Half-Life – How To Download Skins From Gamebanana

Half-Life – How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 6 - steamlists.com
Half-Life – How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 6 - steamlists.com
This guide will help give you advice and the information to download Gamebanana skins and replacing pre-existing model files and sound files. It will help out for beginners to understand only simple information I know of that works pretty well.


Welcome Section – Gamebanana Directories & Useful Info

Hello! I am glad you clicked on this guide, because I will be helping you out with how to download the Gamebanana skins you so wanted to download right before understanding how to download it properly! Also patience is definitely required for this guide. There are some information I wanna list out that will be very easy to read and comprehensive for most people. (WARNING:) This will NOT include every single skin downloads, this is only meant for specifically the weapons and NPCs field. I am not going to do that any time soon (until I research further in the future) only when I know every step to download every individual skin groups. I will list them down below so you can check out the following sections: 

  • Firstly, I will list out a directory to visit that you can go ahead and go look for on Gamebanana’s website, which is where you download the specified skin you wanna download (it could be a skin for a weapon, 
    or skins for NPCs.) Go ahead and look here to browse the weapons section directory, you might wanna bookmark this on your web browser so you can keep this without any ha*sle without trying to look up this guide again. I am sure it’ll save time. I also wanna state that the categories help find what weapon or NPC skin you’re looking for specifically. Here are the two listings I will suggest: 
    gamebanana.com – https://gamebanana.com/skins/cats/16286 
    gamebanana.com – https://gamebanana.com/skins/cats/10149 
    There you have it! There are the two directories you’d need to visit. Oh, if you wanted to download a different skin than these two listed above just go here and browse through the categories. I am not going to list every single individual skin pages that are specific to each and every other individual skin groups (like reiterated). So now that we have that, we will go onto the next list. Although I will provide one more link, this will be the link for just Half-Life 1 all skins. Browse through the categories on the right and then you can pick out a specific item you want to download. 
    gamebanana.com – https://gamebanana.com/skins/games/34 
  • This part of the list is small and simple, it will only tell you what you should download and what you don’t wanna download. For my reasoning will be fair; I only want you to download from one specific button. Don’t press any other button than this one here in this image. It will show you that you should only download the “Manual Download” button than the “ModBoy” download button. 
    Half-Life - How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 
    This is the listed image I was talking about ^above^. So since you figured out what button to press and what to do, let me give you these good lessons in the tutorials that are down below this first one. Thank you for checking this out! I appreciate it. 
    P.S. A side note as to why I don’t want anybody to download the ModBoy program. It is because that I have downloaded it previously like two days ago and I had an issue with it, I couldn’t figure out how to even work the program nor did they give me any information on Gamebanana about how to use it. So it was irrelevant to me and I was too lazy to even do that by myself, but in this tutorial I will be only covering how to manually download a skin. I would also wanna say I haven’t replaced skins for anything like the vortigaunts in the game. I am 95% it is the same thing as I am about to list, since it works on all skins that I have noticed about downloading and dropping files into the valve_hd models folder.


1. Downloading & Extracting Files

The first step to begin downloading is like I said before, download the manual download button for your skin. I will give you a skin to test out to see if it works or not, it will look very different from the original Half-Life 1 pistol. I will give out what changes you will notice between the two pictures. 
Original Weapon: 
Half-Life - How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 
M9 Beretta Skin: 
Half-Life - How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 
Once you spot the differences, you are ready to go and download the test item! You will be downloading this exact M9 Beretta skin used in the image, It will be the test file that will explain how to download model files, I will link a Google Drive download option since I will provide better sound files that’ll sound more clean than the M9 Beretta I found on Gamebanana. 
It will be listed right here so you can download it: 
Once you downloaded the file we can carry on and download this the right way. You need to extract this by using WinRAR or 7-Zip. I would recommend both of them since I used both of them and both are good, please visit these links to know where to download these file extracting services. (It is only of your choosing if you want to do WinRAR over 7-Zip or vice versa.) 
www.win-rar.com – https://www.win-rar.com/predownload.html?&L=0 
www.7-zip.org – https://www.7-zip.org/ 
Now once you have downloaded them and got both of them to work. What you wanna do is go straight to the file you have downloaded from Google Drive, you want to right click the ZIP file you have downloaded. Then you can look at the two listings for WinRAR and 7-Zip extractions. 

  • WinRAR Extraction:

    After you have downloaded WinRAR with the file, you want to go to your downloads folder in your C: drive. You want to right click the file that you have downloaded from Google Drive and then you wanna hover your mouse over the “extract here” button and then click that. You then wait as the file unzips itself and then you want to head over to the next area. 
    Image that helps visually: 
    Half-Life - How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 

  • 7-Zip Extraction:

    After you have downloaded 7-Zip with the file. You want to right click the file the same way you do for WinRAR, but it is different. As you can see here you have to hover your mouse over the area where it says 7-Zip and then you want to head over to the “extract here” button. You can see a visual image down below: 
    Half-Life - How To Download Skins From Gamebanana 
    You are good to go! You will see a file with the name M9 Beretta and you will see two folders with the names “Models” and “Sounds”. Then there is a README.txt I have put in there for people who have granted access to the file without reading the guide, your friend can definitely view what it is since it is very relevant and necessary.


2. Replace Models To The “valve_hd” Folder

So like the title had said, it will explain that you need to replace the files to the valve_hd file. But where is that file exactly? Well, it is inside your steamapps folder within your computer. You need to right click Half-Life 1 in your Steam library, you need to click on the properties button, then click on the local files button, then you click on the browse button. Then once you get there you need to click on the file titled “valve_hd” and then you head in there and go to the “models” folder. You then need to put in the .MDL files in the file you have downloaded from Google Drive. You wanna copy and paste it in there, and then once it says that it has detected files with the same file names, you wanna click on yes to all. 
So it can confirm to replace all of the files there with the same file names can be replaced. You have to copy the all of the contents from the Models folder from the Beretta M9 skin you have downloaded. You then go to this exact folder in Half-Life 1’s local files. 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve_hd\models 
Go directly to File Explorer and then copy and paste this line ^ in the file address you need to go copy & paste the files at. 
After that you need to need to go to the next section of the guide, which is about replacing the sound files with the contents in the file you have downloaded. 

3. Replacing Sound Files

The last section we’ll be reviewing and going under is replacing the sound files with the files you have downloaded. Then you will be complete of installing the Half-Life 1 skin you have desperately wanted! You need to go to the file you downloaded and then go to Sounds folder you have downloaded, then open it and then copy and paste the files over at this folder directory: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve\sound 
You will then need to replace all of the sound files from the file you have downloaded to the local files sound files. Go ahead and run your game to confirm if the skin mod works now with the new skin models and sounds. This will be the end of now, one day I will come back and I will go back and talk about files you need to be wary about. I will edit it in a while and update it, stay tuned! 

-Made By CFalcon075



Written by ✠CFalcon075✠

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Half-Life – How To Download Skins From Gamebanana; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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