Hatoful Boyfriend – Hiyoko Tosaka’s Bird Watching Guide

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Hello everybirdie! This guide is a comprehensive guide to avian research, written by students and staff at St. Pigeonation’s Institute. It provides a comprehensive overview of a variety bird species and their habits, helping to better understand them (.), it can also help you determine if they are suitable for your boyfriend.


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This guide was based on scientific observation and scientific study, but the main focus of this guide is bird watching as a social or recreational activity. Birding can be an enjoyable pastime, but it should be done with respect. Every birdie should enjoy some privacy. Don’t be a stalker or start to admire the birds plumage. You never know what might happen, so get to know them and befriend them.

Rock Dove

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Rock doves/pigeons are part of the columnidae Family and can be found all around the works. This species is a native of Europe, North Africa and western Asia. There are now over 120 million rock doves worldwide. Although the wild rock dove has been domesticated for a while, its habitat includes rock formations and (cliffs. This is why the) name was given to it. Rock doves are close to humans and live near city structures that mimic cliff structures. They are omnivores, but prefer grains and fruits.

Case Study:

Ryouta Kawara (Hua Yuan Liang Tai) is a rockdove (and my childhood bffe). His eyes are reddish, and his feathers are dark blueish-grey with a slight purple/green sheen. Ryouta is a rock dove, and he can eat a wide variety of foods. Calm Corn is better than regular beans, as he has sensitive stomachs. He is able to work hard, go to school, and care for his mother who is sick.


Rock doves are resilient and have seen many changes over the centuries. They live in cities with humans (, but very few people nowadays). They can perform a wide range of tasks and lead full, happy lives.

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Mourning Dove

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The mourning doves, also part of the columnidae Family, are also known as the turtle dove or the rain dove (. Make sure you get two and a Chukar partridge in a Christmas tree). It is the most widely distributed bird in North America, with 20 million individuals in the United States alone. The habitat of the mourning dove is open/semiopen areas such as urban areas, grasslands, and lightly wooded areas. They will migrate to warmer areas unless they are already in the southern regions. In which case they will remain sedentary. Mourning doves love to sunbathe, take a shower, and bathe in the sun. Although their diet consists mainly of seeds, they will sometimes eat fine gravel or sand to aid in digestion.

Case Study:

Nageki Fujishiro (Tan) is a mourning bird (, and a shy, but very handsome). His eyes are very light green, and his feathers are light grey-brown. There is a slight white/blue/green sheen on the neck area and some parts of the head. Nageki prefers Country Millet to other beans because it is the only food available to mourning doves. He is very intelligent and spends his time alone, reading in the library.


The warm regions/seasons of North America are home to many mourning doves. They are small and agile, and their calls sound like laments. They can find comfort in their friends and the families that they have built for life, even though they are often sad.

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King Quail

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King quail’s belong to the phasianidae famiy. They are also known as the smallest true quail. It can be found in the wilds, including South/south-eat Asian, South/south-eat Asian, and even parts of Australia. The kingquail’s live in areas with abundant vegetation like swamps and grasslands, but human impact has reduced these habitats (. Sorry quails). Although they don’t like being touched, if they are persistent enough, they will respond to the care and attention (. There is still hope for them to love humans!). Their diet is varied and includes small bugs (like mealworms), seeds, and grasses. To prevent eggs from binding, they must eat high-calcium foods.

Case Study:

Kazuaki Nanaki (Qi Yi Ming), a mild-mannered silver-king quail, teaches mathematics (, but is known to be a sleepy-head because of his narcolepsy.) His eyes are dark brown and his feathers are light-silver-gray/cream. This contrasts with the average king-quail’s dark blue feathers that have a brilliant orange-reddish hue at their ends. Professor Nanaki prefers Country Millet to other beans because it is similar to seeds in his natural habitat. He is a strong mathematician, but he is also a short-distance flyer and likes to go outside when he’s not sleeping.


King quails come in many colors and have many mutations. They can fly but are not able to fly for long periods of time. However, they are very fast runners. The king quail, while often a lonely creature, can be a loving and caring companion.

Hatoful Boyfriend - Hiyoko Tosaka's Bird Watching Guide - King Quail -

Chukar Partridge

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The chukar partridges, also part of the phasianidae famiy, are also part of the red-legged partridge group. They may be considered gamebird (when hunting season begins. Although the species is native to Asia, it has been discovered in other parts of North America. Feral populations can also be found in parts Middle East. The habitat of the chukar partridge is open hillsides with grass, away from high humidity, rainfall, elevation, and high temperatures. Although they can fly fast and far, they prefer to walk or hop on rocky terrain. Their diet is primarily vegetarian and focuses on ground foraging.

Case Study:

Shuu Iwamine (Yan Feng Zhou ()) is a chukar partridge who runs the infirmary at St. Pigeonation’s (. He’s known for his intimidating demeanor and toughness). The eyes of a Chukar partridge are usually black with a thin red line, but Doctor Shuu’s are shockingly violet. His feathers are similar to those of his species: light brown back and grey br*ast, buff belly and buff wings, as well as streaked with dark browns and white. Although chukar partridges are foragers and Doctor Shuu is interested in more expensive items like Racing Blend beans (, but I’m certain he would enjoy Bitter Black beans e17Y. He is meticulous, neat, and thorough in his research. He is not social but is passionate about his laboratory work. (Could he be that passionate about somebirdie?).


The chukar partridge, a fascinating and fast bird, is the chukar. They are agile and swift flyers. Their calls sound like laments. This devil bird is often hunted but they are very active and will chase you down.

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Luzon Bleeding Heart

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The luzon bleeding heart is a member of the columnidae familia (again). It can only be found on Luzon island, Philippines. It is found in high altitude forests and stays low to the ground. Due to deforestation, this species habitat has been endangered (less today because of the agreements with the Dove Party). They are very independent and will hunt for food at low levels, such as nuts and berries. Sometimes, they may even eat insects and worms.

Case Study:

Anghel Higure Fei Hong anheru) [or Yoshio Anag (Chi mu Liang Fu), but he hates that title] is a luzon bleeding heart (and a bit…oddly). His eyes are teal (, rather than the usual black), which is unusual among luzons. His feathers are similar to the rest of his species, dark bluish-grey with a white br*ast and bright red in the middle (. This creates the appearance that there is a bleeding heart. Anghel prefers Bitter Black Beans. Luzon’s have a varied foraging diet. He is usually alone, but he will often come crashing through windows to inform me, Apostle of the Blue Sky, about the Avatar Of Destruction’s arrival and that he, as the Crimson Angle of Judecca, will help me in the fight against evil (. I think he has played too many JRPG’s, but not enough).


Luzon bleeding-hearts can be quite lonely, but they are able to attract others with their stunning beauty and personality. They can be extremely protective and will fight to defend their land. The overalls of Luzon are beautiful, yet strange creatures.

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Fantail Pigeon

Hatoful Boyfriend - Hiyoko Tosaka's Bird Watching Guide - Fantail Pigeon - 52AEBE4 Hatoful Boyfriend - Hiyoko Tosaka's Bird Watching Guide - Fantail Pigeon - 1AE2F90Hatoful Boyfriend - Hiyoko Tosaka's Bird Watching Guide - Fantail Pigeon - E4B1B98


The fantail, along with other domesticated pigeons, is a descendant of the rock dove. However, fantail pigeons remain the most popular and fancy of all the pigeons. Although it is not possible to determine the exact origin of the breed’s origin, it is believed to have originated in China, India or Pakistan. The fantail is similar to most domesticated pigeons. It can be found in urban/suburb settings, and forages wherever available. They can thrive in many climates. They were once ornamental pets, but they are now droppers. This encourages racing pigeons back to eat them.

Case Study #1:

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane (Yuin ruberu Schuo Ye) is one fantail pigeon at St. Pigeonation (, and one of their most snobby). His eyes are light blue (quite different from the normal black), and his feathers remain pure white. The fantail isn’t usually very picky about its food. Sakuya prefers the Racing Blend Beans because of his expensive taste. Although he can be arrogant and rude at times, he is passionate about being a leader in school and a gifted musician.

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Case Study #2:

Yuuya Sakazaki (Ban Xiao You Ye), is another fantail. However, he is more of a birdies man). His eyes are solid blue and have pure white feathers. Yuuya is more sophisticated than his brother and prefers Bitter Black Beans. Yuuya can be a little too forward with the ladies sometimes, but he has a good heart and an excellent eye for detail. (Could he be a spy?).

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Case Study #3:

Okosan (Wei Hu San), although unrelated to the Sakazaki and Le Bel families, is also a fantail-pigeon. He has normal dark eyes and white/cream feathers. Okosan prefers the Swollen Hemp Beans to the Racing Blend, even though he is on the track team. Okosan is known for his obsession with pudding and is a nuisance, but he is always energetic and fun to have around. Okosan is an accomplished athlete. What he lacks in elegance, he makes up in pride/honor (. And, btw… he looks so cute in a maid cafĂ© uniform!).

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While the fantails of St. Pigeonation and St. Pigeonation look very similar, they have very different personalities. They are graceful and beautiful, with their almost lacy-upright tail feathers. However, they have the inner/outer strength to match. They can appear a bit stoic, a playboy or an oddball but underneath their big personalities is a bigger heart that forms strong friendships.


The St. Pigeonation’s Institute has the feel of a small city. It is a microcosm that allows us to observe many different avian breeds. Although they can be shy, stubborn and mysterious, they are also capable of being a good teacher, students, birdies, and friends. This detailed look will give you a better idea of the joys of bird watching and help you to make friends with everybirdie. Perhaps even a boyfriend.

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Written by Princess Gemini

This is all about Hatoful Boyfriend – Hiyoko Tosaka’s Bird Watching Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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