How to Find All 24 Artifacts and Powers Locations in Starfield

How to Find All 24 Artifacts and Powers Locations in Starfield 1 -
How to Find All 24 Artifacts and Powers Locations in Starfield 1 -

How to Find All 24 Artifacts and Powers Locations in Starfield

Want to truly master Starfield? One of the coolest things you can do is go on a hunt for all the special temples. They’re marked with a fancy title, ‘Power From Beyond’. The best part? You can explore these places in any order you like. It’s all about your own adventure and style.

But, here’s the catch. To get inside these temples, you’ve got to find certain artifacts. There are 24 in all. Each one is like a key that opens up a cool new power to make your journey in Starfield even better. Ready to find them? Let’s dive into where each one is:

– Artifact Beta: You’ll stumble upon this in Maoro’s Ship on the ‘The Old Neighborhood’ mission.
– Artifact Gamma: This one? The Hunter gives it to you during ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Eta: Look around in the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost when you’re on ‘One Small Step’.
– Artifact Mu: Hunt for this in the Buried Temple on the ‘Revelation’ mission.
– Artifact Lambda: It’s waiting for you in the Nishina Research Station during ‘Entangled’.
– Artifact Epsilon: The Hunter has this for you too, on the ‘Revelation’ mission.
– Artifact Zeta: Find it in a weird spot called Unexplained Geophysical Feature during ‘Into the Unknown’.
– Artifact Iota: Check out the Abandoned Mine when you’re on ‘Into the Unknown’.
– Artifact Chi: You’ll get this during the ‘The Empty Nest’ mission.
– Artifact Psi: It’s hidden in the NASA Launch Facility in ‘Unearthed’.
– Artifact Alpha: Constellation has this one.
– Artifact Phi: This is in The Scow during ‘No Sudden Moves’.
– Artifact Theta: You’ll have to explore a random planet on ‘Further into the Unknown’.
– Artifact Tau: Another one on a random planet, again during ‘Further into the Unknown’.
– Artifact Kappa: Yep, The Hunter again during ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Nu: It’s in the Astral Lounge during ‘All that Money Can Buy’.
– Artifact Delta: The Hunter will hand this to you on ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Upsilon: And once more from The Hunter during ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Omicron: Peek around the Scavenger Burrows on ‘Final Glimpses’.
– Artifact Rho: The Emissary has this one during ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Xi: And another one from The Emissary on ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Pi: Yep, from The Emissary on ‘Revelation’ again.
– Artifact Omega: One last time from The Emissary on ‘Revelation’.
– Artifact Sigma: You’ll find this on Barrett’s side mission, ‘Worlds Apart’. But, you need to do the main mission ‘In Their Steps’ first and become good buddies with Barrett.

Quick heads up: If you’ve got Barrett with you on his ‘Worlds Apart’ mission, guess what? He’s already got Artifact Sigma with him. So, no need to look around. Just head to Temple Sigma with him and see what awesome power you can unlock. As you keep moving ahead in Starfield, there are even more cool things waiting for you. It’s all part of the big story of Constellation. Enjoy the ride!

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