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Welcome. This Hi-Fi RUSH – Jam Combos & Companion Guide was created to a*sist you, and we sincerely hope that you find it so.
An extensive explanation explaining how Jam Combos function precisely, what Overkills are, and how to use the knowledge to achieve S rank scores consistently.


Understanding Jam Combos

Jam Combos are easy to perform. It is easy to purchase the skill for your companions. Then summon your companions on Beat Hit with one bar reverb. Jam Combo will still work if you have at least one reverb bar and the companion isn’t on the field, even if they’re currently on cooldown.

This will initiate an attack animation, during which you are invincible. After the animation, it’s possible to grapple with the enemy that you just Jam Comboed. Then you can hit them with a full combo. After the combo, you can spend another reverb or end it with a Beat Hit.

Chai’s normal combo finisher will still deal damage just before the Jam Combo animation. You could accidentally kill them and jam combination nothing, wasting it. For low difficulty, even XXXXX will be sufficient to kill low-tier enemies. I recommend XYY for those situations, as it has soft single-target damage.

If the enemy is killed during the Jam Combo or the combo, they will be put to an Overkill state. They will not explode long enough for you and them to grapple and combo them again. If you hit them with a beat hit, drop a combo or ignore them, they will die. You can give them more points by putting them into an Overkill status. For instance, Track 1’s primary ranged enemy will give 280 points when destroyed and 1600 when it is Overkilled.

But, they will stay on the fields as long you Jam Combo them. This is also the leading source for increasing the combo count. A significant number of points is earned for every combo count exceeding 10 (I might have stopped after 100, but I didn’t pay enough attention). The enemy will almost always be in an Overkill state due to the number of hits they receive, so damage is reduced. Multihits are generally much better for your points.

Remember that Jam Combos can give you a decent amount of points by itself and that you have a 1.4x multiplier from the magnet bonus and aerial rave bonuses. Jam Combos earn more points by using these little bonuses than the specials.

What each Companion Jam Combo Does

All your companions will have an aerial and ground Jam Combo. The combo’s starting point is where Chai is when a beat hits. It is not the place where the combo started. Grounded combos XYXXXXX will activate an airborne Jam Combo. An aerial combo XYXYY combo will activate a ground Jam Combo. Your Jam Combos will allow you to knock your enemy into the air, or into the ground. This is essential for planning which combos to use. Here’s an example:

Companion Version State Change
Peppermint Ground Ground -> Air
Peppermint Air Air ->Air
Macaron Ground Ground-> Air
Macaron Air Air -> Ground
Korsica Ground Ground -> Ground
Korsica Air Air ->Air

Note that gravity will increase for both the enemy and you after two air combinations to stop infinite juggling. You may be able to squeeze in a third if you are fast, but not a fourth.

Ground Macaron and Air Korsica seem to me to be far superior if I’m being sincere. They both hit a lot of times. If you want to transition from ground to air, using an XYXY combination to start Ground Macaron will work better than spending the Reverb for Air Macaron.

For reference, I’ve done a basic combination for ground Peppermint & ground Macaron. The combo hit meter was set for Peppermint at 9, and Macaron at 21. I did a similar basic combination with air Korsica, air Peppermint, and air Korsica. Peppermint’s AOE was 13, while Korsica’s went to 18. Keep in mind that ground Macaron’s and air Korsica’s AOEs were huge, giving them many more hits when used within groups. Peppermint’s ground jam has a tiny AOE, and her air jam only hits people roughly along the same horizontal plane.

While Peppermint may not be the best at building combos, her regular summons are. You can summon her in Chai’s normal combo, giving you 10+ hits. After that, swap to one of the others for their jam combo. After the Jam Combo animation ends, she will cool down, and you can try it again. This is one the most boring things you can do, but it is how to optimize your combo (and maybe Peppermint).


This Hi-Fi RUSH – Jam Combos & Companion guide has ended. Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions about how we can improve this topic. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, and I hope you have a lovely day! Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website regularly for more posts.

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