How to Back Up Your Save File in Chillquarium

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How to Back Up Your Save File in Chillquarium

Backing up Your Save File

Hey, before you dive into any game changes, it’s super important to back up your save file. Here’s how: head over to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Chillquarium\ on your computer. Once you’re there, grab the whole V7 folder and save it somewhere safe. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later if you need to undo any changes. And if that time comes, just pop this backup right back into the save folder.

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Setting Up the Fish for Editing

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Next up, open up the Chillquarium and pick out the fish you want to jazz up. Let’s say we want to turn one fish golden – like an Arapaima in a freshwater 2 tank. Tip: give your fish a unique nickname to make it easier to find later. Save your game, exit, and head back to that save file location.

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Opening and Editing the Save Files

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In the V7 folder, you’ll find a bunch of them.SAVE files, each linked to a different tank. They’re numbered, so, for example, is for freshwater 1 tank. Find the one you need (like for our golden Arapaima). Now, you’re ready to edit these saved files. I usually use this handy website: Just upload your file, make your edits, and download it back.

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Finding and Modifying the Fish

To find your fish in the file, use “control + F” and search for its nickname. You’ll see a bunch of details about your fish. You can change things like color, rarity, and more. But be careful, messing with some settings can cause glitches. For our golden fish, find the line “color“:0 and switch the 0 to a 2 (that’s gold!). Save this file and replace the old one in the V7 folder.

Checking Out Your Newly Edited Fish

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All done? Fire up the game and check out your new golden fish in the tank. Isn’t it awesome? Sure, some might call it “cheating,” but hey, games are all about having fun your way. Plus, there’s this **one fish** I’ve been after forever with no luck. So, I’m all for tweaking things a bit to keep the fun going. Happy gaming!

Enjoy modifying your Chillquarium experience! Credit to: Hunter

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