Hocus Pocus – AutoHotkey script – Rapid fire Guide

Hocus Pocus – AutoHotkey script – Rapid fire Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Hocus Pocus – AutoHotkey script – Rapid fire Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Standalone AutoHotkey script that fires 8/sec when Ctrl is held in DOSBox.

What it does, what is it, and Installation

Script presses Ctrl (default fire button) 8/sec whenever Ctrl is held. Works only when “DOSBox” window is active. I arbitrarily chose fire rate since it felt human but you will regardless be limited by bullets on screen the game permits (1, 2 with upgrade, 3 in one level). Functionally there is no benefit except saving you a surgeon visit after your little pinky inevitably falls off.
Essentially it’s a .txt file in .ahk format (AutoHotkey script), compiled into standalone executable so it can work without having AHK installed.



  1. Download standalone executable – [1drv.ms] 
  2. Run executable when playing HP
  3. Re-define Fire & Jump controls to Ctrl & Space
    (Change game options > Define key controls)

To terminate script execution simply shut it down.
Last step aligns controls with default ones fresh off the original disk, for sake of compatibility.

Raw script content

; Auto-fire 8 bullets/second when Ctrl is held

#IfWinActive DOSBox
 While GetKeyState("Ctrl", "P")
 Send {Ctrl}
 Sleep 125

Increased size is because it also contains AutoHotkey interpreter.

Troubleshooting and Disclaimer

If it still doesn’t work, rename “dosbox.exe” to “DOSBox.exe“. Detection is case sensitive.
Believe me I tired to get around that but manual is hostile to noobs (my 1st AHK script ever).
Tested only on 64-bit Windows OS. No clue if this works on Linux or Mac. Sorry.
You can try re-compiling it in OS-specific AutoHotkey with content directly above.
VirusTotal scan for concerned Paranoid Androids: HERE – [virustotal.com] .
There are 5 false-positives as you can see. Probably a medical cartel conspiracy.

Written by Nilex

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Hocus Pocus – AutoHotkey script – Rapid fire Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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