Greed Knights – Progression Guide

Greed Knights – Progression Guide 1 -
Greed Knights – Progression Guide 1 -
Simple guide for progression from Dimension 0 all the way to Level 60 and beyond


Dimension 0

Greed Knight is a simple idle game with linear progression and straightforward mechanics. 
After the beginning story, head to Mission -> Open Fields to start slaying monsters and gaining XP/money. After you slay two monsters, you enter a door and the area refreshes, refilling your HP. 
As you idle through Open Fields, you will start to level up, and gain stat increases through the StudyCD mechanic (more on this later). You can upgrade your character in town in a few ways: 

  • Buy gear at the Smith. Gears are auto-equipped. Focus on Weapon and Ring to get more attack and gold find. 
  • Go to the Gym and do Training. Again, focus on Attack and Gold Find. 
  • Collect achievement bonus from the Halls (left part of town).

Idle in the highest Mission area where you can one-shot the monsters. 
Repeat the above process for gear improvement and gym training. Eventually, you will be able to defeat the boss in the Evil Throne area. You do need to enter the door after the boss for the next Dimension to open up. 

Dimension 1+

After defeating the boss of Dimension 0, you can go to left part of Town, and use the Gates to travel to Dimension 1. 
In higher Dimensions, mission areas stay the same, but with higher monster stats. Follow this simple rule on where to idle: 
Farm the highest dimension boss that you can one-shot 
If you cannot one shot the boss from Dimension 0 yet, idle on the highest non-boss area that you can one-shot. 
As you gain stats, move to a higher dimension boss to idle at. Also remember to unlock higher dimensions to get more Dimension Points to spend in the Skill shop. You will typically be able to idle at roughly half the dimension number of your maximum possible unlocked dimension (because the boss 2-shots you). 
In higher dimensions, a few more mechanics become important. I’ll explain these in the next few sections. 
Between Bank, Skill Shop, Library, Halls, Gym, and Smith, you should be able to reach level 60 in no time! It took me about 10 days of 24/7 idling. 

Skill Shop

You gain Dimension Points after unlocking each new Dimension. Put them all into More Speed. This will improve your character’s walk speed. 


Bank is where your money grows at 0.5% compound interest after a number of battles, dictated by the BankCD. 
BankCD starts at 14. After clearing each area, the BankCD reduces by 1. This means that, your money grows by 0.5% after clearing an area 14 times. This is the reason why we idle on boss areas (only one monster per floor, as opposed to two), and choose More Speed in the Skill shop. 
When you want to cash out to buy equips, only cash out a small portion. I usually cash out half, then deposit half X2. This way, I have effectively cashed out only 1/8 of my money to spend. Focus now on Weapon and Shield (to survive higher dimension bosses). 


Library is where your stat gains happen through the StudyCD. Stat gains are automatic so you don’t really have to visit this town building. But it’s good to understand how StudyCD works, because it’s the primary way your character gains stats. 
Similar to BankCD, StudyCD decreases by 1 after every area clear. Once StudyCD hits 0, your stats increase. The StudyCD will start at successively higher numbers: 3 to start, then 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192 (doubling each time), then reset back to 3, and repeat. 


I mentioned Halls before. Do check back regularly to claim the rewards. One note: the Gold achievement reward can only be claimed if you have the gold on hand (not in bank). So cash out full, claim the rewards, then deposit the cash back in the bank. 

How to Idle

To idle effectively, you want to have the game open, and parts of the game visible on the screen. This is very important, as this will keep your character moving, clearing areas, and triggering StudyCD / BankCD mechanics. 
If you have the game completely in the background, or close the game then reopen, your character will only be able to accumulate XP/money from battle, and not any stat/money increases from StudyCD and BankCD. 

Written by qubit64

This is all about Greed Knights – Progression Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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