Hogwarts Legacy – Wandlore and Wandcraft + Customization

Hogwarts Legacy – Wandlore and Wandcraft + Customization 1 - steamlists.com
Hogwarts Legacy – Wandlore and Wandcraft + Customization 1 - steamlists.com

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In Hogwarts Legacy, wands are specialized tools that allow wizards to cast spells. Wands can be used for various arts, from benign showcasing to healing, so they are not just for use as weapons. Additionally, the player’s character can employ them to deal harm to both enemies and bosses. In Hogwarts Legacy, Wands are used by Witches and Wizards the most frequently.


In Hogwarts Legacy, Witches and Wizards can design their Wands. It’s unclear whether this is just a cosmetic change or if it affects the properties of the customized wand. Such as increasing damage is done, enhancing specific Spell Types, or receiving any other type of boost from this customization.


Wandlore and Wandcraft

Wandlore refers to the old magic that is related to wands. History or actions, abilities or any other form of Wands research it is all done. Famous Wandmakers like Garrick Ollivander and Gregorovitch devoted their lives to studying Wands.

Wandlore Origins

These studies may have begun with wizards over 22,000 years old. As with any other analysis or ongoing research, as time passes on, many mysteries start to unravel following a series of experiments.

Wandlore Studies

Becoming a Wandmaker isn’t an easy task. Anyone who wants to become a Wandmaker must first learn from a master Wandmaker. Once this first step has been completed and the study of the wand can begin. It is possible that experts on the subject have hosted gatherings on wandlore or related topics to share their discoveries, although this is not confirmed.

Through numerous studies, It has been proven that wands function as quasi-sentient devices. They can choose which Wizard or Witch they will select, making this an option made by wands, not by chance. The structure of Wands, including their wood, length, and other characteristics, are strictly linked in one way or another, to the Wizard or Witch they choose to align themselves with.

Can I change Wands in Hogwarts Legacy?

Wizards and Witches can choose their Wand during the appropriate ceremony. Once players have locked themselves into a Wand, they cannot change it to fit their particular character. While they cannot change their Wands, players will be able to change their Wand Handles.

Will you be able to customize your wand for Hogwarts Legacy?

Answer: Yes. Go to Ollivandera and design your new wand however you like. This new wand replaces the old wand. It is also possible to view Wands for all Harry Potter characters and imitate them.


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