How to Use Paintings to Decorate in House Flipper 2

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How to Use Paintings to Decorate in House Flipper 2

Hey, have you tried adding paintings and big photo prints to your House Flipper 2 designs? They’re actually a hidden gem in the game. Let’s dive into how to spice up your virtual homes with some cool art!

How to Easily Add Art in House Flipper 2:

Step 1: Start by picking out some awesome real-world images. If you’re short on pictures, no worries! Just hop onto Google Images or another search engine. Search for something like “ocean drive,” pick an image that catches your eye, right-click, and save it. Next, head over to C:\Users\Owner\Documents\House Flipper 2\Pictures and drop your JPEG files right there.

Step 2: Jump back into the game (no need to restart) and hit up the decoration shop. Look under wall decorations and grab one of the blank frames. Don’t sweat the size – the game sorts it out for you, and you can adjust it later. In the customization menu, click “custom picture.” There are two tabs up top: “built-in” for standard House Flipper stuff, and “User.” Refresh the “User” tab, and there are your images, ready to go!

Extra Decorating Tips:

Photos work too, but remember, huge photo prints can be tricky to work with. Try landscape shots like ocean drive or beach scenes. If you know your way around Photoshop, play around with filters like Sumi-e or posterization to turn a simple photo into a gorgeous painting in House Flipper.

So there you have it. With these steps, you’re all set to unlock a whole new creative level in House Flipper 2. Don’t just stick to the usual art; let your creativity shine by adding your own pics. Have fun decorating!

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