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In this Guide i want to talk about a few tricks I’ve learned from speedrunners.

1. Peekaboo

– its pretty simple. Just crouch behind an object nearby a Guard.

And get his Attention

by peeking him with standing instead of crouching.

Wait until the attention circle fills up to 70 % and crouch again.

Now He ll come to the last point where He saw you.

This Trick is phenomenal to avoid gunfights for SA/SO/Pro Runs.

2. Toss a coin like a pro.

– if you’re nearby a guard and want to distract him to pass his current location

without getting spotted.

Than toss a coin right below you that He can hear the noise.

Grab it ( spam E or F ) again and throw it as far as possible. Now the guard will check the New noise uve made.

No matter how far u throw it.. He ll check the noise.

3. Getting spotted / unseen.

Sometimes there are 2 guards who protect an exit.

Like for example the basement exit on bankbook.

It takes a while to take both out of your way. But there’s a way to

get faster through as many people can imagine.

Just shoot asap both guards in their legs. And avoid to get seen

In their field of view. Walk asap near them and knock em out while they’re

on the ground.

4. Jump ADS Glitch

There are a few climb spots in Hitman.

As an example. Sapienza Virus place / Exit.

There is a Stone wall near the cctv room. Where many players

usually climb down to the bottom.

But Just go to the edge and aim down to your sight and press Space.

U’ll jump down without damage.

5. Use weapons to distract guards.

I usually take every weapon i can See and place it with ALT + E near guards.

They’ll take the weapon an bring it mostly far away to a chest.

Or if your target is walking Around with a guard he ll se the weapon

and force his guard to take it away.

Not Bodyguards.. they’ll call a random guard nearby to take it.

6. For Silent Assassin Runs its often All about waiting for the

Perfect moment. But Keep in mind there are soo many objects and ways to kill your target. Be Creative !!

7. Body Found

– now a list of body found messages who wont disable your silent assassin run.

— body found. Target killed with Poison.

— body found. Target killed with an Falling object.

— body found. Target killed with Fall damage. Example. Push him from a balcony.

— body found. Killed with explosion by a car/fire extinguisher/ Gas Barrel. Explosive charges will Not count.

— body found. Target killed with electricity.

All these kills with body found count as accident kills.

Pro tipps


Written by Steve the Intern

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about HITMAN™ – Game Tricks; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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