HP X34 Gaming Monitor: A Comprehensive Review

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HP X34 Gaming Monitor: A Comprehensive Review

Hey there, gaming friends! So I recently got my hands on the new HP X34 curved gaming monitor, and let me tell ya, this thing is pretty sweet. As someone who’s logged many hours fragging fools in Call of Duty and journeying across the lands in Skyrim (shout out to my fellow Dovahkiins!), I know a thing or two about what makes a good gaming display. This sexy new monitor from HP checks all the boxes and then some.

Let’s chat about the design first because, honestly, that was one of the things that initially caught my eye with the X34. It has this slick, futuristic style with thin bezels and a nice sturdy stand. The matte black finish looks so darn elegant sitting on my desk. Plus it has VESA mounting capabilities, so you can switch up the whole setup and go wall-mounted if you want. Versatility for the win!

Gorgeous Visuals That Pop

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Alright, getting down to the nitty gritty – how good does this 32-inch bad boy actually look? In one word: STUNNING! The quad HD 3440 x 1440 resolution and IPS panel work together to deliver the crispiest, most vibrant images you have ever seen. I’m talking sharp enough to see every whisker on Geralt of Rivia’s chiseled face in The Witcher 3. Every granule of sand glistens under the harsh Twin Suns of Tatooine in Star Wars Battlefront. It’s almost like you’re IN the game!

The colors tend to pop just a smidge too much sometimes, especially reds, which can look overly saturated. But it’s a minor gripe, honestly, and most people probably won’t even notice. I’ve had multiple gaming buddies come over to check out the X34 monitor and they were all floored by “how freaking amazing” (direct quote) everything looks on it.

Blazing Fast Performance

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Not only does this monitor serve up mouth-watering visuals, but HP packed some seriously slick performance into the X34 as well. It has multiple response time settings built right into the onscreen display menu, so you can easily tweak things based on what type of game you’re playing. If you wanna get immersed in a story-heavy RPG like Elden Ring, switch to the “Fast” mode for rich cinematic visuals. Heading into the Call of Duty arena for some intense online fragging? Kick it into “Faster” mode to sharpen up the responsiveness.

No matter what settings I used, everything looked buttery smooth with no noticeable input lag or ghosting issues. From fast-paced competitive shooters to expansive open-world adventures, the X34 kept up beautifully. Major propers to HP for the motion clarity and input lag on this bad boy!

Loaded With Helpful Features

On top of killer visuals and performance, the X34 has a nice lineup of features geared towards making your gaming experiences even more enjoyable.

  • Variable Refresh Rate: FreeSync Premium tech helps eliminate visual artifacts and frame rate fluctuation for distraction-free gaming. Smooth operator!
  • Intuitive Onscreen Display: HP’s Omen Gaming Hub makes navigating through monitor settings an absolute breeze. Changing brightness, enabling crosshairs or tweaking color temperature can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Customization Options Galore: With a full buffet of adjustable settings, you can really fine-tune the monitor to your personal preferences for the ultimate optimized experience.

Connectivity and Ergonomics

The X34 keeps it simple yet effective when it comes to ports – with DisplayPort and HDMI inputs equipped to handle all your gaming needs. It also has an adjustable stand allowing you to set the perfect viewing angle whether you’re going for immersive solo questing or huddled up on the couch with friends during intense Smash Bros tournaments. And the VESA mounting I mentioned earlier gives you that added flexibility for alternate setup options.

After close to three weeks of putting this gorgeous display through its paces, I can safely say the HP X34 curved gaming monitor kicks some serious a*s. The immersive ultrawide screen, stunning quad HD visuals and FreeSync Premium adaptive sync add up to a formidable gaming monitor offering loads of value. If you’re looking for a high-performance, super-stylish gaming display that won’t completely destroy your bank account, the X34 deserves some serious consideration. HP really outdid themselves with this bad boy – two enthusiastic thumbs up from this gamer!

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