to the game being rushed the map never ended up getting added. 
What was it?: most likely a extension of the antlion cave. 
Misc: some of the map uses the 2016 demo as a base. (Could be part of why it was cut) 
Mitchell has custom voice lines for the map. 
The map was noticeably down graded in the m3sa-beta build, meaning that there were no attempts to restore the map. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 

A3C8P2: The Last stand

A unused map that was replaced Combine base raid in the final game. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Why was it cut?: It is unknown why it was cut. 
Misc: Generally the map is a harder, less rushed version of the Combine base raid. 
There is something very uhh… “interesting” about it that i will get to later… 
There is a closet in the map that kills you when you step in it (or noclip in it). 
the map makes more sense with context of the second to last level. 
UPDATE: if you spam click on the closet it will open. 

Joke/Test maps.

Joke maps: 
a map where the player fights young Adam in a tank. this would be very out of character for him. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Test maps: 
m3sa_gun_test – a map where the player plays as a spy and kills some enemies. 
dev_test_course – a map that tests a few things. most notable, a unused combine camera. 

Unused cutscene.

in the ending of Act 2 there is a cutscene that is men’t to play, but doesn’t due to bad coding. 
It is in the m3sa build if you want to see it. 

Unused character(s)

The player was men’t to fight black ops in black mesa. 
There is a unused character named “winter survivor” 
possibly a character the player was men’t to be helping and or be helped by. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
the player can also see under the HECU’s Mask, they look like a younger version of Mitchell 

Cut Beta mode.

VR was planed. but then removed. 

Beta characters

unnamed Woman – Beta Sasha: unnamed Woman is the female character seen in the beta trailer, some people also think they may have been named Jaden, most likely played the same roll to the plot. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Morgan – Beta Mitchell: he is basically the same as Mitchell But way more of a hard a*s. 
has the ability to read minds, given to him by the Vortigaunts or Gamer Man. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
according to D-Stri/Allon Keller he was still mostlikely men’t to be Shepherds Brother. 

Originally posted by D-Stri:

AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, yes, Mitchell was always supposed to be Adrian’s brother, but this is the kind of plot point that Jaeger didn’t talk about? .

Father Grigori: Mitchell was men’t to fight(?) Father Grigori after Escaping “The Raven” This is shown in a trailer (as seen in the example Videos Section) 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
D-Stri/Allon Keller on Why he was cut: 

Originally posted by D-Stri:

As for Grigori, I have no idea why he was removed from the plot. It might have something to do with the push they seem to have made towards excluding as many canon characters as possible? So far as I can tell, G-Man is the only real canon you meet in HDTF, right? Didn’t they change Gordon Freeman into a red herring?

Smug bastard – Beta Boris: Boris but he looks like more of a business man, i bet Mitch would have had a different way of meeting him. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Beta combine: in the beta there where more types of 7 hour war combine. also the combine bled jezz. 
Most of them are from this. 
Sarge – Beta Roosevelt: A generic Captain. is seen fighting the hydra in the trailer, was most likely killed in the same scene. 
The Voice actor on weather or not he would die in the next scene: 

Originally posted by D-Stri:

Dunno. Don’t think so. From my understanding, Sarge was supposed to be the Revolver Ocelot analogue. Hense why Jaeger asked me to do my best old ocelot impression rofl.

Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 
Beta Nick, and Adam: Still Yes men, Adam most likely wouldn’t have “betrayed” Mitchell/Morgan. 
Hunt Down The Freeman - Beta/unused content. 

Beta story line.

It is generally the same but with different characters. 
D-Stri/Allon Keller stated when asked that, in the original plot Mitchell/Morgan 
would hunt the down the freeman 

Originally posted by D-Stri:

From my understanding, originally, yes. 
Including Gordon Freeman’s face in the original trailer wasn’t supposed to be later used as a bait-and-switch. It was in the original plot, that Morgan would hunt down Gordon.

Wolfcl0ck says in the description that Mitchell was men’t to die in A3C8P2, with cremators storming the house after Mitchell fended off the combine. 

Misc Gameplay.






wolfcl0ck – stuff about the beta ending. 
D-Stri/Allon Keller – semi confirmation about the beta ending, misc things about the beta. 
M3sa – stuff about unused content. 
Hideo Kojima 

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