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The Skill Tree is vague and uses phrases like “Healing yourself takes less time”. Never actually stating percentage increases or decreases. If you have ever wondered, how much more or how much less? This guide is for you.




Where do these values come from, how did I get them?


These values are located in a file called hfperks.xml. 
Gaining access to this file is a multi-step process. 

  • First, you use a ‘de.pak’er on the Homefront: The Revolution.exe, creating a directory called ‘extracted’, inside are numerous game files, such as textures, sounds and animations. 
  • Finally, before hfperks.xml is usable, it needs to be decrypted, achieved using HappyXML, which requires certain Yarhl components.

Tools used 

Want the .xml file for yourself? www.filedropper.com – http://www.filedropper.com/hfperksdecrypted
characterparts decrypted.xml 
Commented file of exact equipment stats www.filedropper.com – http://www.filedropper.com/characterpartsdecrypted 

Change Log

This is where I will list recent changes to the guide. 

  • Having recently purchased the Expansion Pass, I can now reveal without a shadow of a doubt the perks associated with the new G-Man, US Marshall and ATF Agent, which come from the DLC, The Right Kind of School. 
  • I am currently working on making this encyclopaedia more accessible, through various TLDRs and shortening and reformatting existing content, as well as properly exploring the implications of various values. 
  • Also, in future I will also separate builds into a separate guide, which will be shorter and only offer key information rather than information in a mind-numbing plurality. 
  • Added access to commented hfperks.xml


Perk Limits

Before you read any other values it is important to familiarize yourself with the value limits, below reveals the maximum range in which stats can be affected. Either an increase, reduction, adjustment or multiplier. 

Name Limit (Maximum)
Global Damage (Armour) 50% reduction
Max Health 50% adjustment
Revive Health (Own, upon being revived) 100% override
Bleed Out Time 50% increase
Crouch Movement Speed 50% increase
Walk Movement Speed 33% increase
Sprint Movement Speed 33% increase
Sprint Dash Move Speed 10% increase
Crouch Movement Speed (Critical Health) 50% increase
Walk Movement Speed (Critical Health) 33% increase
Sprint Movement Speed (Critical Health) 33% increase
Slide Max Distance 100% increase
Slide Deceleration 50% reduction
Climbing Speed 50% increase
Takedown Speed 30% increase
AI Player Detection (Stationary) 50% multiplier
AI Player Detection (Moving) 25% multiplier
Footstep Reduction 25% multiplier
Fall Damage Reduction 50% reduction
GTK Build Time 75% reduction
Weapon Customization Speed 50% increase
Heal Speed 66% increase
AI Vs Player Accuracy (Dodge) 15% reduction



Global Damage (Armour) 
Incoming Damage can only be reduced by 50%, requiring +100% Armour, which can only be reached with full Bling Armour, 95% Armour, -37.5% Mobility. And Personal Shopper as your Background Skill. 
Health can be increased to its cap of 50%, by using the following skills Tough (+10%), Grizzled (+15%) and Badass (+25%), gear can not be used to increase max health. 
Revive Health (Self) 
Functionally caps at +75% as even using all available methods of the Labourer Background (+20%), either the Desert Tactical Helmet or the Philly Hogs Tactical Helmet (+30%) and the Back from the Dead Tactical Vest (+25%) cannot reach the supposed 100% limit. 
Bleed Out Time 
Can be increased to its 50% maximum, using a combination of the following methods; Stevedore Background Skill (+20%), the Tiger Print or the Splinter Tactical Helmet (+30%), the Death’s Head and Grizzly Tactical Vests for (+25%) or the Camo Flak Vest for (+20%), as an earlier alternative. Using the two armour pieces to reach 50% is preferable. 
Crouch, Walk and Sprint Movement Speed will be explored all at once, as on gear the Mobility stat includes each of these, though I have reason to believe the displayed Mobility is 3 times greater than the movement speed buff actually applied. However with skills I have confidence in their exact values. 
Additionally, Sprint Stamina includes Sprint Speed and generally has a 5% increase to Sprint Dash Move Speed. 
In regards to gear, boots can increase Mobility from 10% to 22.5%, kneepads often directly target Crouch Movement Speed from 10% to 15% and vests can increase mobility from 7.5% to 15%, resulting in around +52.5% just from gear, which caps all forms of standard movement speed. 
Crouch Movement Speed 
Caps at 50% and is increased in the following ways, with skills Power Slide (+50%) and Fleet Footed (+25%), the Pharma Quickies (+15%), after a Pharmacist’s revive (+33%) and Adrenaline deployable (+33%). 
Walk Movement Speed 
Caps at 33%, being increased by Fleet Footed (+25%), Pharmacist Resuscitation Buff (+33%), Adrenaline Boost (+33%) and Quickies Pharma (+15%), and is of course effected by gear. 
Sprint Movement Speed 
Caps at 33% and is increased by Fleet Footed (+20%), Pharmacist Resuscitation Buff (+33%), Adrenaline Boost (+33%) and Quickies Pharma (+12%), and is additionally effected by gear, presumably by both Sprint Stamina and Mobility. 
Sprint Dash Move Speed 
Peaking at 10%, gains (+5%) from Fleet Footed, (+10%) from Adrenaline, (+2.5%) from the Quickies Pharma and presumably increased with the use of Sprint Stamina on gear. 
Slide Max Distance 
Can be increased by 100%, functionally only 90% as Power Slide (+50%) and kneepads increase from +20% to +40% Slide Distance. 
Slide Deceleration 
Reducable by 50%, with Power Slide (30%), additionally, exploration of characterparts.xml revealed kneepads have roughly half the Slide Max Distance as Slide Deceleration with 20% Slide Distance getting 10% Deceleration, 30% with 20% and 40% with 25% Slide Deceleration. 
Climbing Speed 
Can be increased by 50%, with the Parkour skill (+50%) or various kneepads which range from 20% to 40% Climbing Speed, so either get the Parkour skill or deal with a 10% reduction of Climbing Speed. 
Takedown Speed 
Is increasable by 30%, the Knife Fighter skill achieves a 25% increase, and various gloves provide a 10% to 20% increase, much like climbing speed a choice between the skill or using gear needs to be made. 
While Stealth is undoubtedly broken in Homefront: The Revolution, I still want to explore what Stealth stats on your gear actually mean, analysis has revealed the displayed value is actually 6 times the actual applied, for example the Shadow Tactical Helmet says +60% Stealth, this instead results in a +15% to both Stationary and Moving AI Player Detection. 
AI Player Detection (Stationary) 
Assumably the rate of detection when stationary, can be multiplied by up to 50%, ie halved, being increased with the following skills, Camofluage (+40%), Concealment (+20%) and Pharma Cuttlefish (+10%). 
AI Player Detection (Moving) 
Multipliable by 25%, increase by skills Concealment (+20%) and the Pharma Cuttlefish (+10%). 
Footstep Reduction 
Referring to the ‘noise’ of your footsteps, which can be reduced to 1/4 or 25%. The skill Light Footed can be used effect the FootstepStimRadiusMultiplier by a scale of 50% and various boots can be used to reduce the FootstepStimRadiusMultiplier from 15% to 35%, creating the following calculation of FootstepStimRadiusMultiplier = 0.325 = 0.5 x (1-0.35). 
Fall Damage Reduction 
Can be reduced by 50%, the skill Tuck & Roll reduces Fall Damage by 33%, boots can be used to reduce Fall Damage by either 10%, 15%, 20% or 25%. 
GTK Build Time 
Can be reduced by 75%, with the Armourer skill giving a 66% reduction and various gloves enabling a further 15% or 25% reduction. 
Weapon Customization Speed 
Can be halved, with Armourer providing a 20% increase, one of the Expansion Pack background skills provides a +15% and gloves can be used to gain an additional 10%. 
Heal Speed 
Improvable by 66%, First Aid skill provides +50% and gloves can provide either +15% or +30%. 
AI Vs Player Accuracy (Dodge) 
Maxes at 15%, the Background Skill Dancer reduces by 10% and the only other item with ‘Dodge’ the Tiger Print Boots provides the final 5%. 

Background Skills

The first choice you will make when making a character in the Resistance Mode of Homefront: The Revolution is a Background; these encourage having different characters for different missions and give you flexibility with your play style. I will also reveal the actual percentages behind what they do. 
Reduces gear rank restrictions by 1 rank. 
Your hack devices last longer. 
25. Hack Duration increase. 
No starting skill thus an extra skill point to spend elsewhere in the skill tree however you like. 
Small reduction to recoil when firing from the hip. 
10. Hipfire Recoil Reduction. 
With caches of gear hidden all over Philly, you’re never without the essentials. Always enter a mission with at least 1 of each GTK item, regardless of inventory. 
Years of working with fire means you know how to handle yourself around fire. Take reduced damage from fire. 
+40% Fire Damage Reduction. 
As a son or daughter of the revolution, your deeds speak louder. Receive 5% bonus on citation rewards. 
Minor increase to weapon switch and reload speeds. 
+15% Weapon Select Speed. 
+5% Weapon Reload Speed. 
US Marshal 
Shoot first, shoot fast! Steadier aiming, faster aimed movement and quicker reload for the Pistol. 
+15% Pistol Reload Speed Increase. 
+20% Pistol Stability. 
+15% Movement Speed, while ADS with the Pistol. 
Note: Pistol refers to the standard Pistol (referred to as M9Base in the config) not the SMG or Pneumatic Pistol variants. 
ATF Agent 
Modifying weapons is quicker than normal 
+15% Weapon Customisation Speed. 
Personal Trainer 
You know how to push through the pain, using it to your advantage. Move faster when on critical health. 
+20% walk, crouch and sprint speed increase, while on critical health. 
Cab Driver 
Your RC Car is faster and has greater range. 
+100% top speed increase, +50% range increase. 
Slightly increases time taken to bleed out when downed. 
+20% Bleedout Time. 
Receive extra health after being revived. 
+20% Revive Health (self). 
Baseball Player 
Throw further, toss some good cheese. 
Thrown variants +25% Throw Speed, others +50% Throw Speed . 
You have your own special mixture in those derms. Revived allies receive a temporary move speed bonus. 
7 second duration, +33% Crouch Movement Speed, +33% Sprint Movement Speed, +33% Walk Speed. 
Few people know that rat poison is an anti-coagulant. Make them bleed.. Explosive GTK items are more effective against infantry. 
+20% Explosive GTK Infantry Damage . 
A few tweaks here and there means that hacked drones receive a small accuracy bonus. 
+50% Drone Accuracy Bonus. 
Gas Jockey 
A little bit of something puts more oomph into your concoctions. Incendiaries have a slightly larger radius. 
+20% Incendiary Burn Radius. 
Raised on the streets of Philly, you know how to look after yourself. Skills in the Survivor category cost less XP. 
+10% Survivor Tree XP discount. 
Auto Mechanic 
You could take these things apart blindfolded. Scavenge more materials from drone and vehicle wrecks 
+1 to 2 Material from Drone/Vehicles. 
More effective with ‘Homebrew’ weapon class. 
+15% reload speed, select speed and damage bonus increase for Crossbow, Blunderbuss and Flamethrower. 
Postal Worker 
Never one to shy away from ruckus, skills in the Fighter category cost less XP. 
+10% Fighter Tree XP discount. 
Cage Fighter 
Hand-to-hand training makes you more resilient in close-quarter combat. 
+75% Melee Damage Reduction. 
Your natural smarts means skills in the Brains category cost less XP. 
+10% Brains Tree XP discount. 
Videogame Developer 
Reduces all tier unlock costs by 1. 
Your agile and lithe, making it harder to be hit by enemy fire. 
+10% AI Accuracy reduction. 
Butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. Less likely to be targeted by an enemy.  
+100% Target Chance reduction, likely not as OP as it sounds. 
Meat Packer 
You know where to make the best cut, increasing the distance at which you can initiate a take down. 
+100% Takedown Range. 
Trauma Nurse 
Your first aid skills increase the distance at which you can revive a teammate. 
+50% Revive Range. 
Personal Shopper 
A sense of style has its own advantages. Each vanity item [no bonus] worn adds incremental damage reduction. 
Vanity Item = +1% Damage Reduction. Equates to 4% Global Damage Reduction 
Warehouse Picker 
A natural athlete, skills in the Brawn category cost less XP. 
+10% Brawn Tree XP discount. 
Increased chance of receiving materials when looting corpses. 
+200% Material Scavenge Chance. 
Note: Now possessing the Expansion Pass I can state ATF Agent is represented as #1 Background from Expansion Pack in the provided hfperks_decrypted.xml. With US Marshal and G-Man as #2 and #3, respectively. 


Homefront: The Revolution - Resistance Mode: Encyclopaedia - Brains 

Tier 1


Improve the time it takes to modify your weapons and build GTK items. 
+20% Weapon Customization Speed 
+66% GTK Item Craft Speed 
Construct your own hack GTK devices on the fly from parts scavenged during a mission. 
Your distraction GTK works for longer and at a greater range from enemies. 
+75% Distraction Radius 
+100% Distraction Duration 
Single Minded 
Increase objective interaction speed. 
+20% Objective Interaction Speed 
Revive team members faster. 
+20% Revive Speed 

Tier 2


Tactical Awareness 
Tagged enemies show icons of their unit type (shared with team). 
The hack GTK you deploy will control target drones for longer. 
+50% Hack Duration 
Healing Hands 
Receive more health when being revived and provide more health when reviving others. 
+40% Health on revive 
+40% Health to others on revive 

Tier 3


Your advanced crafting skills means that sometimes you can make two items for the cost of one. 
+25% Additional GTK Item Craft Chance 
Your incendiary GTK items are more effective. 
+50% Burn Damage 
Demolitions Training 
Your explosive GTK items are more effective. 
+33% Infantry Damage 
+33% Vehicle Damage 

Tier 4


Active skill which allows you to deploy a shared package that provides players with medical supplies when they interact with it. Skill can be activated once per mission. 


Homefront: The Revolution - Resistance Mode: Encyclopaedia - Brawn 

Tier 1


Walls? What walls? You can climb much quicker. 
+50% Climbing Speed 
Power Slide 
You move much quicker when crouched. 
+50% Crouch Movement Speed 
+50% Slide Distance 
+30% Slide Deceleration Reduction 
Tuck & Roll 
Take less damage when falling. 
+33% Fall Damage Reduction 
Gain a small amount of additional health. 
+10% Max Health 
Knife Fighter 
Increases melee takedown speed. 
+25% Takedown Speed 
Sprint at full speed for longer. 
+70% Sprint Dash Duration 

Tier 2


Tooled Up 
Carry more GTK ammo. 
+1 GTK ammo, for all types. 
Prepared for the Worst 
Carry more health packs. 
+2 Health Packs 
Gain a moderate amount of additional health. 
+15% Max Health 
You’ve worked on your strength and endurance. Heavy gear has less of an impact on your movement. 
+50% Encumbrance Effect Reduction 

Tier 3


Heavy Takedown 
Takedown Heavy soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. 
Gain a large amount of additional health. 
+25% Max Health 
Fleet Footed 
Get around faster. 
+25% Crouch Movement Speed 
+25% Walk Movement Speed 
+20% Sprint Movement Speed 
+5% Sprint Dash Speed 

Tier 4


Adrenaline Boost 
Active skill which allows you to deploy a shared package that temporarily boosts movement speed and damage resistance for players when they interact with it. Skill can be activated once per mission. 
+33% Global Damage Reduction 
+33% Crouch Movement Speed 
+33% Walk Movement Speed 
+33% Sprint Movement Speed 
+10% Sprint Dash Movement Speed 


Homefront: The Revolution - Resistance Mode: Encyclopaedia - Fighter 

Tier 1


Construct your own incendiary GTK devices on the fly from parts scavenged during a mission. 
Automatically tag targets whilst aiming through a sniper scope. 
Quick Draw 
Draw and change weapons swiftly. 
+70% Weapon Select Speed 
Spatial Awareness 
A sense of your surroundings allows you to move speedily when staring down your sights. 
+20% Movement Speed, while ADS (Aiming down sights) 
A relaxed grip and improved breathing makes for a steadier aim. 
+33% Stability (Sway Reduction) 

Tier 2


Can hold breath for longer when zoomed. 
+100% Zoom Stabilization Duration 
Speed Loading 
Faster reload time with all weapons. 
+25% Reload Speed 
Steady Aim 
Recoil has less of an effect when aiming. 
+15% Recoil Reduction 
+ Misc. Recoil Decay Adjustments 
Improved muscle-memory allows you to swiftly move your weapon from hip to aim. 
+50% ADS Speed 

Tier 3


Equip an additional weapon. 
Bullet Mule 
Carry more ammo for all your weapons. 
+15 Pistol 
+32 SMG 
+5 Pneumatic 
+30 Assault Rifle 
+50 LMG 
+3 Limpet Mine 
+16 Shotgun 
+6 Inferno Launcher 
+32 Auto Shotgun 
+30 Battle Rifle 
+6 Sniper Rifle 
+10 Freedom Launcher 
+6 Crossbow 
+6 Blunderbuss 
+100 Flamethrower 
+1 RPG 
Auto Spotting 
Automatically tag targets whilst aiming down iron sights. 

Tier 4


Active skill which allows you to deploy a shared package that provides players with ammo supplies when they interact with it. Skill can be activated once per mission. 


Homefront: The Revolution - Resistance Mode: Encyclopaedia - Survivor 

Tier 1


Enemies are less likely to spot you when you’re not moving. 
+40% Stationary Detection Multiplier 
Silent and stealthy movement ensures that enemies quickly lose sight of you. 
+100% AI Perception Decay Rate 
Construct your own distraction GTK devices on the fly from parts scavenged during a mission. 
Fast Aid 
Healing yourself takes less time. 
+50% Heal Speed 
Scavenging is what you’re good at and you can do it much faster than other folks. 
+20% Scavenge Speed 
Strong Will 
It doesn’t take much to get you back on your feet. Get revived faster. 
+20% Self Revive Speed (meaning, you are revived 20% faster) 

Tier 2


Greatly increases time taken to bleed out when incapacitated. 
+35% Bleed Out Time 
Light Footed 
Your footfalls make barely any noise, making it tougher for enemies to notice your passing. 
+50% Footstep Reduction 
You’re hard to spot, allowing you to sneak in closer to enemies 
+20% Moving Detection Multiplier 
+20% Stationary Detection Multiplier 
+30% Passive Footstep Reduction 
Find more stuff when scavenging. 
+100% Looted Ammo 
+100% Looted GTK Materials 
Combat Awareness 
A team-wide boost to the length of time enemies are shown on the mini-map. Stacks with other team mates if they have this skill. 
+50% Mark Duration (can likely stack up to 200% with 4 man squad) 

Tier 3


Glutton For Punishment 
Can be revived more times in a mission. 
+2 Revives 
Automatically loot an enemy during a take-down. 
Can revive yourself whilst incapacitated once per mission. 

Tier 4


Active skill which allows you to deploy a shared package that provides players with crafting materials when they interact with it. Skill can be activated once per mission. 


While, most of the percentages are available for these upgrades. I’m still going to reveal the majority of values, especially hidden changes which are not revealed within these descriptions. 
For all weapons, the first two tiers are as follows. 
Tier 2 +20% Reload Speed, +20% Weapon Select Speed. 
Tier 3 +30% Stability (ie 30% Sway Reduction). 

Assault Rifle Variants


Assault Rifle 
Tier 4 +25% Bonus Minimum Damage, +62.5% Damage Drop (per meter) Reduction. 
Tier 5 +70% ADS Speed. +30% Movement Speed, while ADS. 
Light Machine Gun 
Tier 4 +25% Bonus Minimum Damage, +62.5% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +50 Clip Size, +50 Capacity. 
Limpet Mine Launcher 
Tier 4 +40% Infantry Damage. 
Tier 5 +40% Vehicle Damage. 

Shotgun Variants


Pump Action 
Tier 4 +25% Bonus Weapon Damage. -25% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +20% Sprint Speed. +20% Sprint Dash Duration. 
Full Auto 
Tier 4 +25% Bonus Weapon Damage. -25% Damage Drop Reduction 
Tier 5 +120% Bonus Weapon Fire rate (likely equates to only +20%), +15% Recoil Reduction. 
Tier 4 +25% Inferno Burn Damage. 
Tier 5 +50% Projectile Velocity. 

Battle Rifle Variants


Battle Rifle 
Tier 4 +100% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +45% Bonus Weapon Damage. 
Marksman Rifle 
Tier 4 +100% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +30% Weapon Prime Speed, +15% Weapon Fire rate. 
Freedom Launcher 
Tier 4 +10% Infantry Damage, +10% Vehicle Damage. 
Tier 5 +25% Charge Time Reduction, +3 Clip Size, +3 Rocket Capacity. 

Crossbow Variants


Tier 4 +50% Bonus Weapon Damage. 
Tier 5 +50% Projectile Velocity. 
Tier 4 +50% Bonus Weapon Damage. 
Tier 5 -50% Weapon Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 4 +30% Flamethrower Burn Damage. 
Tier 5 +50 Clip Size, +50 Capacity. 



Tier 4 +30% Infantry Damage, +30% Vehicle Damage. 
Tier 5 +50% Projectile Velocity. 

Sidearm Variants


Tier 4 +100% Bonus Minimum Damage, +30% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +20% Sprint Speed, +20% Sprint Dash Duration. 
Tier 4 +100% Bonus Minimum Damage, +10% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +8 Clip Size, +8 Capacity, +10% Reload Speed. 
Tier 4 +100% Bonus Minimum Damage, +25% Damage Drop Reduction. 
Tier 5 +15% Charge Time Reduction. 

Gear and Clothing

The stats and values for gear are openly available, making this section very cut and dry. 
The one exception to this is Armour, whenever you see an Armour Value, halve it and you end up with the real Global Damage Reduction it is really achieving. 
Proof of this comes from the Red Rebel Helmet. 
Homefront: The Revolution - Resistance Mode: Encyclopaedia 
Which says it has +5% Armour. While, hfperks.xml, shown below, reveals Global Damage Reduction to equal 2.5%. 

<Perk ID=”GearPreorderHelmet” displayName=”@ui_perk_gearPreorderHelmet” desc=”@ui_perk_gearPreorderHelmet_desc”> <PlayerEffect name=”DamageReduction_Global” scale=”0.025″ /> <InteractionEffect interactionCategory=”Resuscitate” rangeMod=”0.25″ /> </Perk>


Written by Ultra Gastro

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Homefront: The Revolution – Resistance Mode: Encyclopaedia, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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