Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo MCC games playing order

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo MCC games playing order 1 - steamlists.com
Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo MCC games playing order 1 - steamlists.com
Many new player asks “which order I play MCC Halo games?” I try to help them. Since it’s a difference even when you play Classic or Anniversary graphics. Like Halo 2 intro add a spoiler bonus video before the original cut-scene starts, which was purpose a teaser trailer to Halo 5 back 2014 when Halo Anniversary released. Also Classic graphics has a different tone on Halo CE, many fans says it kills certain place atmosphere or change the tone of the game. Reach story happens before all Halo games, however the game mechanics and again certain story element give a little spoiler.


Games release order

The games relased by this order orinally to Xbox consoles, I inserted the Anniversary editions too: 
Halo: Combat Evoled (2001) 
Halo 2 (2004) 
Halo 3 (2007) 
Halo 3 ODST (2009) 
Halo: Reach (2010) 
Halo: Combat Evolved – Anniverasy (2011)* 
Halo 4 (2012) 
Halo 2 – Anniversary (2014)* 
*I know, they actuallay the same game with upgraded graphics and new cut-scenes by Blur in Halo 2. Plus they added Terminals and skulls. 

Game timline order

The game timeline order is this, mostly: 
Halo: Reach 
Halo: Combat Evoled and Anniversary 
Halo 2 and Anniversary 
Halo 3 ODST* 
Halo 3 
Halo 4 
Halo 4 Spartan Ops** 
*ODST story actually set-up after Halo 2 mission 6 and the events are paralel with Halo 2 
**Halo 4 has Spartan Ops, mostly a Firefight type game mdoe which contaisn story elements and Webisodes intros which short movies and set the events after Halo 4 

Recommended game playing order

So, if you’re a totally new player and never palyed Halo games or only played 1-2 which released to PC long time here’s my advice to play Halo titles for the first time
Halo: Combat Evolved (2001) 
Halo 2 (2004) 
Halo 3 (2007) 
Halo 3 ODST (2009) 
Halo: Reach (2010) 
Halo 4 (2012) 
Second playthrough: 
Halo: Reach (2009) 
Halo: Combat Evolved – Anniversary (2011) 
Halo 2 – Anniversary (2014) 
Halo 3 ODST (2009)* 
Halo 3 (2007) 
Halo 4 (2012) 
*ODST events are before 3 as I mentoned, but actually a spin-off and not part of the first Halo Trilogy, it’s a peronell choice though 

Anniversary editions, Terminals, Skulls and others

Anniversary editions are remastered version of the games. But they add the feature to switch back and forth to original and Anniversary graphics anytime! CE graphics can’t chance in a cut-scene! 
And the here I need to mentions Halo 2 Anniversary first intro cut-scene has a spoiler – if you neve rpalyed the game or later titles – which was considered and worked back in 2014. This actually tease Halo 5, but now it’s only a spoiler or a messy clip those who don’t know who is The Arbiter or Locke. 
Terminals are hidden easter eggs which. Every mission has only 1. They are animated shortfilms. However since Season 7 update you can acces them in the Extras menu. But only for CE, 2 and 4 games. 3 and Reach has a text tpye Terminals! ODST also has it’s own audio logs. 
These are lore, backgrounds stories, infos and some hints to next game. Since both Anniversary edition released one prior to the next chapter. I consider them a bit of a spoiler. 
Skulls are added to originally to Halo 2 first time. They mostly hidden and when you found and pick up – an actual skull! – you can use it to active specific gameplay chaning element like turning off the radar, make enemies tougher, etc. But in the PC version you access to all Skulls at the first time! You only need find them if you hunt for the achievement. 
Other Halo games. On steam you can find Halo Wars an RTS which set before 21 yeears before Reach released in 2009 originally, the Definitve Edition released in 2016! Their also 2 other small originally released to Windows Phone devices, later ported to PC, Steam, Xbox consoles. Halo Spartan Strike (2013) and Halo Spartan Assault (2015). I don’t try them add to the timeline. They background, spin-off games and I simply recommend them playing after you played MCC! 
Well, I hope I made this clear and not make more questions or confusions. 🙂 If anyone have idea, note, question, advice feel free to comment! I’ll try to update and edit this guide to make more specific, up to date and clear to everyone. 

Written by Harbinger[HU]

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo MCC games playing order, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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