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Halo Infinite – How to Fix the Challenge System 1 - steamlists.com

Players are leaving en-masse, explicitly due to the frustrating challenge system.

This proposal details a necessary revamp of the challenge system with minimal programming overhead.

It considers 343’s perspective and objectives in regards to the challenge system, mechanics, and limitations of the user interface.

I have a solid understanding of community opinions and preferences. I have gathered the best ideas across multiple platforms, and compiled them here for consideration.

343, please take this seriously.

Please Show Your Support! 343 Must Implement This ASAP!

This Proposal Considers 343’s Objectives and UI Limitations.

From a developers perspective the challenge system exists to:

  • Keep players engaged with the game each week
  • Populate a variety of game modes
  • Funnel players into the current event
  • Teach players how to use a variety of weapons/mechanics
  • Earn revenue through player purchased challenge swaps.

UI Limitations and Non-Invasive solutions

  • This proposal serves as an immediate solution to be implemented with as little developmental overhead as possible.
  • Further Improvements (outside the scope of this proposal) require extensive changes to functionality of the UI, which aren’t feasible at this time.
  • The entirety of this proposal is limited to changing the challenges themselves.


This Proposal Assumes Multiple Presuppositions

These may not reflect some player views.

But I am convinced I represent the overwhelming majority of players who are evidently frustrated

Why Are Players Frustrated With the Current Challenge System?

Finding the correct game-type is potentially, statistically impossible.
Players are primarily focused on completing challenges
Backsmack Enemy Spartans in Tactical Slayer

      • This challenge impairs overall team performance. Tactical Slayer favors long ranged engagement. This challenge ruins the core game-play experience of serious players.

The primary objective of most matches should be to play in a way which benefits your team, using strategies which secure victory, and ignoring sub-optimal play-styles.

Team incentives are not aligned.
Complete Quick Play Matches

      • This is a participation trophy. Reward oriented players are encouraged to join the Quick Play match, but aren’t rewarded for winning. (It may be more efficient to lose deliberately!)

Meanwhile, their team-mate is furious; they have been re-queuing for an hour to find a Strongholds match, but their team mate is practicing drop-sliding to pass the time.


So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, I wanna:

  • Win
  • Be incentivised to be an asset to my team
  • Play with a team who shares a common goal
  • Know my team-mates appreciate my effort
  • Forget about challenges, and focus on winning, once a match starts
  • Know that challenge progression depends entirely on my performance


Halogelion 3.0+1.0 I (don’t) Want It Thata Way

Things Asuka hates:

  • Losing
  • Letting her team down
  • Ignoring challenge progression.
  • Being forced to choose between letting her team down, or ignoring challenge progression.
  • Being so disengaged with the reality itself, she don’t even care if her team loses.
  • Watching Shinji wait for the perfect moment to snipe Ramiel, from the other side of Tokyo-3, mere seconds before central dogma destroyed, all for a Guardian Angel medal.
  • Endlessly re-queuing, hoping to find the right game-type for her challenge.
  • Failing to remember what her challenges are.


Challenges: Preamble

The following sections will:

  • List (and categorize) every challenge
  • Offer suggestions to improve player outcomes.
  • Explain objectively why a challenge should or shouldn’t remain in the game

Spoiler alert most challenges should be deleted

Challenges: I’VE PLAYED 20 MATCHES AND NO CTF!!! (not hyperbole)

Game-type (and map) specific challenges must be removed – PERIOD!

This is egregiously disrespectful of a player’s time.

  • Complete (game-type) Matches
  • Win (game-type) Matches
  • Kill Enemy Spartans Carrying the Ball
  • Capture Enemy Flag
  • Return your Flag
  • Kill Enemy Flag Carriers
  • Kill enemy Spartans Trying to Return their Flag
  • Capture a zone
  • Kill Enemy Spartans Defending their zones
  • Kill Enemy Spartans Attacking a Friendly Zone
  • Kill an Enemy Spartan with a thrown Fusion Coil



Recommended Action: DELETE




These challenges encourage players to compete selfishly.

They reward play-styles which impair team performance.

  • Kill an Enemy Driver of a moving vehicle with a Sniper Rifle
  • Save allies’ lives from far away
  • Shock a set of 4 or More Enemy Spartans with a Single Chain
  • Knock Enemy Spartans off the map with the Repulsor
  • Kill an Enemy Spartan by flattening them with a Repulsor
  • Kill Enemy Spartans by hitting them with a Vehicle


Recommended Action: DELETE



Challenges: THE MAIN EVENT (sucks)

Do you want us to resent the event?

  • Stop Enemy Killing Sprees in Fiesta
  • Backsmack* during Tactical Event
  • Kill Enemy Spartans with the Mangler in Tactical Slayer*

It needs to stop, seriously.

*Ninja’s don’t count as backsmacks (dumb)

Recommended Action: DELETE



Challenges: are they tho?

It’s free real estate

Most players get these without trying to

  • Weekly – Play any Match
  • Kill Enemy Spartans
  • Get Assists
  • Earn a Double Kill
  • Kill Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack
  • Kill Enemy Spartans from behind with a Melee Attack
  • Kill Enemy Spartans with a Headshot
  • Destroy (vehicle)
  • Earn a Killing Spree
  • Kill an Enemy Spartan using a kinetic semi-auto or burst weapon with peak efficiency


Recommended Action: DELETE*


*If you REALLY must keep some challenges, these one's are the least offensive of my suggested removals. They still potentially disrupt the flow of each match.



These challenges are important, as they encourage players to practice a variety of vehicles, but there isn’t a playlist which encourages vehicle practice.

  • Kill Enemy Spartans with (vehicle weapons)

Attempting these challenges in Big Team Battle is very frustrating, as players swarm to rare vehicles and normally have no idea what they’re doing; I’ll be the first to admit, I have no idea how to fly a Banshee it’s a nightmare. Maybe we could have a playlist like Fiesta, but with a heavy focus on chaotic vehicle combat. Until then, remove these challenges.

Recommended Action: DELETE*


*Until a Vehicle Fiesta playlist is added.



This proposal also presupposes Fiesta is the only non-competitive playlist, serves as a playground for testing weapons, and messing around without consequence.

These challenges are important though, they encourage players to try all weapons and equipment, learn their functions, strengths and weaknesses, and get practice using them.

  • Kill Enemy Spartans with (weapon)
  • Kill Enemy Spartans by Sticking them with a Plasma/Spike Grenade
  • Kill an Enemy Spartan with a Shock Chain
  • Headshot Enemy Spartans while looking down the scope of a Sniper Rifle
  • Grapple Shot an Enemy Spartan
  • Grapple to and Hijack Enemy Vehicles
  • Interrupt an Enemy Spartan’s Energy Sword lunge

However, outside of Fiesta, these challenges encourage a player to compete selfishly.

It is very frustrating to see players attempt to use impractical weapons in non-Fiesta playlists.

Fiesta needs to be updated so players start with random grenade types to accommodate.

Recommended Action: MODIFY



Challenges: Revised Cumulative Player Score

The following challenge types should be consolidated into a single system.

  • Complete (playlist) Matches
  • Win (playlist) Matches
  • Earn Cumulative Player Score in (playlist) Matches

This is the heart of the proposal:

  1. Delete the Complete and Win challenges entirely.
  2. Increase the Cumulative Player Score point requirement:

    [4,000] Normal / [8,000] Heroic / [12,000] Legendary.

  3. Add these bonuses: completing a match grants [1,000] points, winning grants [2,000] points.

I am certain my revised Cumulative Player Score challenge system should be used as the primary mechanism for completing challenges, as it:

  • Facilitates population distribution amongst all playlists
  • Retains appropriate player engagement
  • Guarantees challenge progression during every match
  • Ensures players never feel their time is wasted.
  • Encourages proper strategies and team congruence.


Recommended Action




How Long Should We Be Expected to Play Each Week?


The aforementioned revised Cumulative Player Score is a great benchmark for estimating how long the player should be expected to engage with the game per week.

Just to recap, I propose the Cumulative Player Score challenge score be increased.

from: [2,000] Normal / [5,000] Heroic / [7,500] Legendary

to: [4,000] Normal / [8,000] Heroic / [12,000] Legendary

Completing the match grants a default of [1,000] points, winning grants [2,000] points. It is common for the MVP of a match to get [~2,000], other players average [~1,000].

Averaging out the values of these two outcomes, players should earn [3,000] points per match.

Matches typically last about 10 minutes, but vary depending on playlist types. This equates to [3,000] points / 10 minutes.

With 8 Normal Challenges, 8 Heroic Challenges, and 4 Legendary challenges, this equates to [144,000] points per week ([32,000] Normal / [64,000] Heroic / [48,000] Legendary)

With an average of [3,000] points per 10 minutes, this would average 48 matches / 480 minutes / 8 hours.

I believe 8 hours is an appropriate amount of time for an average player to spend each week, specifically for challenges.

This system offers certainty to the player.

What’s left?

After all my purposed cuts, the challenges would be reduced to:

  • Earn Cumulative Score in (Quick Play, Team Slayer, Free For All, Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, Ranked, Big Team Battle) Matches
  • Earn Cumulative Score in (current event) Matches
  • Appropriate Event Challenges (headshots or double-kills in Tactical Slayer for example)
  • [Variety Challenge] Kill Enemy Spartans with (weapon)
  • [Variety Challenge] Kill Enemy Spartans with (vehicle weapons)
  • [Variety Challenge] (equipment challenges)


How to Optimally Distribute 20 Challenges

First, lets split the challenges down the middle.

Event gets 10 challenges; 4 Normal, 4 Heroic, 2 Legendary.

Non-event challenges also get 4 Normal, 4 Heroic and 2 Legendary

I believe it’s a good idea for players to hit every game mode once a week, it assures variety, and distributes the population of players fairly well amongst the playlists.

Earn Cumulative Score in (playlist) (Normal – 4,000 points) x 3

Earn Cumulative Score in (playlist) (Heroic – 8,000 points) x 3

Earn Cumulative Score in (playlist) (Legendary – 12,000 points) x 1

If players don’t like a particular game mode, they are free to use the challenge swap.

Assign the three remaining challenges (1 Normal, 1 Heroic, 1 Legendary) to my Variety/Fiesta recommendation. This frees up every other game mode for players to compete seriously, without team members who are only concerned with completing challenges.

When there isn’t an event, simply divide those 10 challenges among the Cumulative Score challenges and be done with it.


Summation of key ideas:

  • Players should be incentivised to cooperate, for the shared goal of winning every match as a top priority
  • Challenges which interrupt the shared goal of winning should be removed
  • The Cumulative Player Score is a great foundation which should be the backbone of the challenge system
  • Tweaking the Cumulative Player Score slightly, as per my recommendation, encompasses every single objective from the perspective of 343 and the player. At the risk of sounding too arrogant, it is perfect (without an extensive developmental overhaul)


Leave Feedback!

It is imperative that I update this guide to reflect the views of the majority of players in accordance with sound epistemology.

If you have suggestions for improvement, or criticisms, please let me know.

If someone from 343 is reading this, you should consider this seriously. Halo Infinite is on life support, and the challenge system as it exists now is a major part of the problem. It must be updated.

Fellow User Feedback

Originally posted by bradams – [] :

the challenge system was made this way intentionally to sell challenge swaps. Its not bad on accident, its bad on purpose

I don’t doubt it, but I’m confident challenge swaps are responsible for a significant portion of player disengagement. I’m certain the challenge system is reaponsible for losing more potential revenue than it has earned.

Written by Zozano

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Halo Infinite – How to Fix the Challenge System, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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