How to Change Difficulty Level in Spider-Man 2

How to Change Difficulty Level in Spider-Man 2 1 -
How to Change Difficulty Level in Spider-Man 2 1 -

How to Change Difficulty Level in Spider-Man 2

Hey there, fellow gamer! Getting too easy or tough in the virtual streets of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? No worries. You’ve got the power to tweak the game’s difficulty. Let’s swing into how you can make the game just right for you!

Starting Off: Setting Your Challenge

Want the game not too hard, not too easy, but just right? Well, you can twist the knobs of the default challenge level to match your vibe. Whether you’re here for a casual swing or a heroic challenge, it’s all up to you!

  • Go to the settings menu
  • Go to gameplay
  • You’ll come across a massive selection of difficulty options that you can mess with

Getting Specific: Custom Difficulty Settings

Craving a game that feels like it’s made just for you?

  • Enemy Health
  • Enemy Damage
  • Stealth Awareness
  • Simplify Puzzles
  • Modify Dodge/Parry Timing
  • Chase Assist
  • How smart or sneaky your enemies are – yeah, the Enemy AI.
  • Your Spidey skills and tricks – those are your character abilities.
  • The punch-outs and showdowns – all under combat mechanics.
  • Those pesky puddles you might land in – yep, environmental hazards!

Embrace the Playground of Possibilities

Spider-Man 2 is packed with an insane amount of customization. Seriously, you can tweak and change to your heart’s content. It’s all about making sure everyone, from rookies to legends, can have a blast. Ready to make the game truly yours?

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