Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Revelio (Rare Spell)

Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Revelio (Rare Spell) 1 - steamlists.com
Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Revelio (Rare Spell) 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome. This Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Revelio (Rare Spell) Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we hope you do.

Here is a quick guide showing you how to get maximum enjoyment from your Hogwarts Experience Legacy experience.

Revelio (RareSpell)***OVERPOWERED**easyxp

Press “R”. If you hear a small “ding”, it is likely that there are Field Guide Pages nearby. They will be visible for short periods. Follow the sound and look for the flickering pages. Then, press “R”, your Revelio spell, to summon them.

Tips for collecting Field Guide Page

DO NOT PRESS THE “F” BUTTERFLY TO PICK THEM UPS! You need your Accio spell to SLAP THEM UP in your Field Guide Book.


Your Revelio Spell can be used while you fly with your broomstick. It will highlight inter-operable objects and display icons of nearby locations (e.g. merchants. merlin trials.dungeons.

Why isn’t it highlighting these ball-cuddling monkeys?

I discovered that the Demiguise holding the moons was only displayed to me through Revelio (Press R to use), when it was dark, which is the only interaction you have with it. It’s best to ensure that the Demiguise Moons are nighttime if your goal is to collect them.

Tip for getting to the nighttime

By pressing “M”, open your map and press “F”. To wait for the time to pass, accept the prompt and press “SPACEBAR”. This allows for you to switch between daytime and nighttime or vice versa.

How to use Revelio in Controller

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