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Hello and welcome to this Hogwarts Legacy – Face Not Loading Fix guide.
My game was running extremely well only the faces wouldn't load. I was lucky to get my face to load. I will say after you have completed this fix, don't to alter your game's graphic settings or it will reset this fix. I hope this will help others who are having similar issues as I do. This makes the game WAY more enjoyable lol
Take yourself off the field and do the following:
Go to
– "This PC"
Then, go to your (C:) drive
Then, do the following:
– Users
– Your Username
AppData [[ If you don't see it you can click the 'view' button at the top of the screen and select Hidden Items.
– Hogwarts Legacy
– Restored
– WindowsNoEditor
Right-click on GameUserSettings. Then select Open With and then choose Notepad.
Search (CTRL and F) for the heading " ScalabilityGroups "
Scroll down to the end of the list and then change "sg.TextureQuality to4"
Continue scrolling down the list until you discover " s.RayTracingQuality" – change this number to zero.
Save your changes, and then close.
You should now have faces! 🙂
Hope this will help!


Notepad Open the GameUserSettings Box. Notepad will open in the following manner,
Hogwarts Legacy - Face Not Loading Fix - GameUserSettings Box - B12D4B6
On your keyboard hold CTRL and F, then search for ScalabilityGroups .

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