GreedFall – Companions and Recommended party setup

GreedFall – Companions and Recommended party setup 1 -
GreedFall – Companions and Recommended party setup 1 -

I thought I'd help optimize the points. The guide contains 3 main build options (4, with variations), and some useful tips. Normal players will be able to do most things. However, optimizing for higher difficulty is essential. With this guide, I was able to play on the highest difficulty and I believe anyone can complete the game without any problems. It doesn't contain any cheesing, just legit game options.

Companions/Recommendation party setup

(Spoiler: I will name the companions for)
Slot 1: Siora — she gives you +1 Vitality when you are friendly, and is generally useful. She is also very stable.
Slot 2: Vasco, Petrus -> Each of these characters gives you a free essence when it comes to combat or exploration. Charism 3 is required for the follower bonus, and the dialogue boost. The merchant discount is also important, but it is not related to exploration. Intuition 3 is a must-have, as it makes gathering easy and nets you a huge amount of loot. In essence both character option saves you a point. Vasco boost can be activated at the beginning of the game. Petrus takes a little longer. I recommend starting with Vasco, and if you like Petrus, swapping them when they become friendly.
Aphra and Kurt are both great characters, but they're better when Aphra is on the bench. This is purely a metagaming perspective. Kurt is my least favorite companion. He is geared to be an army tank, but doesn’t draw attention. Aphra is more useful and deals a lot of damage, but she also dies quickly so you will need to keep an eye on her. If you're like me, who prefers my companions to be useful by themselves, she is not a good choice. These characters are great to swap with in camp, however, both of them can be helpful for crafting and becoming friends. It is okay to like their personalities or are interested in their dialogues from a RP perspective. However, if either of these characters are taken you are at a mechanical disadvantage (for higher difficulties.


If you're a completeist, you will have them all at maximum before the end of the game.
Charisma: Increase this to 2 as quickly as possible. Your cape will always give you charisma, so it is worth taking the last point. If you prefer Petrus to be your companion, I recommend using a memory stone when he becomes friendly and lowering the level to 1.
As mentioned above, you should increase this level to 2. It is a great tool for exploration and conversation. If you don't want to play with a friendly Vasco, you will need the last point. Otherwise, he will give your sweet last point.
Science: This is a must if you are a technician. Otherwise, you can learn it later. Science 3 and Charisma 3 are insane money-making tools. You can make dirt cheap unlimited major healing poition and greater resusciation. This makes ammo trivial. Technicians also need alchemical preparations. If you don't have them, you can sell them for a lot of money. You can also make faster swiftness potions, such as (. However, they are very ineffective due to their short life). You can sell them for a godlike amount of cash even if your a tech. You can make a +1 science box with the blacksmith. I recommend choosing a lightweight one. The next step is to put two points into science until you reach Afra. Once that happens, you can become friends with her by putting in two points in science. You can then respec for 1 (the chest, and she will give you +2, putting you at the desired 3 –
Vigor: The only sensible chest option you can keep on your self for any length of time is the +1-vigor one. Siora will give you +1 when she becomes friendly. You should keep her in your party (unless you hate her, or you RP)). This means that you should only put one point into it, but you can push it up to three eventually. It is not a priority, but you can get by with the freebies.
Craftsmanship: You will find many blacksmith gloves early on. Keep one. It may be sold at times, but don't worry. It gives you the opportunity to practice your craft. Kurt will be friendly to you and give you another point. This means that you can only put one point into this one while still having craftsmanship. This will save you some gold and travel time since you don't need to use the npc that have access at start in New Serene. After you have it at 3, you should recycle any trash loot items with customized upgrades. It is a low priority, however.
Lockpicking: This is a wasteful activity. You can start investing in it if you have all the talents on 3 plus the free points. You can also make a chest item that gives you +1 on lockpicking, so you only need two.
Overall, my recommendation:
1. Charisma 3 (2 Points +1 Cape)
2. Intuition 3 (2 Points +1 Vasco
3. Science 3 (1 points + +1 Aphra + +1 Armor
4. Vigor 3 (1 points, +1 Siora and +1 Armor
5. Craftsmanship 3 (1 points +1 Kurt +1 Gloves)
6. Lockpicking 3 (2 Points +1 Armor)
To maximize all your talents with optimizing, you will need to be at level 33. You can skip lockpicking entirely as it is useless. This will allow you to max out all recommended talents up to lvl 25. You can level them at any time after you have completed either. I prefer to pick the companion talents for armor swapping because they allow me to swap between crafting and opening locks. Side quests and exploration are better than main story, which can save you the respec.

Attributes (Class and 3+1 Builds)

This one is simple, but you need to make choices. There are many ways to do it, but it all depends on your playstyle. As this is your "class", I can only give you a few options.
Max out accuracy to 5. -> Next, max out Agility and Endurance. Then put the rest to one of these.
This build is my favorite because you can forgo accuracy at the beginning and everything else. The gun, alchemical preparation throwing and fury bomb are your main sources of damage. If you don’t care about melee or just want to shoot everything, then go for Endurance first. I prefer to melee with a two-hander, so that's my pick. However, the bombs and gun are sufficient for virtually everything in the game. I had over a thousand by level 20 – (.
Two attributes are required: Agility and Strength, or Level Endurance. To keep the latter at the highest level possible, I recommend that you first level the weapon attribute before the endurance. Depending on your skill choices, any extra should be given to Wisdom or Accuracy.
Unfortunately, you are also dependent on two attributes. Wisdom and Mental Power are the most important attributes. Keep wisdom at the highest amulet level possible (. If you don't want to wait, you can add an extra point). But focus on maximising mental power. Endurance is the best option. You will be using your ring for attack anyway so a few points of Agility or Strength won't help you. For this build accuracy is useless.
Disclaimer: Hybrid builds can be made to work, but it is possible to specialize for higher difficulties.

Skills (and the 3+1 builds continued to)

This is tied in with the "classes", at the attributes. The good news is that you will have more points than you actually need in the game.
Technican route
Max firearms, Max traps and Max Phial throw, Max Bomb, (. I skipped Anointed Weapons because I don't like their mechanics. However, it is okay if you max One-handed blades and have the agility). I maxed Roll, then One Handed Blades (Long Blades), Shadow Burst, and then One Handed Blades (Long Blades).
Gameplay-wise, I think this is a lot. 99% of the time you'll only use Shoot your guns, Bomb at maximum fury, and Roll. If I needed to save ammo, or feel like the enemy was trash, then I would use a long blade or one handed and toss a bomb as fury is high enough. You can also save fury and toss first at a group.
Lightning Dash, Shadow Burst and Storm are all examples of divine magic ring. Next, pick a weapon. Game recommends blunt weapons for full priest/mage experience. If you run out of mana (, you won't be able to). This build has one problem. Your companions won't care at all about your stasis, which makes normal Stasis extremely difficult. It will also make Storm, your "ultimate" fury ability, less powerful than the other two. Unfortunately, everything is tied to Attributes. You need to max out two and would need a third to make a weapon. Also, you will most likely use a divine rings. There isn't much room for error.
I recommend one-handed blades, long knives, fury, roll and anointed guns.
The priesty type would include a one-handed heavy weapon, a two-handed heavy weapon, fury and magical healing.) filler,) lighting dash, shadow burst, (, and picking wisdom as your third.


Hope you enjoy the Guide about GreedFall – Companions and Recommended party setup, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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