Hi-Fi RUSH – How Scoring and S Ranks work

Hi-Fi RUSH – How Scoring and S Ranks work 1 - steamlists.com
Hi-Fi RUSH – How Scoring and S Ranks work 1 - steamlists.com

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How Scoring and S Ranks work

You’re scored on three things at the end of every fight your combat score and your just beats or your kill speed. An S rank will be awarded to a fight if you score at least two S and one A. If you didn’t receive a hit during the war, you’d receive an award next to your rank. This star changes nothing. It’s just a token of thanks to you.

To be a chapter S rank, you will need at least half of your ranks to be S. Assuming that the other half is A. Every time you die, your chapter rank will drop – one death will kick you out of S rank. If you feel you are about to die, you can go back to the hideout and try to try again.

Just beats will become more natural the more you play the game. You can also practice in the training area to improve your timing.

If you’re playing reasonably well, I found it rare not to get an S rank in kill speed. The only times it happened was in Track 1 and 2, where the game assumes that you’re playing with no tools available and adjusts kill speed/combat score requirements in line with that or when I went insane and forged a combo five times longer than it was necessary.

This means you’ll have to achieve an excellent score in combat for most of your S-rank hunts. It varies depending on the encounter, but it generally scales according to the number of enemies you will encounter. If you’re above 120k points, you can end it ASAP. The most important thing to achieve the highest score in combat is…using your reverb gauge. This may seem obvious, but I’ll clarify it a bit.

It’s possible to use it for Special Attacks, and many times it’s just a matter of executing a decent AOE special attack with an adequate number of enemies is enough to earn an S rank, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes the game won’t put enough enemies in your face to let you build up enough reverb to warrant a massive Special Attack.

Jam Combos are the solution. They’re generally more effective in scoring, but it can take much longer. The Jam Combos will generally win when you don’t hit a huge group or employ the special postgame attack to hit a lot of players. The game doesn’t explain Jam Combos or how to make them more effective. I’m going, therefore, to dedicate an entire section.



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