Greed Knights – General Guide

Greed Knights – General Guide 1 -
Greed Knights – General Guide 1 -
This is a General GuideGreed Knights, all knowledge I have obtained is from playing the game, and talking to others about strategies on Kadragon Games’ Discord.
This game is just an auto-battler, supposedly endless.
There are a few areas in this game which go in the following: Bank [$], Gates [D], SkillShop [C], Library [L], Halls, Home, Mission, Inn, Gym, and lastly Smith.



Starting off with Bank [$]: Every 14 battles your Bank CD will “reset” back to 14, indicating your gold which is in the bank has increased by 0.5% (current patch as of time of writing). It’s important to constantly deposit gold here as often as you can so you can easily upgrade your gear at the Smith.

Gates [D]: Basically representation of what Dimension you are currently on, which is on the top right of the screen as well before you enter an area in Mission. You can return to lower Dimensions if you so choose, but I haven’t found much luck other grinding out Study CD’s at lower Gate Dimensions, since Gold intake is only higher in higher Dimensions, which is why it’s best to always go to higher Dimensions to farm EXP/Gold.

SkillShop [C]: Whenever you clearly a Dimension’s Evil Throne, you get a Dimension Point, which you can pick among 3 stats “More Speed”, “More Attack”, or “More HP”. Whenever you get a Dimension Point, always pick “More Speed” to lessen the grind because it does improve your speed, even though it doesn’t look like it does at times. Note, you CANNOT repick your stats currently in the SkillShop.

Library [L]: In older versions of this game, you’d have to come here to redeem your Study CD process (which help raise your attack and HP stats), but this has been now automated in current versions of Greed Knights making this area un-needed to visit at this time. Highest known Study CD is 190, which is the current cap for it.

Halls: This is where you claim your achievements for leveling, gold, and dimensions. There’s no other point to this location other than this.

Home: Let’s you see the current status of Bramus, the character you play as in Greed Knights. That is the only purpose to this location as of the current patch.

Mission: Consists of the areas where you’ll fight your enemies to progress areas include Open Fields, Forest, Cave, Iceland, Desert, Evil Gates and Evil Throne. Beat Evil Throne and you get your next Dimension at the gate and an Dimension Point for the SkillShop. There is no penalty for dying to an enemy in the game, so always try to figure out what enemies to one-shot to progress to the next gate, and for every clear you get, you get a Bank CD completed per clear and a Study CD completed per clear.

Inn: Explains how the stats work in the game, a little helpful.

Gym: When you level up, you can raise a stat here. Which consists of “Train HP”, “Train ATK”, “Train Crit”, “Train CDMG”, and “Train GOLDF”. I found only stat I raise is “Train ATK” with each level up. GOLDF only raises the GOLD by 1 per stat gain which is useless in my opinion. Training HP is also pointless if you’re one-shotting/two-shotting every enemy, I leave that to Study CD to increase my stats at this point. I’ve tried using Crit stat but haven’t found successful use of it. I don’t even bother with CDMG because of my experience with Crit. So always raise your ATK stat at the Gym is my only advice, also you can re-purpose your points for your gym skills whenever you want if you wish to do further testing with this and message me if you find a better strategy, I’ll update the guide as needed for this.

Smith: The only place in the game where you can spend your gold. Always spend your gold on EXP rings first, then your sword, then your shield.

Achievements literally just come with playing the game, it can just sit in the background of your PC while you do other things or play other games. Hope this guide helps lessen that grind to level 80.

Thanks for reading my guide.

Written by Schenkelburger

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Greed Knights – General Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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