Hotshot Racing – Best Vehicle to Use in Game Tips

Hotshot Racing – Best Vehicle to Use in Game Tips 2 -
Hotshot Racing – Best Vehicle to Use in Game Tips 2 -

Time trials pissing you off? Want some advice? Enjoy

First thing first

Firstly, it’s important to understand the value of a time trial. Practicing on a time trial map will assist you in future endeavors especially the expert difficulty cups but if you aren’t interested and instead are just looking to beat the staff ghost below are some little bits of advice to help with the process

Tip 1 – Choosing the right vehicle for the right map

As you mess around with Stage 3 or Stage 4 maps of each region (these being the maps that appear in the pro and hotshot cups) you begin to understand that certain vehicles just aren’t as equipped for certain maps as others; vehicles like Mikes Eagle, with immensely strong acceleration, lack the turning or drifting stability you may need to handle some of the more intense turns.

So tip 1 is rather simple:

Choose the right vehicle

This isn’t to say that you couldn’t beat every time trial with your favorite character or favorite car but it will be a lot easier if you are able to adapt.

Tip 2 – Understanding when to drift and when to drive straight through

This particular tip will take some practice to thoroughly understand but once you realize it everything becomes a lot easier.

Certain turns on the map you can completely ignore and drive straight through.

What this means is unless the turn you are approaching is sharp you can usually turn the car, without drifting, slightly to the left or right hugging the wall closely to avoid losing speed.

NOTE* I’ll update this section with a video explanation showing an example of what I’m saying since I don’t think this section is very clear. Apologies

Tip 3 – Abusing Boost Resets

At the start of every time trial you are given a boost reset setting them to the max amount that can be stored. Keeping this in mind at the beginning of every trial it’s quite apparent that the ghost is much faster than you are on the take off this is because the ghost is starting from a previous lap and therefore has much greater starting momentum.

To gain a significant lead on the ghost you can abuse the aforementioned boost reset.

Simply intentionally lose the first lap, approach the starting line at highest possible speed and boost over the line. The speed from the boost will continue usually at 200mph< and you’ll be given another 4 boosts due to the reset.

More often than not this will be the edge you need to easily beat the time trials.

Tip 4 – Practice the Map

I know it must sound stupid for me to point out the obvious but it has to be said.

Don’t focus on the Staff Ghost first instead focus on setting a time then slowly beating it; if you’re slower by a few seconds identify why you were slower, if you are struggling with a turn or drift practice taking it from different angles, different speeds, different cars etc.

You will not beat the time trial if you don’t know the map. The Staff Ghost is set with practise not a first attempt.

You need to practise.

I hope this helps!

I’m still learning the game and trying to break all the staff ghosts just like everyone else but I hope the things I’ve picked up along the way help you to get that little extra nudge over the finish line.

Have a lovely day!

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