Human: Fall Flat – Mc. Snowman Location Guide

Human: Fall Flat – Mc. Snowman Location Guide 1 -
Human: Fall Flat – Mc. Snowman Location Guide 1 -

Can you find Mr. Snowy Mc. Snowman?

Let the search begin

You can beat the new map Red Rock in about 20 minutes. All three special achievements are pretty easy to get, but there’s something you probably didn’t expect:
The Snowman Mr. Snowy Mc. Snowman has entered the game.
With that it is one thing to finish the map with it’s achievements but if you havn’t met Mc. Snowman you are not a true master of Red-Rock.
So go, brave adventurer! Leave this place and reenter the domain of the red stone to embark on a mission to find this icy fellow!
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An adventurer’s note

One small hint shall be given to you, brave Adventurer, to help you navigate the redness:
The place you seek is first in line for you to leave
cause there’s no other way for you I believe.
Continue the search and follow the brokeness to it’s roof
and it will level the ground to the place that is Mc Snowman’s proof.


The rules

Please don’t search for solutions outside the game and withstand giving advise to others. It kinda removes the fun from this challenge. That also means you shouldn’t post a screenshot of Mc. Snowmans hiding place :f
Once you reach Mc. Snowman’s place you can leave a comment confirming this (but please don’t if you cheated) and I will ascend your name into the list of those you can call true adventurers.

True Adventurers

To honor those that shook Mc. Snowman’s hand and stole his hat:

Sam – [] 


Written by Sam

This is all about Human: Fall Flat – Mc. Snowman Location Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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