Half-Life 2 – Achievement Guide – Chapter 1-5 Video Tutorial

Half-Life 2 – Achievement Guide – Chapter 1-5 Video Tutorial 1 - steamlists.com
Half-Life 2 – Achievement Guide – Chapter 1-5 Video Tutorial 1 - steamlists.com

We will not be going through story achievements to avoid spoilers. I will not be telling the lambda cache locations i will make that guide later. Also you can replay chapters so don’t worry.

Chapter 1-5 achievements

1 Point Insertion 2 achievements Our achievement journey starts at the cop who will tell you to put the can in the the trash. But we will throw it at him instead after he chases you a little you will then pick the can and put it don’t throw it Then you’ll get submissive and defiant achievements.
2 A Red Letter Day 1 achievement So when entering the secret lab on the left you’ll notice a experiment about teleportation then just keep teleportation it and the cactus will disappear. You’ll then get the what cat achievement.
3 Route Kanal 1 achievement In 2 locations there will be a bunch of creatures that grapple you called barnacle just throw a explosive barrel and as it reaches close to it shoot it and if successful you will get the Barnacle Bowling achievements.
4 Water Hazard 1 achievement After defeating the elite chopper after having your boat attached with a gun. you will encounter a bridge which can be opened with a valve. After opening it you will see 2 sewer pipe. The left one is open so put your boat down of the pipe and go through the open space. Just so you know the inside of pipe is poisonous so run jump and reach the vorticough achievement. Tip- Have a save before going in the pipe.
5 Black Mesa South 2 achievements When you get the gravity gun immediately look left where the barrels are and stack some boxes to reach up then grab the yellow thingy with a gravity gun which is actually the HEV recharge centre from half life 1 and receive The Blast From The Past achievement. Then you will get the 2 Points achievement there is a easy way to get this achievement so i recommend you to watch the video.


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