Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Potions?

Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Potions? 1 - steamlists.com
Hogwarts Legacy – How to use Potions? 1 - steamlists.com

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Begin a magical journey through Hogwarts Heritage to discover the truths about the world. You can improve your skills as a witch and wizard by becoming an expert at casting powerful spells and brewing mysterious potions. You might wonder what you can do to make potions at Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts’ Legacy: A Guide to Activating Potions

Before you can use any potion in Hogwarts Legacy, it is necessary to place it first in your Quick Slot. Once the potion has been placed in your quick spot, you can activate it using Tab on a PC, L1 for a PS5, and LB for an Xbox. Potions can make you vulnerable. It would be best to plan your combat time to use them when you can.


How do you make potions in Hogwarts legacy?

Potions are an essential part of the Hogwarts Legacy gaming experience. Potions can prove to be a lifesaver in the battle against difficult foes. After you complete the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest, you won’t be allowed to use any potion at the beginning. This will allow access to J. Pippin’s Potions. This is a shop which sells potions.

Parry Pippin’s shop will sell and buy potions. However, you won’t be allowed to make potions unless you complete another quest. The quest for Potions can be found here. These quests will allow you to sell, buy and make potions.


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