Grounded – All Weapons Information – All Chapters

Grounded – All Weapons Information – All Chapters 1 -
Grounded – All Weapons Information – All Chapters 1 -

The Grounded 0.11 Update, Hot and Hazy, brought us a new weapon system and players are going bonkers about it! There is a lot of information and misinformation circling and this guide will clarify everything. As it is a huge guide, it was divided into 5 chapters and this video is the first of a series of 5.

Chapter 1 – Damage Categories

There are 2 damage categories, which I named as Type of Strike and Forged Upgrade.
The Type of Strike is the nature of the weapon something you can’t change in the weapon. There are 5 different types of strike:

  • Chopping, for Axes and Daggers
  • Smashing, for Hammers
  • Slashing, for Swords
  • Stabbing, for Arrows and Spears
  • Generic, for Clubs, and others

The second damage category is the Forged Upgrade and for most of the weapons, you can choose what kind of damage you will forge into the weapon. There are 4 different types of Forged Upgrade:

  • Mighty
  • Salty
  • Fresh and
  • Spicy

Learn all about in this video guide:


Chapter 2 – Smithing Station

We dive deep into the Smithing Station, the new workstation added on the Hot and Hazy Update 0.11. The Smithing Station is used to upgrade weapons and tools. The recipe for the Smithing Station can be bought on the BURG.L Swap Shop for 2500 Raw Science and you should have it available because it is unlocked by delivering the Grasslands BURG.L Chip, the first chip of the game.
Learn about the Smithing Station and how to collect all resources in this video guide:


Chapter 3 – Best Type of Strike

Discover what are the best Type of Strike categories to kill the top-tier creatures in Grounded! A good part of chapter 1 was about the inconsistencies regarding weapons classifications on Type of Strike. Some may think that there are workarounds to it, but…. paradox doesn’t end there.
Learn all about weapons’ Type of Strike with this video guide:


Chapter 4 – Best Forged Upgrades

Discover what are the best Forged Upgrades to kill 12 of the top-tier creatures with this video guide:


Chapter 5 – Weapons Recommendation

In Chapter 3, we discovered the Best Types of Strikes.
In Chapter 4, we discovered the Best Forged Upgrades.
Now, we cross these results to find out what are the best weapons to carry in the game and fight those 12 top-tier creatures.


Written by The Partisan Spy

This is all about Grounded – All Weapons Information – All Chapters; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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