GUNDAM EVOLUTION Playtest – Guide to counter Barbatos with each MS

GUNDAM EVOLUTION Playtest – Guide to counter Barbatos with each MS 1 -
GUNDAM EVOLUTION Playtest – Guide to counter Barbatos with each MS 1 -

Barbatos is one of the hardest MS to deal with. Once it gets near you, It’s game over for many people.
This is the guide on how to survive Barbatos with each individual MS. [This does not include you being stunned and in the middle of being pierced with the F ability]
For basics: Always wait for Barbatos to start chaging up his Mace smash, put the pressure on him and when he start dashing toward you with the Mace, use your dash to dash away. Some barbatos melee swings only, in those case just try your best to get out of range with either dash or your ability.

Survivability: Very likely

These MS got high mobility or good close quarter counter, they could even counter kill Barbatos if done properly.


[Long Distance Approach] Three dashes create a lot of opportunities to dash away, even a extra dash that can go vertical if you’re being pressured at a wall. Remember that your basic attack is long range daggers, shoot it when given enough distance
[Close Distance Approach] When the Barbatos gets to close at you, use the Spin & Slash to get some distance between the two. Then follow up with long range, once Barbatos is low enough. End it with a GN Sword or use it to create a gap once more.



[Normal 1v1 Approach] Try to bait opponent to miss their mace charge, then follow up with your own.


[Long Distance Approach] GM has a low mobility compare to the other three, however it has an detonator bomb that do massive damage. Try to bait the barbatos with a detonator bomb around the corner. If miss, run away since most likely enough distance is already created. [Do not stand too near to the bomb, if barbatos hesitate. Use opportunity to create even more distance]
[Close Distance Approach] Use Shield Bash then proceed to dash backward, hide behind a wall and set up detonator bomb around the corner.



[Long Distance Approach] Shoot the barbatos and use cracker grenade to create distance
[Close Distance Approach] Use dash to escape and smoke discharger when pressured for too long

Survivability: Likely

These MS have decent mobility and counters for close quarter MS, however it also relies heavy on ability. So once those ability are used, make sure enough distance is created by using dash.



[Long Distance Approach] Try to hit with beam tomahawk, stuns and kill. If low enough, approach and kill instead. Make sure Barbatos didn’t started charging his mace
[Close Distance Approach] Avoid getting stunned, if too much pressure. use homing boost to retreat to teammate



[Long Distance Approach] Normal aim and shoot, hook and melee combo if hook works. Then finish it off.
[Close Distance Approach] If hook missed, use beam blade to create distance and dash away.



[Long Distance Approach] Focus fire and canon to lower Barbato’s HP
[Close Distance Approach] Use Rush to get away, it’s hard for barbatos to catch up with the help of two extra dash.

Survivability: Less Likely

These MS does not have high mobility, but there are still abilities that help survive the situation



[Long Distance Approach] Aim and apply pressure, create turret and unload ability on it.
[Close Distance Approach] Transform to get to high ground and hope that you don’t get stunned.



[Long Distance Approach] Normal aim and shoot
[Close Distance Approach] Use overhead throw, it’s not accurate but it stuns quite well.



[Long Distance Approach] Use Napalm grenade to prevent Barbatos from approaching
[Close Distance Approach] Do Napalm grenade and transform to run away.



[Long Distance Approach] Aim for the head while walking backward
[Close Distance Approach] Try hyper hammer, and normal dashing away. Do not use shield

Survivabilitiy: Very Unlikely

These MS have little to none counter for close quarter combat, and also very fragile mobility

Dom Trooper


[Long Distance Approach] Do damage with ranged, set up mines and start falling backward.
[Close Distance Approach] Find the right opportunity to dash,

GM Sniper


[Long Distance Approach] Best to start boosting away. If confidence, go for a headshot. Set up a jumppad as an obstacle, enemy get bounced by it as well.
[Close Distance Approach] Dash behind corners if there is any, look for teammate to support. Use Vulcan if barbatos is weak.

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It’s still semi-working in progress. So don’t be overly toxic about it. There might be future balancing that changes this guide.
This game is still in beta test development so many tweaks might be made
And always remember communication between teammate is also an option.

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about GUNDAM EVOLUTION Playtest – Guide to counter Barbatos with each MS; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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