Hobo: Tough Life – 100% Achievements Guide – Urban Explorer

Hobo: Tough Life – 100% Achievements Guide – Urban Explorer 3 - steamlists.com
Hobo: Tough Life – 100% Achievements Guide – Urban Explorer 3 - steamlists.com
For those who have trouble with this evasive achievement, some specific advice and guidance to get it.



I have spent quite the time in the game now and I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t gotten the achievement yet, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. The achievement is definitely working and isn’t bugged, so I made this short guide for people to get it as well.

Some people said you have to go into every location, hit on every door, interact with every container, dumpster, bin… In other words hit on every interactable spot. That scared me a little as the map has lots of interactable spots, but it is not necessary.

In order to get this achievement you just have to talk to every “mappable” NPC, and interact with every point of interest.

Important: As much as I’d like to keep this guide spoiler-free, there may be some spoilers when talking about NPCs. Check the guide at your own risk.




Not all NPCs have to be interacted with, only the ones that will appear in your map after you have talked to them. I call these “mappable” NPCs. and you can point them out because they have a name and you will enter conversation mode, just like a successful attempt to talk to a stranger.

If you have progressed through at least one season, you will have most likely interacted with the majority of those. However, some of them are easily missable because they don’t have a character model, but instead they are talked to by interacting with a tent/door/bar/whatever. There are some exceptions: Mikey, Stink, Ylona, etc.

The easiest way to check if you have gone through all is to count them. You should have 83 NPCs (quick count: 4 full pages of NPCs on your map-> characters + one page with 15 NPCs).
Hobo: Tough Life - Urban Explorer Achievement Guide

To make it easier, I’ll separate them by small areas:

– The Pit, where you wake up: Maisner

– The hobo camp in the Pit:
+ Drax (downstairs), Ferenz (upstairs)
+ Leos, Beefcake, Kashee (missable, doors next to the barrel)

– Next-door neighbors in the Pit:
+ Victor, Mako
+ Fester, Barf, Doughnut (missable, red shacks)

– ♥♥♥♥♥ camp in the pit:
+ Langos, Yolanda and Vanga (missable)

– The Displaced in the Pit (tent):
+ Bigas and Princ

– Zizkov west:
+ Bear (missable, shack outside the Fort)
+ Doc Handsome (missable, take the ramp up left of the recycling containers, first door on the left)

– Zizkov central:
+ Struk, Sergei, Mazal and Mahoney (hobo camp, one in a cardboard tent)
+ Baron (bar, upper part), Mr. Kadlec (missable, white door close to the bar)
+ Sister Agnes (charity)
+ Ales Smutny and Homola (tent in front of charity)

– Zizkov, hideout area:
+ Bruno (bar)
+ Brother Mark (missable, upon exiting the bar look left, turn left and follow the street)
+ Anton (behind the bar)
+ Ghaul (sewers)
+ Furgrim (next to hideout)
+ Father Burian

– The Fort:
+ Fin (next to a barrel outside the fort towards Trainstation st)
+ Razor (next to a sitting thug)

– Zizkov east:
+ Professor Muller and Rabbi Eck (missable opposite doors on a plaza)
+ Zbyshek (missable, back door of Prof. Muller’s house)

– Gas station and surroundings:
+ Master, Ruda, Payour (east of gas station)
+ Mr. Kotler (missable, scrapyard door)
+ Hannah and Ivan (gas station bar)
+ Kroll (junkie camp west of gas station)

– Train station park and underpass:
+ Dezon, Ferguson, Rocky (three Guzzlers drinking outside)
+ Rasken, Rita (camp in front of train station)
+ Chicco (south of the park, on top of a couple of kiosks)
+ Henry (begging closer to Wenceslas st)
+ Crazy, Snot and Monty (underpass)

– Inside train station (Guzzlers hideout)
+ Cardinal, Peppe, Bazooka, Zachy
+ Jenkins (missable)

– Business district:
+ Anatoly and Mrs. Spurna (northeast)
+ Irena Skrabisova, Liutenant Hajek, Officer Kvapil and Police officer on duty (police station and temp office)
+ Dory (dealer, east)
+ Shrug, Bax, Gramps, Frix (Shrug’s hobo camp)
+ Mr. Pohlrecht (Hotel President back door), Nugget and Brekeke
+ Libor Petula (missable book shop on the northwest side of Bridge street)

– East of Bridge st.:

+ Mr. Schmelar (missable tobacco shop on Trainstation st.)
+ Mrs. Emka (missable house, take the alley on the left of Mr. Schmelar shop)
+ Mrs. Loudova (missable house, cross the street from Libor Petula, flook right and take the first alley to the left)
+ Ramsay, Maisner, Don Kitty (junkies base, metro station)
+ Starky (dealer on a bench just outside the metro station)
+ Marty (satanist on a sewer across from Starky)


This part is the easiest if you have a complete map like mine:

Hobo: Tough Life - Urban Explorer Achievement Guide

Just open the map and visit the locations listed.
You just have to interact with the POIs for them to appear on the map with the notorious exception of the barrels. You must burn something in the barrels in order for them to appear.


Hope you enjoy the Guide about Hobo: Tough Life – Urban Explorer Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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