House Flipper – Cloud issue to save your game fix

House Flipper – Cloud issue to save your game fix 1 -
House Flipper – Cloud issue to save your game fix 1 -

After I had lost all my progress some time ago and had to start from scratch all over again, I was trying for many weeks to find the save folder. And now, I finally found it at long last. So since you all had the same issue and lost all your progress, I now want to share with you what you must do to avoid it in the future.
Note: this won’t bring you back your lost saves, it just avoids that it happens again.
1) First create a folder somewhere separately (on an external hard disk, on an USB-stick or on your computer in the files folder. This new folder, you can call like “Steam – All savegames” or something like that. Double-click to open it and create another folder called House Flipper.
2) Then go to C:/User/your name/AppData/LocalLow/Empyrean/House Flipper Game. Inside this last folder, there is everything from your game, including the last savegame. Copy just this House Flipper Game-folder into your just newly created separate folder (into the one just called House Flipper). Now you have your latest savegame saved separately.
3) From now on, every time you finish playing the game, go to this House Flipper Game-folder on harddrive C as described under 2). Copy the House Flipper Game-folder and paste it into your newly created separate folder (first delete the House Flipper Game-folder there and then paste the newest one into the folder House Flipper, the one you created under 1) ).
That’s it. It’s very important that you disable the cloud (at least as long as it is broken), so remove the tick of the Cloud in the Properties settings, you don’t need the Cloud anymore anyway because your game will always save whatever you did in the game and you can always save the particular folder. 🙂 To remove the tick, right-click on the game cover in your library or on the game’s name in the list on the left hand side and then remove the tick for the Cloud.
I had the latest savegame on my desktop PC and I tried it the described way by sending it to my laptop (where the game was in the very beginning where the rubbish is outside your office). It worked perfectly, I also completed a job from the office laptop, it was saved as it should and then I sent it for another check to my computer and it was exactly like I had left the game on the laptop. 🙂
So now you can do it the same way and will always be able to save your game and no longer lose any progress. Just don’t forget to save it separately every time after finishing playing. And when you maybe buy a new computer some time later, you can then send the latest savegame of House Flipper Game-folder into the House Flipper-folder there that you created under 1) so that you can continue playing where you had stopped last time.
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Help for saving savegames separately


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I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about House Flipper – Cloud issue to save your game fix; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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