How to Unlock All 24 Powers in Starfield

How to Unlock All 24 Powers in Starfield 1 -
How to Unlock All 24 Powers in Starfield 1 -

How to Unlock All 24 Powers in Starfield

Imagine having cool powers in the world of Starfield! It’s not about shouting Fus Ro Dah like in Skyrim, but the powers here have a neat space twist. They can help in fights with space baddies or when you’re just out exploring. Want to mess with gravity, bring back an alien friend, or even be a super farmer? Let’s dive in and see how you can unlock these powers.

Starfield’s powers mix the thrill of Skyrim’s Shouts and Fallout’s VATS system, but with a brand-new sci-fi touch. Show off to your Starfield buddies or use them with the new game plus mode for extra fun. We’ve spent a lot of time with Starfield, and now we’re sharing the whole power list with you. But careful, there might be some story hints ahead, so read on if you’re okay with that.

How Diverse are Starfield’s Powers?

Check out these awesome powers waiting for you in Starfield:

  1. Earthbound – Feel gravity like on Earth.
  2. Creator’s Peace – Make enemies drop their weapons and chill.
  3. Grav Dash – Shoot forward and hit harder.
  4. Particle Beam – Zap foes with a strong energy ray.
  5. Life Forced – Take an enemy’s life force for yourself.
  6. Alien Reanimation – Make a fallen alien pal fight with you again.
  7. Gravity Well – Pull everything close and squash it.
  8. Void Form – Almost vanish and sneak around.
  9. Anti-Gravity Field – Make enemies float.
  10. Inner Demon – Make foes face a mean copy of themselves.
  11. Create Vacuum – Make enemies gasp for air.
  12. Gravity Wave – Push enemies with a gravity shockwave.
  13. Personal Atmosphere – Bring back the air around you.
  14. Phased Time – Slow things down when you need an edge.
  15. Sense Star Stuff – Feel life forms that are near.
  16. Reactive Shield – Get a shield that throws back shots and makes you tough.
  17. Elemental Pull – Break stuff near you and pull it in.
  18. Solar Flare – Send out a hot energy burst that burns close enemies.
  19. Moon Form – Plant yourself and resist damage.
  20. Parallel Self – Call a copy of you for some help in fights.
  21. Precognition – Guess what NPCs will do in fights or talks.
  22. Eternal Harvest – Make plants grow back after picking them.
  23. Sunless Space – Toss a cold ball that freezes enemies when it hits.
  24. Supernova – Set off a huge blast that hurts all enemies close by.

With 24 cool powers to find, you’ll have plenty of ways to play around and beat enemies. Starfield’s special artifacts give you these powers and play a big part in the story. We won’t give away too much, but finding these relics is your ticket to using all these awesome powers. So, get ready to explore, find those powers, and make your mark in Starfield!

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