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This is a basic guide to unlocking all the achievements.



🏆 I have a bad feeling about this – Opened the game for the first time


Start Story mode and follow the level until you spot the cloning tubes on the left side.
🏆 What have you started! – Started the story mode
🏆 Clones? – found the cloning tubes in the first story mode map


main menu → single → free play → sky dystopia
🏆 HARRY HELP ME – Opened the sky dystopia map


Click HIGHBLAST in the main menu to access the secret
🏆 you found a secret lol – you found a secret
🏆 “if a game does not have an F-16 Fighting Falcon in it, it is a bad game” – Found the F-16 in the secret area
Turn around, walk through the wall with “Congratulations” and press the button at the end.
🏆 A secret inside a secret? – wow you found the second secret in the secret area
🏆 Hang on I cant go back? – went through a one way wall
🏆 Got you – been rickrolled in the secret area


This section is for grinding the numbers in main menu → stats.
🏆 I really don’t think you should have come back – Enter the game twice
🏆 Wow you play a lot – Opened the game 50 times
🏆 Quitter – Closed the game 50 times
🏆 why do you keep coming back? – visit the secret area 20 times
main menu → multi → public
switch to the rifle with grenade launcher attachment and shoot at your feet
🏆 Master of the Pew Pew Gun – 100 shots fired
🏆 Maybe Take A Break – Died 50 times in one game
🏆 Maybe Stick to Single Player – Die 50 times in multiplayer
🏆 I think you need to get good – Total Deaths = to 100 (can also be done in single)
main menu → single → infinite
Kill stuff. If you can find an angle to shoot a dead body that still recognises the shot, you can rack up kills quickly. See
HIGHBLAST - Achievement Guide - STATS UPDATE - 60JB
🏆 The AI must really hate you – Kill 100 AI’s
main menu → single → freeplay → tutorial 2
Run fowards and off the map. You’ll fall forever(?). I only tested ~1 minute since I didn’t want to wait. Wait 600,000 seconds which is 166.67 hours.
🏆 are you sure you are not a bird? – Frames in air = to 36000

Achievement says 36000 frames, but it's still 600,000 seconds in the code.


V4.8 – 14 February 2022

main menu → single → free play → tutorial
Switch to the railgun, turn around and kill three enemies with one shot. Slow Motion ability can help line up the shot if needed.
🏆 Triple Shot – Killed 3 or More Enemy’s in One Shot With the Railgun

V5.X – 1 March 2022

Reenter the secret area.
🏆 Why is there a clicker game lol – found the HIGHBLAST clicker arcade machine
Start any map. Change to the shotgun.
🏆 “Timmy, Get the shotgun” – Grampa heard rustling in the bushes (Equip the shotgun)
single → free play → boat dodge
🏆 Boat Dodge Simulator 2022 – Play the boat dodge map
option → other → australian mode
🏆 G’DAY MATE – Turned on the Australian mode
single → free play → dev test map
run into the large comic
🏆 ahh yes lore – seen the comic in the dev test map
single → free play → procedural generated
🏆 World Gen Go Brrrr – Played on the procedurally generated map
🏆 how many minutes is that – Play for 36000 frames

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