HITMAN 3 – Weapons on Locations

HITMAN 3 – Weapons on Locations 1 - steamlists.com
HITMAN 3 – Weapons on Locations 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, This HITMAN 3 – Weapons on Locations Guide was created to help you.


Below is an option which will bring you to a list of weapons available at each site.

Link to a file that has an index in Google Drive [google.com]

This table was created to help you find collectible guns within “Freelancer” and not have to pay the huckster for weapons located in locations.

How do I use it?

  1. You can access my file by clicking on the link below;
  2. You can copy it onto your computer.
    • You can upload the downloaded file to Google Drive using screenshots.
    • The program can be used locally (screenshots won’t work).

You can note in your file the weapons you already own and those you’re still looking to purchase. If you find “a shotgun” golden sawed-off bartoli 12g ” at the huckster, you will be aware that it’s not necessary to purchase it. It is better to go to New York and rob a bank.


  1. There could be killers or observers sporting interesting weapons in places with gang bosses.
  2. Certain weapons can be found in a variety of locations. A baseball bat could be located in Miami in two places, and a shotgun might be a guard in an outfit or a man wearing shorts.
  3. Please be aware that Santa Fortune and Haven Island machetes do not count as collectibles.



The table is currently in use for patch 3.150.1. Please send me screenshots of any changes to the patch shortly or if you think I’ve missed something. I’ll make the tables more current with the latest information and include the changes in this article. Remember that the weapons used by both observers and killers are not required to be counted.

This HITMAN 3 – Weapons on Locations Guide is now complete. We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions on how we may improve this post. Thank you very much; I hope you have a fantastic day! A big thank you to Fe9 for his post that inspired this guide. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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